and can it be?

UPDATE on Uncle Jeff: Janelle talked to him today, and he’s in good spirits. The doctor says he’ll be able to fix his face (it took 2 hours to stitch him up yesterday). He got a 10-point buck the day before, and Janelle said he was pretty pumped about that. God knew what would get him through. Please keep praying!

And for anyone who was feeling bitter about me and my brilliant potty-er, she peed in her panties a little while ago and pooed in them just now. Rome wasn’t built in a day, eh?

I hate to be the Girl Who Spoke Too Soon, but my goodness, potty-training is going swimmingly. Two days ago, Nina went on the potty a couple times, then peed her pants twice. Yesterday, she went on the potty about 8 times and peed her pants zero.

This morning she went on the potty a couple times, then I left her with Gabe to take Liv and Ave to the bus stop. I’m a few houses from being back home when I see Gabe on the front porch frantically waving his arms at me. Emergency? What’s going on? I start running, get inside, and he points me to the living room. Nude-bottomed Nina is standing by her potty beaming. At her poo. (her first time) We danced and sang and jumped a lot.

So, we’ll see. For now, I’m (cautiously) optimistic.

Thanks for praying for my grandma. They’re keeping her at the hospital until they get test results. She was really dehydrated, so they took care of that. She’s a spunky one, so I’m praying she makes it through this latest ordeal unscathed.

Good news from my friend Amanda. The steroid shots they gave her helped get her blood levels back where they’re supposed to be. Doc said if she goes into labor, they won’t try to stop it. And she should be able to deliver at her own hospital (not go to C-bus). Her hubby Nathan has just 400 more acres to harvest (?) and he’s good to go. Thanks for praying!!

Another prayer request. I just got an e-mail this morning from Gabe’s mom. Rock’s brother Jeff (Gabe’s uncle) fell off a ladder at work yesterday and a conduit pipe fell with him. He cut his face open from eye to lip. That’s all I know right now. Please pray for God’s hand of protection and healing on him! He’s one of our favorite uncles. (not that we wouldn’t pray just as hard if he wasn’t)

I just finished my Bible study homework for A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place. Wow. I’ve read through my Bible several times since I was a kid, and I’ve never liked reading about the tabernacle. I have a whole new perspective on it now, and my heart is swelling with gratitude and amazement and excitement. I long for a deeper intimacy with the Lord, and I’m so thankful to Beth Moore for listening to the Holy Spirit, writing this study, and letting God speak through her words. I’m falling more deeply in love with my Savior, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my cute, sweet friends!! xoxoxo!

14 thoughts on “and can it be?

  1. jbnygaard

    Is it a hospital in Lima? Just curious…I could have Christian ‘check on her’. 🙂

    Funny you mentioned that Bible Study. We have been trying to decided if we should do Beth Moore’s study on the Tabernacle or her new one on Esther.

    I think you’ve got it all figured out with the potty training thing….just WAIT until THEY want to do it! Unlike my first attempt with a child that is now almost 6 and still has issues. So proud of Nina…and so glad we aren’t there to experience this whole half nude little girl thing! :p

  2. rocknnell

    NINA….” God love her” …chopping steps…dancing in circles..big smile…ohhhhhhhh we ae soooooooooo blessed with her…w/ Liv, Ava, Morgan, Reesey, Tanner…and all, all of yours and to be …smile….that will be so fun for you with YOUR SISTER !

  3. kellycohan

    Can you believe most women in my church have never heard of Beth Moore’s studies? I’m trying to enlighten them by encouraging a women’s study… but no luck so far. Her studies are so great.

    The word study sounds (looks) really weird after you say it (type it) a few times.

  4. Airdee26


    Great job, Nina!! Savannah hasn’t yet done the poop thing 🙁 But we’ll get there!! She also won’t go to the potty for anyone but me. So good for Nina.

  5. ergirl053

    How would you feel about hosting a “foreign exchange student” at your potty-training university? Her English isn’t always that great, but she’s cute 🙂 Hehe. Have a great day!

  6. Anonymous

    Love that study–it was the first Beth Moore study I did and so will always have a special place in my heart!

    And I didn’t comment the other day, but your fall leaves pictures were SO INCREDIBLE! In fact, think I’m going to have a little photo shoot with the girls and totally copy you. Imitation and sincere flattery, you know…

    Have a great day!


  7. scottnjes

    Go Nina!! That’s so  incredible!! Oh no! she’s growing up 🙁

    We have a play tabernacle. Doesn’t that sound rediculous? But it’s such an important thread in the Bible that we wanted a visual for when we teach it someday.

  8. luvmynoah

    Whoohoo Nina!  I thought of her yesterday as we sat and watched Elmo’s Potty video.  It’s a cute one if you all don’t have it.  Titus will only poop on the potty…he’s not getting to potty part.

    I haven’t heard of that Beth Moore study but it sounds awesome!!

  9. gsowell

    That’s one of my favorite studies…the Tabernacle has so much meaning that I just stinkin’ missed in my ignorance. I have goosebumps just thinking about it. Does Beth still make you draw your own picture of the tabernacle in the updated study? I’ve done the first edition twice, and both times other people in my group got so annoyed at having to sketch it, but I thought it was one of the best things for me to learn. Just curious.

    I love you to bits.

    And I rejoice with the praises you offered.

    And I’m praying for Uncle Jeff.

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