Bible parable comes to life

Have you ever read the story Jesus tells about a woman who had 10 coins and lost one? She forgot about everything else she was doing and set out to find that missing coin at any cost. And when she finally found it–GREAT REJOICING!

Well, I set out for a local antique store today with a $50 bill in my pants pocket (Christmas gift from Mom and Dad). Got up to the counter and…no money! What the…? “I think my money’s out in the car,” I stammered. I could feel the heat flooding to my face. As I walk to the door, I see people looking down at the floor for my moolah.

No $ in the car. Come back in. No money on the floor. Anywhere. Trying not to panic. Or cry. “Uh, I’m going to go check at home. I had a $50 bill in my pocket, and it’s gone.”

Drive home. Praying a mile a minute. Make a deal with God. “Lord, please either let me find my $50 or let my baby be born today.” Not sure which I want more. Both would be cool.

Pull up to house. Dread admitting to Gabe what I’ve done. Retrace my steps. Nothing. About to cry. Gabe goes outside. Seconds later, holds a $50 bill up to the window. GREAT REJOICING! It had evidently fallen out as I pulled my keys out of my pocket and got in the car. Gabe is my hero!

Went back to antique store. “Husband found money in yard.” “Very, very lucky,” clerk said. “Answered prayer,” I said, smiling. Word spread. Half of Bellefontaine was in the store and now knows what happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gabe was on the front cover of the Examiner tomorrow morning.

I haven’t given up hope that baby will be born today as well. God always seems to give abundantly, exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine. He’s not a genie, but He loves giving gifts to His children. Thanks, Dad!

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