lifting up our sisters

I’m ready with our prayer list. (Thanks so much for the names!) If you didn’t catch last week’s post, it’s a list of our dear friends who long to have a baby and are having trouble. Our God is a God of miracles, and He alone creates life. I’m excited to encourage our friends and to believe big things of our God.

Prayer Requests (in no particular order–and all are so important! let me know if you want added!)

Shannah and Eric have been trying to get pregnant for 22 months. Pray for peace, wisdom, joy as they wait.
–Shannah originally told me of 3 friends trying to concieve. (2 are now pregnant)
–Jill (a friend of mine, Shannah’s and Maren’s) has chromosomal issues and has been told she’ll never have children. She’s gotten pregnant several times, but they always end in miscarriages.
–Jen’s friend, Jodi, has been trying for years to get pregnant.
–Julie’s sister-in-law has been struggling with infertility for 7 years. They’re waiting on a daughter from China.
–A single mom friend is struggling with the desire to be a wife and have more babies. She wants to surrender that desire completely to the Lord, but it’s so hard.
–My sister, Bethany, and her hubby Stew have been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years. Pray for peace and joy in the waiting.
–Missy’s friend has a little boy, but she has a medical condition and may not be able to have more children.
–Missy also has a family member with fertility problems. Some relationships are becoming strained because of this.
Nicki had a miscarriage a few months ago. Pray for complete healing and a healthy pregnancy in God’s timing.
–Mackenzie’s sister has been trying to get pregnant for 5-6 years and is looking into adoption.
–Mackenzie’s good friend has been trying for 2 years and is starting fertility treatments.
–A friend and her husband want to start a family this year. Her mom struggled some with infertility, and she’s worried she will too.
–Kelly’s co-worker had been to get pregnant for months, then just had a miscarriage.
–Mandi and her husband have been trying for 16 months.
–Nicki’s friend has been trying for a few years. They recently discovered the problem, and there is hope it can be fixed.
–Jamie’s friend, Kelly, has been trying for 5 years. They’ve just been told they can’t have children.
–Jamie’s friend, Alison, tried for 15 months, got pregnant, and her baby was stillborn at 19 weeks. They’re trying again, and it has been 3 months.

Several of you have shared stories of your own infertility–and then your long-awaited baby-blessing from God! If you have a story, feel free to share it as an encouragement to these women!

On an unrelated note, I just wrote a blog on my website called, “so you wanna write a book…” So many people ask me how they can go about getting published. I have no idea, really. My story is way odd. But I’m hoping this will help some folks. Maybe you! Go check it out.

And thanks HEAPS and HEAPS for sending out the e-mail blast! Bless you all! If you missed the last post, here’s the link. E-mail BLAST-A-ROO! And if you want me to e-mail it to you, so you can send it to everyone you know, please message me your e-mail address.

Have a wonderful weekend, girls! Love and squeeze hugs!

13 thoughts on “lifting up our sisters

  1. kellycohan

    I’ll definitely be praying for these women as well. For God to open their wombs (if that is indeed his will) at just exactly the right time for his plan to be fulfilled, and for peace and discernment to see his providence in their lives.

  2. ergirl053

    Thanks so much for sharing this list. Sometimes, I am so oblivious to the hurt of others- and we all have it in some form. Will be praying for all these women. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do with this!

  3. ladymiss3739

    Praying…and if anyone finds out updates on anyone on the list, please share! 

    I think something I learned from my own experience is that regardless of whether a woman waits 5 years for a child, or 23 months, it can be such an emotional and painful experience to not know what the future holds and if you will ever carry a baby (or in some cases, another baby).  We like to have all kinds of “words of encouragement” for other ladies, and the truth is, those who are waiting just need prayer, love and lots of hugs!  After my miscarriage, a family member (no, not an in law this time)! said, “yeah, well, at least you know you can get pregnant.”  Just an example of something not to say…  For me, the pain at that moment didn’t come from wondering when I’d be pregnant again, but from the fact that I had lost a baby I would never meet this side of heaven…

  4. faithchick

    I was one of those girls.  The little lady was a surprise.  So, when we decided to try again when she was 8 mos. old; we thought it’d be no problem.  Month after excruciating month went by-my emotions went insane-i cried 850 million times-I became a difficult person to live with–but still nothing.  my dr. had me schedule an “infertility appointment” for 9/11 (that would be 13 months after we started trying); and all thanks to God, we were shocked to find out I was pregnant in June.  It was only 9 months after starting to try which is a drop in the bucket & I don’t even feel like I should be allowed to say it was difficult because it really wasn’t even that long.  But, oh.  That was one of the most spiritually, physically, emotionally, marriageally difficut times e-ver. 

    Interestingly enough, I had a “breakthrough” moment when we stuck around to listen to church’s choir practice ( because we were waiting for my mom & dad to buy us dinner!) and they were practicing the song There’s a Miracle in the Making.  And finally, finally I completely (not just 90%) handed it over to God with tears & a broken heart.  And I had complete and utter peace.  It was only a few weeks later that we found out about our little miracle boy.

    I was just thinking this morning how thankful I am that it was June, because I can’t imagine life without my little potato dumpling.   I will be praying for everyone listed.  I don’t know 1/2 the pain of what you’re all going through, but God does.  And he’ll take good care of you.

  5. luvmynoah

    This is GREAT!  I’ll speak about secondary infertility.  Everyone thinks that if you can have your first that the rest will come with no problem.  Not true at all.  I know it was six years until we got pregnant with Titus. The doctor’s had told me a year before they didn’t think it was possible…I wasn’t ovulating…all that jazz.  I wish I had all that money back from buying all those tests for 6 years!!!!!  Shan wasn’t too sure about me buying one then that month.  I told him….I felt flu…etc and was late.  We waited a few extra days on his request.  I really was shocked and he didn’t believe it either! Goes to show you that God opens and closes the womb.  If some doctor has told you there is no hope….well….you can just smile and know that God is in control..not them.  I’ve also had friends that have now adopted after years of trying.  They are so happy and know that God didn’t allow them to birth kids of their own because they may never have adopted.  They can’t imagine having any other child than the one God gave them…just for them. A child of their heart! 

  6. tonialynn59

    I saved this list and am committing to praying.  I told you before we waited 6 years for our first one.  I’ve asked God to always keep my heart sensitive to this issue.  If any of them would like to contact me via my xanga, I will share with them. 

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