prayer doulas unite!

EDIT (9:20am, Thursday) from midwife Joanna Howard at Heartline: Lucille (52) gave birth to a baby girl in the night at the hospital. Please be praying for her and the baby. I do not know details, but I heard from Lucille’s son that the baby is having some problems.

It’s Bump Day! Girls, I am SO excited that so many of you want to pray for these sweet expectant mamas in Haiti! If you’re joining us late, here’s the post that started it all. And here’s the post where we gave The Run-Down about the Prayer Doulas.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to click all those links, here’s the deal in a nutshell:

There are 19 pregnant women in Haiti right now who are under the prenatal care of an amazing ministry called Heartline. A group of women (that YOU can be a part of!) have committed to pray for at least one expectant mama at least one day a week (and every day if possible). We’re calling ourselves the Prayer Doulas, and we’ll meet here to chat about these sweet mamas every Wednesday.

Get this, girls: Every single expectant mama has at least THREE women praying for her!! Isn’t that awesome?? I’d love to get the number up to four! And then five!

Here’s my list. (If I missed you, let me know! If you want to be added, leave a comment below! And I know some of these ladies are past their due date. As soon as I get an update from the Heartline staff, I’ll let you know.)

EDIT: Here’s a post from Tara at Heartline from last week that I meant to share today. She gives some updates of some of the teen moms/expectant moms at Harbor House. (Leoni had malaria but is doing better.)

Prayer Doulas

Dalonne–Feb 16 (Rhonda S, Deborah G, Dee M, Amanda R)

Michelene –Feb 21 (Laura, Kathy B, Wendy M, Laura S)

Montcarmelle–Feb 24 (Claudia P, Becca U, Jen G, Kelly S)

Venette–Feb 28 (Kandi W, Debi, Megan B)

Andremene–March 12 (Addie, Beth, Jen G, Sharon)

Lucille Pierre–March 24 (Nichole M, Becca U, Heledd S)

Djuena–March 25 (Gini, Deborah G, Dee M, Deidre)

Kerline–March 31 (Kathi, Cheryl, Anne Marie W, Krista S, Marci)

Franchette–April 5 (Shannon W, Grace V, Wendy M, Molly S)

Joanne–April 6 (Alicia S, Jenn F, Megan T, Amanda R)

Francois–April 15 (Rhonda S, Carrie H, Tammy J, Amy)

Junie –April 25 (Whimzie L, Jamie W, Ali H)

Joanne–April 29 (Shannon W, Debi, Jodi, Kelly S)

Diutha–April 30 (Ruth F, Kathy B, Deborah G)

Chrismene–May 10 (Erin M, Claudia P, Elizabeth B, Laura S)

Yolette–May 16 (Laura, Kandi W, Beth, Kerry S)

Leoni–June 11 (Jen H, Laura H, Ursula, Jennifer)

Nocelia–June 15 (Rachelle M, Mandy, Megan B, Mary A)

Kesline–August 25 (Tana A, Kristie S, Mary N, Cyndee M)

Need some ideas for praying for your expectant mama?

Prayer Ideas

1. If you go to Heather’s post about the women and click on the picture of your girl, it will show up in another window, and you can click “file” and “print” and print it right out on your computer. I’m in the middle of printing out each picture and putting it in a composition book my friend Amy decorated for me.

2. Next week I’ll be selling Scrabble Sticker Magnets like these, and if you’d like, you can buy your gal’s name and put it on your fridge with her picture (all proceeds will go to Heartline and Harbor House).

3. If you have a copy of Expecting, you can figure out which week of pregnancy your mama is on and pray the prayer for that week for her.

4. You can tell your kiddos about her and pray for her and her baby together.

5. Any other ideas?

I’m working on getting your e-mail addresses in one place so I can send you an e-mail when I find out something new about your girl. Thanks so much, friends! Be sure to let me know if you’d like to be a Prayer Doula!

31 thoughts on “prayer doulas unite!

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  3. laura

    guess what i just found in a pile of papers today??? yes, something that i was to mail long ago. will mail tomorrow and please add me to the list to be a prayer doula!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Thanks, Laura!! Believe me, I know what it’s like to lose things in piles. 🙂

      Could you pray for Michelene (due Feb 21) and then Chrismene (due May 10) after Michelene has her baby? Thank you!!

  4. Jen Hanson

    Praying for Leoni today (and this week) – she’s 24 weeks pregnant and her baby is learning how to swallow.

    Praying that:

    1) As Leoni lives in the Harbor House she will learn how to teach her child truths instead of lies and will use words that build her child up and swallow the words that could tear her child down.
    2) Leoni will be able to have enough food and water to nurture herself and her growing unborn baby.

    Hoping that she’ll find these things through the work God is doing in her live through Harbor House!

  5. Ruth

    Thanks, Marla! I can’t wait to hear how Diutha is doing. I’ve been thinking and praying for her daily! I’m so curious to know all about her.

    P.S. I continue to read the first two devotionals in “Expecting” whenever I am discouraged myself… thank you again for those encouraging words. 🙂

  6. Wendy

    I love doing this. I’m moved by it. I’m going to click on the site to see if I can find any updates w/ Franchette and Michelene (both of whom I now want to name characters after).

    ~ Wendy

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