i don’t even know what to call this

We’re on our way to Beki’s church here in a bit for the service and then the Mother/Daughter banquet. I get to hear her sing a solo. How cool!

I’m not sure how many people will even see this post on a Sunday morning, but if you do, could you please pray for me? I’m just feeling really…low. I’ve got stuff, personal stuff, hurting my heart, making me angry. I feel disappointed and defeated. I’m wallowing and withholding love. Whining and waging war.

I feel very uncomfortable. And frustrated. And fed up. And confused. And tired.

So. Going to go pray through some Psalms, pray for my family, pray for some of you, and pray for an extra-huge helping of the Holy Spirit and all He brings to the table (my heart rather). Joy, for one. And love. And patience. Peace. Kindness. (and the other four)

Praying God will use me this afternoon to bless these women, even in my sorry state. The key will be to forget myself and make it all about Him.

Thanks, guys.

7 thoughts on “i don’t even know what to call this

  1. YoGrandmaYo

    Praying for you, honey!  This morning at church a friend came up to me all excited!  Dad had given her a copy of “Blushing” and she loved it, and wanted another one for her daughter-in-law.:)  She said that her daughter-in-law read your book to her hubby all the way to PA, and she just kept saying over and over, “Marla understands me!  That’s exactly how I feel!”  Aren’t you glad God can use us no matter how crummy we feel?  Love you, honey, and I’m glad you know where to go when you’re feeling low!:) 

  2. gsowell

    I don’t know why I’m checking xanga in the midst of my Sunday rush. Well, except that I need to pray for you. I am praying, praying, praying. I’m praying you have fruit salad dumped all over you this morning (the Galatians kind of fruit). I love you.

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