prayer doulas, we have new babies!

2 EDITS (9:10am): 1.) Tara wrote more about Enisse (teen mama who got angry and left Harbor House) here. Please pray for this hurting girl and her baby. 2.) The very sick baby I mentioned below is Dalonne’s. This tiny guy (his name is Job) desperately needs our prayers.

The amazing folks at Heartline have had a few rough weeks lately, but PRAISE THE LORD for three new babies born safely and without incident!!

Here’s a little excerpt from Tara’s latest post (read the whole thing–and see pictures!–here): On March 29th, I asked you to pray for a few “normal” births …  meaning, no c-sections and no racing to hospitals.  Since that prayer request Venette delivered a healthy baby girl and the only hitch was her blood pressure which Cookie quickly addressed.  Franchette had a perfect birth experience and welcomed her son Friday night.  Today right around 3:30 Dieutha welcomed her daughter into the world.  Count them. Please. Three deliveries in a row without major drama. We’re grateful for your prayers.  It appears we’ve turned the corner and the streak of bizarre and scary has ended.

If you like birth stories, you’ll love Franchette’s. It’s beautiful. Here’s an excerpt from Tara’s post: This is my attempt to hold high the beautiful, amazingly peaceful birth of Franchette and Sadrack’s son on Friday night.  It is important to know that Franchette lost her only other child to illness when he was 18 months old. Franchette labored like nobody I’ve ever witnessed. She was composed, dignified, strong, peaceful, focused, and brave.

Read the whole beautiful story here.

If you missed Venette’s birth story, Heather blogged about it here. More praises to Jesus!

Prayer Requests:

1.) Every pregnancy in Haiti is high-risk. These women need our constant prayers.

2.) They’re caring for a very sick baby, and one of the girls has a staph infection.

3.) Teen mama Fedline and her preemie baby girl are new additions to Harbor House. Pray for a smooth transition.

4.) Teen mama Enisse got mad and left Harbor House with baby Sophia. Please pray for reconciliation.

5.) Lots of women due in April.

Thanks so much for praying, friends! And THANK YOU for sponsoring a week at Harbor House ($712)! Waiting on one check, and then I’ll send in the whole amount at once.

If you have a prayer need today, please let me know! Happy BUMP DAY!

6 thoughts on “prayer doulas, we have new babies!

  1. Rhonda

    Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Dalonne’s story breaks my heart. I wish there was a way that we could physically help her and that precious baby boy. I’ll be constantly praying for both of them.

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