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Really powerful message at church yesterday. Thanks, Pastor Mike. He talked about walking in the Spirit and how more often than not it’s a bumpy, crazy ride that leaves us feeling unsettled and uncomfortable–in a good way. It’s all about stepping out on limbs, being attentive to the needs of those around you and doing something about it. Having your head on a swivel and your heart prepared for anything and everything the Spirit might lead you to do at any given moment. Following His promptings even if it seems crazy or risky. Saying bye-bye to complacency and getting off your bum.

Praying for people who need it right when they need it. Even if you’re sitting at a soccer game.And not using big, eloquent words. Just the facts, ma’am. Crying out to God on behalf of a loved one in need.

Here’s my prayer for you this morning:

Father, thank you that we can come to you just like this. Crazy really. Lord, thank you for people. In particular, the ones you’ve placed in my path. Thank you for thinking of blogs. Thank you for encouragement and community.

God, will you love on some of my friends today, right where they are? Some of them are having struggles with their kiddos. Some are itty-bitty babies (some still in the oven!) and some are all grown up. Give them peace and wisdom. Show them that you’re in control and love those kids even more than their moms do. Help them to trust in You one moment at a time.

God, be with my friends who are lost and confused right now. Those dealing with sadness and depression. Those who have longings that aren’t being fulfilled. Those who desperately desire something that you don’t seem to be willing to give them. Help them to lean on you. Show them how much you love them. Show them that your plan for them is better than what they can imagine. It may not be traditional or “normal” or the way everyone else seems to think life should play out. But it’s something amazing designed just for them. Help them to rest in that today.

Lord, help my friends who have pressing health issues. Whether back pain or sinus infections or pregnancy troubles or unmentionable problems. Show them that you are a God who heals. Alleviate some (or all!) of their pain today. Give them some relief. Help them see the good that comes through pain. Show them how you’re growing them through this time. Assure them that they can do all things through Christ who gives them strength.

God, be with my friends who are tired. Overwhelmed, burnt out, overcommitted. Those who seem to have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Those who have to balance kids and family, a job or other work, a home, and lots of time-and-energy-consuming responsibilities. Give them some super-natural strength today. Bring someone along to help them. Show them where they can cut corners without anyone suffering. Give them a few moments of real rest today.

Lord, be with my friends who are questioning their faith today. Those who aren’t sure what they believe. Those who believe in you but just have questions. And those who don’t even know if they believe you’re real. Show yourself to them in a very, very real way today. Make yourself known. Let your glory shine in an unmistakeable way.

Father, be with my friends who are struggling in their marriages. Those with minor problems that just won’t go away. Those with huge problems threatening to end their marriages. God, will you speak to some husbands’ hearts today and show them how they need to change? Will you give my friends strength to keep going in their marriages and taking the high road even when it’s harder than anything they’ve ever done? Will you show them where they could make some changes, where their own hearts are hard or bitter? Will you bring healing and forgiveness and work some miracles?

God, be with my friends who are parenting alone right now. Either the little ones’ dad is out of the picture completely or his work is taking him away for long, long periods of time. Show them that you have a special place in your heart for them. Remind them that it won’t always be this way. Love them hard today, Lord.

Please comfort those who are hurting, provide for those who are struggling financially, encourage those who need some love today.

Thank you that you love us more than anything.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Have a great Monday, friends! I’ll post pics and chat a bit after lunch and errands. Toodles!

p.s. Gabe’s 2 cents:  You bloggy LONG bloggy!

14 thoughts on “a prayer for you

  1. ladymiss3739

    @faithchick – cookiE perhaps?  Amazing what difference a few letters make.  Go get that smokin’ cookie outta your hand, girl!

    Thanks, Marla!  And thanks even more to the God who hears and who pours out His blessings in our lives! 

  2. faithchick

    wowzers.  just what i needed.  thank you for praying for us. 🙂  if i weren’t occupied by the strawberry waffer cooking in my hand & in my mouth, i woulda been in tears.  Really–exactly what i needed today–lots of those paragraphs.

  3. jbnygaard

    ‘Show them that you’re in control and love those kids even more than their moms do.’ –this made me cry, and realize the TRUTH. I needed to hear this, and thank you so much.

    Thank you dear friend. I love you so much.

  4. rocknnell

    Exalt HIM and HE will exalt you…..that is my prayer for you, that GOD alone will exalt you…because of your great love for Him alone…and when HE exalts you to the ” no limit” exaltation, when it is in HIS NATURAL realm of spiritual exalting…no publisher, will be able to explain how, no human can understand…the the blessing will touch the deepest part of YOUR heart…and ” YOU will know that HE is GOD” and YOU will know the beginning of the depth of HIS love for you….God give Marla…Your touch today…from YOU to her…from YOU to her alone….IN the Name above all names….JESUS…..amen.

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