i’m sick…

of talking about myself. I feel like a prayer hog, so I have some other sweet people for you to pray for today.

First of all, my friend Becca. I met her last year when I spoke at Jamie’s church. She’s a darling girl that has been through an awful lot. She’s sharing with her MOPS group today about her struggle with depression. She typed up her story on her blog, and it’s amazing. If you’ve ever struggled with depression, or have a loved one who has, you’ve got to read it. And pray for Becca that God will give her strength as she shares her heart this morning with the ladies and that God will use her testimony in a powerful way.

Steve and Beth Elaine are celebrating their first anniversary today. And Steve is on his way overseas with the Air Force for a 2-month (?) deployment. B.E. has a precious photo tribute to her military man on her blog. Pray for them both today–for strength and safety for Steve and for peace and joy for Beth while he’s away.

I know a lot of you visited the blog for baby Audrey (the little girl who lived for just two hours). There’s a slideshow on their blog now, and it’s unbelievable. Impossible to watch tear-free. (the pic of the Mouse Ears about killed me) Go watch the slideshow and say a prayer for that precious family.

Gabe’s Uncle John had surgery Friday to remove part of the tumor in his brain and send it away for a biopsy. They were afraid he wouldn’t make it through the surgery (he has heart problems, blood clots, diabetes). He survived and is doing really well. They’ll know more about the tumor in a week. Please pray for him and his family. They aren’t believers.

Our little family of five is doing well. Livi is at school. Ava complained off and on this weekend of a belly-ache but seems fine now. It usually takes us (at least me) awhile to recuperate and get back in the swing of things after I’m away for a bit. I say I want to be a world traveler, but a little trip to Michigan is about my limit it seems. Off to shower and hit the grocery store. I didn’t run this morning, which is unfortunate, because I like everything better when I do.

Have a momentous Monday!

8 thoughts on “i’m sick…

  1. luvmynoah

    Thanks for that updated link on Angie and Todd.  I’ve been following it and was so glad to see the update.  The cherry blossom story is AMAZING!  God’s power is much more…and bigger than we know.  The pictures are unbelievable and I’ve sat her crying. 


  2. ladymiss3739

    Haven’t been to all the different sites yet, so I can’t comment on those.  Glad though, that you survived your weekend and are feeling better…and that so far your family is all still healthy! 

  3. kkakwright

    oh, that slide show has me feeling like absolute crap.  it was amazing, don’t get me wrong, absolutely amazing.  so many different things caught my attention in the pictures.  anyways, it just has me on my knees thanking God for what he has given me when i absolutely haven’t deserved any of it, not a single thing have i earned on my own merit.  ughhhh….

  4. tonialynn59

    Ok, I’ve been bawling here since I got on xanga!  Of course I read B.E’s blog and then Becca’s and Audrey’s pictures.  Oh my!  I’m with you on the traveling.  I didn’t even travel this weekend and I just feel overwhelmed.  Actually shouldn’t be on here but I am!

  5. terriwright

    I won’t watch the slideshow….but I am praying. What blessings we’re given and take for granted!!! I agree with you on traveling. It sounds SO awesome, but then I just want to go home.

  6. OkinawaAna

    Oh, that slideshow is precious.  Audrey’s story has really challenged me to be thankful for every day with my girls.  I can’t read an entry without falling under conviction for how often I take these sweet days for granted.  Thanks for sharing this blog with us! 

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