falling off the prayer wagon

I love to pray, I really do. And it’s such a huge honor to pray for dear friends. And people I just met. And people I don’t even know.

But the last few weeks I haven’t been committing a whole lot of time to prayer.

I’d like that to change.

Just tonight I came home from a little gathering of awesome women with my arms and heart full of some big needs. Things I can’t do a lick about. Things only GOD can fix and heal and help.

So I’m going to talk to HIM about them.

Can I pray for you today?

(Ava and my niece Mia who is visiting–with her parents–from South Carolina this week. LOVE that little girl!)

p.s. If you haven’t heard, we’re having a little Radical Read-Along here on the blog starting the first week in September. We’d looooooove to have you join us!

11 thoughts on “falling off the prayer wagon

  1. jaime

    So I am commenting here because this is where I was reading when I really got my head around the post you wrote on Missy’s blog.

    God used you. In a big way. I have been asked to donate money, raise money, walk for money, et al for children sold into sex slavery. I was kinda like, yeah, that’s sad, but I give my money to Breadpartners and Habitat for Humanity and buy a needy LOCAL kid a bike each Christmas.
    WOW! A child used 40 times every day is roughly every 24 minutes of a waking day. That is outstanding! No wonder your heart hurt. Thank you for opening my eyes and for all you did for those children!

  2. Bethany

    Hi Marla,
    Thank you for praying for us. I do need prayer and will not hesitate to ask for it! I lost my job in June (teaching for the past 8 years) and am now among the throngs of unemployed. Please pray for me to find a new job and I guess more importantly, that I’d follow God’s lead and go wherever He wants me. My poor mind is under attack from all of this…you could pray for that too.
    Thank you sweet siesta!

  3. Jen your cousin

    We would covet your prayers as Devin seeks out a new job. We both feel this situation could really present some life-changing opportunities – which is exciting and scary. Pray for wisdom for Devin and peace for me. I’m trying to hold the panicked feelings at bay, but it’s getting harder. I need more spiritual protection. Thanks so much Marla.

  4. Denise

    Prayer request for me – that I would trust God and stop worrying. I am having a meeting tonight that I am worried about. I have a feelings i am working myself up over nothing…but still, prayer for that would be wonderful. Also, prayer for Parker, he meets with his speech therapist today at 2, and we are hoping that she is happy with where he is so we can be discharged. Finally, money…money, money…

  5. Mindy May

    I could really use your prayers right now. All summer I have been looking for a home to rent in order for me to continue going to school and to have family around to help watch my son. I have applied for two homes and been rejected from both of them. School starts in two weeks and I haven’t find anywhere to go yet. I could really use your prayers with that right now. I am feeling very disheartened and overwhelmed.
    Mindy May

  6. Courtney(WomenLivingWell)

    I’m with Keri above! We moved in February and it’s strange how that messed up my “quiet time groove”. I’m still working on the groove part – I’m having them but getting them in at the same time everyday is a challenge…especially prayer time as you mentioned!!!

    I woke early today – hit the treadmill and then the computer for just a minute (when I was supposed to be having my quiet time) and here I am 30 minutes later – surfing – ugh – better get off the computer and go pray now – thanks for the conviction 🙂

    Much Love,

  7. Ali

    Protection. The more I dive into these books (MPE and Radical) the more I am attacked. It’s been dark. Just pray for protection. Love you.

  8. Keri

    I am right there with you. Just haven’t hit my quiet time groove since moving and I desperately miss it. A lot. I feel like He is softly reminding me that He is as accessible to me here as he was in the states and I honestly just miss the intimacy.

    This kind of honesty is what is so endearing about you…..and inspiring for all the rest of us.

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