by God’s grace

I spent a LOT of time in prayer yesterday–mostly for my interview that God would be glorified and also for my family, some people who are hurting, and plans for the future. I asked God to speak through me to the radio listeners, to lead people to Him, and for a joyful, fun, enthusiastic spirit that would shine through the radio waves. I briefly mentioned, “Please don’t let our phone die like it did when I was talking to my sister this morning, and please help Nina be good for Gabe while I’m doing the interview.”

OKAY, God answered my prayers in direct relation to the time I spent on them. The interview itself was FABULOUS–more than I ever could have asked or imagined. Fun, funny, inspirational, the hosts were awesome (instant girlfriends). They kept me on for the whole hour instead of the 30 minutes they’d planned. After I was off the air, she told me that was one of their best interviews ever. THANK YOU, LORD.

So, I get on the air at 6:08, talk, talk, laugh, laugh, commercial, talk, talk, laugh, laugh, commercial, beep. Pause. Beep. Pause. My heart stops. Then races. I begin to panic. Beep. DEAD. Fling open my bedroom door. Fly down the stairs. Hear Nina screaming out in Gabe’s office. It’s 6:35, the time I told him the interview would be over. Run to my computer, log on to my e-mail, find the e-mail with the radio station’s #, grab my cell phone (that rarely, if ever, works in our house w/o standing beside Gabe’s office window), dial, “I’m Marla Taviano. I was just on the air..” Panting, breathless, horrified. They put me through. Run upstairs. Open bedroom window. Turn on speaker phone. Hold phone by window. “Good, Marla’s back. We thought we ran you off!” Sweating. Trying to sound calm. Interview continues until 7:00. Amazing.

Go downstairs, heart still racing. My poor, darling dear husband has gotten Nina to sleep. He is dripping sweat. Heat had come on in the office, didn’t want to open the door, or I’d hear Nina, he was suffocating. I promise him foot rubs (and other things) every day for the next 10 years (or something like that). Offer him all the money I will ever make on any book I write. Promise he will never have to do that again as long as he lives.

Thank you SO much for praying. I said the interview would be over at 6:35. That’s when the phone died. Maybe a faithful warrior stopped praying. 🙂

I am completely humbled at how God moves, works, helps, loves, cares, provides, encourages, shows Himself to me. I love you, Lord.

p.s. another blog coming later today about our quest for healthy bodies and lives!

2 thoughts on “by God’s grace

  1. hcole86

    What an amazing story! I’m so glad your interview went well. I wish I could hear it… I’ve still not bought your book – soon, very soon. Am sitting here drinking a hot mint-chocolate and feeling guilty about healthiness. Oh well, maybe tomorrow 😉

  2. YoYoYoder

    That is one CRAZY story!! I am so glad your interview went so well! I prayed for you yesterday! God is so amazing (and definitely has a sense of humor).

    Will I be able to listen to this one as well on the internet? Oh I hope so!

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your and Gabe’s quest for healthy bodies and lives! It’s actually inspired me to be more disciplined in areas of my own life where I’m struggling. I will definitely pray that you both will remain committed!

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