crushing blow.

My eyes are red from crying. My heart feels all squashed and bruised. I’m having trouble forming words in my head, then getting my fingers to type them.

In a sense, I’m over-dramatizing things. None of my loved ones are sick or hurt. My marriage is swell. There’s no crisis or tragedy or anything like that.

Just a shattered dream. (at least the threat of it) On a personal level. A writing thing, to be more specific. But way more than that. Because it involves my precious little family.

I long to share more, and I will. But I can’t yet. Will you please pray for me? I want to crawl into bed, curl up in a ball and pour my eyes and heart out to Jesus until I fall asleep. But I have a daughter who can’t sleep and some cooling cookies that need put away and a long list of stuff to do before we leave for our weekend family reunion.

Sigh. My heart just really hurts right now. And I’m so thankful for Jesus. And my beautiful husband. And all of you. Bless your sweet little hearts. You don’t even have to say a thing, and I already know you love me. Thank you.

Good night.

22 thoughts on “crushing blow.

  1. Nixter77

    I will be praying for you right now my precious friend, sorry you are hurting – wish I could give you a great BIG HUG.. I love you and care for you heaps……

  2. FlyingCAB

    Ohhhh.  I’m so sorry.  I know God works all things together for good, but it’s a darn good thing because otherwise I’m not sure how we’d survive some of them…  I appreciate that you put it in perspective for yourself, but are also allowing yourself the freedom to cry over it and mourn the broken dream.  I’ll be praying for you! 

  3. Anonymous

    Praying for your hurt and heartache!  Doesn’t matter what it is, He knows it was important to you, and it was to Him.  Just like He knew when the you lost the last hair you lost… and where it went!  He holds you as you hold your little ones!  He watches with pride as you serve your family despite the pain in your heart!  We love you, Marla.  Praying for you!

  4. shannahhogue

    Broken dreams (even the threat of them) = major heartache, no matter how big or little the dream is! Prayed for you just now that you’d wake up surrounded by God’s comfort!

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