another Barb update

From her brother, Art.

We have had a number of people praying and I wanted to thank you again. We serve such an awesome God. We were able to spend the day with Barb. This morning was very tough as she was very confused about what had happened and had difficulty remembering things and people.

As the day went on, she continually picked up things and was trying so hard to remember everything. She needed lots of rest, but she was determined to get dates, names, and all sorts of things right. The most amazing thing of the whole day was that through all the frustration she is going through, she has peace about everything and prayed today and thanked God and gave him glory for the surgery and everything.

We are praying that tomorrow will be an additional step forward and she will regain more memory. All day, we kept praising Him for what he brought her through. She is good ole Barb, making some jokes, and laughing, but always asking about everyone else and wanting to know how others that we
know are doing and how they are feeling. She is loving as always.

Please keep her in your prayers as her vision is difficult/frustrating for her right now as well as the memory. It is still early to tell from medications and just being out of surgery. Thanks again,

Giving Him all the glory,
Art (ie. The Woodruff/Dunlap family)

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