oh, the technology!

Edit–Please pray for our friends Reid and Kasey (Brentwood, TN). Their baby boy Thomas was born this week with some breathing/other problems. He seems to be doing better, but his big sister Kylene visited him in the NICU today and has since been diagnosed with chicken pox. If Thomas gets it, it could be deadly. Now Kayla (5) and Kylene (3) cannot be with their Momma and Tommy for 5-6 weeks. Kasey and baby have to get a small apartment/suite during that time, and Reid is going to travel back and forth between the four members of his family. I know all you Mommies can feel the heartache Kasey must be experiencing right now. Please lift them up in prayer. You can read their story here.

I just got off the “phone” with an English lass who lives in Australia. She has Skype, we have Skype, and we talked via Gabe’s computer. I got to hear her cute little English accent and her attempts to copy my sophisticated mid-Ohio one. 🙂 If you haven’t heard of Skype, you can download and install it for free and talk to anyone else in the world who has the program. Nice. It was a pleasure speaking with you, sweet Nixie. Now get back to work!

I’m such a well-known author that the good folks over at Harvest House don’t even know my name. Check this out. Ha! I notified my editor of the mistake and jokingly blamed him, because the first time he contacted me via e-mail last year, he called me Maria Traviano. “How do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? How do you find a word that means Maria? A flibberty-jibbet…” (love that movie)

I am in the process of toning down my type A personality. By this I mean that I want to become more people-oriented, less task-oriented. More Mary, less Martha. More “let’s sit down and chat and spend some time together,” less “uh, can’t you see you’re kind of wasting my precious time here?” Four people in four days (2 friends, 1 pastor, 1 editor) have spoken to me directly or indirectly and reiterated what I already knew–people are the most important thing in life, and I’d better shake off this self-centeredness and start reaching out. Less doing, more being. “Wasting time” on friends and family is a good thing. People matter. More than anything.

Going to go pray for these special people:
Drew and Deni
Sarah and family
Marie’s family

What would life be like if we weren’t all so concerned with being cool? I’ve been pondering this lately. Could be a book…. Will probably just be xanga thoughts, because I believe I just stated I was going to spend more time with people and less time working, working, working.

Sweet dreams and goodnight!

11 thoughts on “oh, the technology!

  1. KmHunsberger

    Just wanted to say thanks for the comment. I can’t wait either. It has not been too long yet that we have been awaiting that particular event, BUT it feels like forever. I really, really hope soon! 🙂

    Keep us updated on your friends. I cannot imagine…to think they were out of the woods and to have this happen. Wow.

  2. Hoffmom

    I’m going to be attending a Bible study this fall on the book “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” ….can’t remember the author offhand.  But, I definitely tend to be a Martha as well…so I’m looking forward to it!

  3. biblestorebrowser

    Ooh, I can’t wait till January now. . . well, except for the weather. They’d already fixed the mistake when I got there. How did they mangle your name?
    Do you think it’s okay to seek out “high performance” relationships–i.e., one’s that help you get work done–or is that cheating? 😉 Okay, so that’s not exactly what God had in mind there. There’s that balance word again. . .

  4. CourtneyMarieP

    OK, I just counted the word sex 7 times on Harvest House!
    I forget, what is your book about?

    How right you are my friend.  I have trouble seeing past the end of my nose.  The Lord has been opening my eyes to the need of putting my family’s needs.  I often see my friends needs first.

  5. Marketer319

    What would life be like if we weren’t all so concerned with being cool?  Heaven, I think!  Focus off of us entirely and onto Jesus – I don’t even know how to imagine that kind of atmosphere where everyone is completely unconcerned with self. 

  6. singme2hvn


    You don’t know me (I found you on Jess’s xanga) but I just finished reading your book.  I’m getting married in 4 months and it was nice to do some “attitude checks” BEFORE the fact.  Anyway, your teachable spirit and your openness encouraged me.  Keep up the good work!

  7. Nixter77

    twas lovely to chat to you too, I will be working on my”sophisticated mid-Ohio” accent so that when we next Skype I will wow you with my amazing totally convincing accent – or maybe not!!!  You might have to put up with this English Lass accent I am afraid.  But I can do all sorts of English accents so all is not lost.

    nixie = looking forward to next chat 😉

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