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EDIT: (3:01 pm) The interview went really, really well. They played “Pretty Woman” every time they went to commercial and came back. Thank you sooo much for praying! I didn’t hear a peep out of the girls. They destroyed the living room, but that’s fine with me at this point. I had the AC vent closed in our bedroom with a pillow over it (the tv is right below the vent). Now I have huge sweat stains under my armpits (traded my traditional black t for a grey one today). But I just feel so free when these things are over!

EDIT: (1:49p.m) Upstairs I go to wake up Nina, get her settled on the couch with a sippy cup and snack, and run upstairs to wait for a radio station in Orlando to give me a ring. The girls are watching The Nativity Story. Thanks for your prayers!!

Could I trouble you guys for some more prayer? I have a radio interview today from 2-3pm. I hired 2 babysitters, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. They come highly recommended (and they’re cheap!) but they’re a little young–six and five, I believe their mom said. Please pray that God will give me the words to say, a heart that’s pleasing to Him, and three little girlies on their best behavior. Thank you!

Here’s another “mom book” question for you. What are some things you do to snap out of a bad mood? To get rid of a bad attitude? When all you want to do is moan and gripe about motherhood, how do you go about finding joy? And how is your family affected by your moods, good or bad?

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my sister Bethy and her husband Stewy! Love you guys!

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  1. yackyyuki

    If momma ain’t happy – nobody’s happy. That’s my husband’s favorite saying. Mother’s are definitely the thermostat of the home. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom you set the tone. When I was staying at home I made sure I set aside time to be with the Lord – but when the girls were toddlers it was “snippets” of time. I always had my Bible, devotional and journal at my fingertips for those moments when the girls became occupied with something and peace reigned. I had to keep in mind that the interruptions to my time with the Lord were blessings.

    It’s funny but the Lord has equipped my children to be my voice of reason during  moments of discouragement, grumpiness and discontent. God has gifted them or maybe loaded them with spiritual 2×4’s and at my worst they inevitably have some words of wisdom for me. It has happened without fail.

  2. gsowell

    I prayed for you this morning…sorry I didn’t have time to comment earlier! So glad that the interview went well.

    To snap out of a bad mood, I go in the bathroom and have a 30 second, full-blown pity party. Then I look in the mirror and realize how pathetic it looks. Then I pray, turn on the praise music, and focus on sacrificially loving my family, the way Christ loves me. That’s if I want out of the bad mood. Sadly, there are too many days when I choose to sit in it and treat others harshly because it is easier.

    When I’d rather gripe and moan, I find the joy like ^Amelia^ does: by looking back at scrapbooks or blog entries where I recorded the good parts. I spend a few moments soaking in the beautiful faces of my *sleeping* children –everything seems better when they are asleep doesn’t it? I spend time with my husband laughing about the fun things they do and say. I count my blessings, as trite as it is.

    The whole family is affected by my moods. When I choose to be selfish, miserable wreck, everyone else is out of sorts, too – a fact that doesn’t make it easier to pull myself out of that pit! The kids feed off my attitude. If I snap at one of them, I soon hear them snapping at each other. I think it was Stormie O’Martian who wrote about the woman being the heart of the home and when we display negative feelings, it fills our homes with negativity. I believe that is 100% true.

  3. faithchick

    does your adrenaline pump like crazy, and then afterward you feel on top of the world? you earned the right to have pit stains.

    which reminds me: I have a pit stain story of my own. if i dont post it by friday, remind me to.

  4. SuperGirlAmelia

    Praying for you! To get out of a bad mothering mood…I find that pulling my scrapbooks off the shelf and looking at those baby faces and remembering all the good times and how FAST they fly brings me back to reality. When I’ve had a string of tough days, scrapbooking always helps (too bad all my stuff is packed up right now!)or anything where I get to express myself creatively (a blog, sewing, making a hairbow). There’s something about unleashing creativity that reCREATES me.

    And how does the bad mood affect the family? Oh not good. If I’m short on patience, I find so is hubby, with everyone, including me, and the kiddos are short on patience too and more crabby and whiny and it’s just plain messy.

  5. CamilleElizabeth

    I try to go outside and get some positive sunshine rays when I am in a bad mood. The kids may or may not accompany me, depending if my husband is home or not. Something about being outside in the sun makes me feel better.

  6. tonialynn59

    I just prayed for you!  Bad moods, I don’t bother to try to get out of them.  Just wallow in the self pity and eventually it will go away!  Well no, can’t do that either.  I will have to think on that question.  I know my answer today would be different from what it was back when my kids were little.  I’ll let you know after I think a bit.

  7. kkakwright

    I will pray today. 

    When I’m in a bad mood and feeling like I could quite possibly explode I try to remember how my mood affects everyone else in my family and how unfair that is to them.  Or, another thing is, send the kiddos to their rooms where they must play by themselves for a 20 minute breather for mom.  90% of the time I’m consuming Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream during that time! 🙂  Also, I find that spending good time with Christ can help fend off these feelings of ‘motherhood stinks, I’m merely a domestic slave’.  Yet another thing, is call my friend Maren.  She is super fab about rescuing me.  She will come down for 20 minutes (if she is off of work) and I will take a walk or something while she sits with the kids, reads them books, etc.

  8. faithchick

    oh! what a question! i have an answer-but no time to answer, so i’ll answer that and your other question tonight or tomorrow.

    i’m glad he didn’t sound like a bad guy in my story. makes me feel better.

    prayer is no trouble!

    one more thing….but i forget…

  9. Abs7

    I’m not a mom, so technically I’m not qualified to answer those questions… I have always found that counting your blessings is a wonderful way to get rid of a bad mood. Puts things in perspective.

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