it's bump day again!

Happy Wednesday, Prayer Doulas! I hope y’all had a good week. I was on the road for almost 9 hours today (Tuesday), and I am w-i-p-e-d, so I’ll make this short and sweet and packed with (hopefully-not-empty) promises of having lots more details next week.

EDIT: Just found out that our Lucille who just gave birth to baby Sara at age 52 has TWELVE children. 11 are living and the oldest is 36. Read Tara’s post here.

4 Items of Business/Interest today:

1. The latest update from midwife Joanna at Heartline (Monday evening): “Just finished up a birth. Yeah MontCarmelle for hanging in there. She delivered a baby boy at 5:40pm and delivered the placenta at the hospital around 9:30pm. Very crazy…”

2. I have something really cool to share today. My online friend Erin MacPherson‘s new book released Monday. It’s called The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby. If you’re pregnant or love someone who is, this would make a fabulous gift. And I have a super-special deal for you today. The first four people to e-mail me that they’d like to make a $10 donation to Heartline Haiti will get a free copy of the book sent to you (or a friend).

Erin is so generous to donate 4 copies of her book AND pay to ship them to the lucky recipients. Thank you, Erin!! (I’ll be blogging my review of the book once I finish reading it. And no, I’m not pregnant.)

3. Remember the beautiful Africa and Cambodia ornaments my friend Megan is making to raise money for their adoption? Well, someone contacted her about making some for Haiti, and when she told me about it, I jumped up and down and begged her to make me one.

I now have a giraffe-print Africa ornament, a blue & red Cambodia ornament (that matches my blog) ,and this awesome orange Haiti ornament. I thought this would be a really cool reminder to pray for our Expectant Mamas in Haiti. If some of you are interested in purchasing one, Megan has graciously agreed to make as many as she can before they go pick up Emelia from Ethiopia.

They would be $6 (+ $1 shipping) with 1/2 of the proceeds going toward their adoption and the other 1/2 to Heartline. If you’re interested, let me know in the comments or e-mail me. Haiti is a challenging one to make, and I don’t want her to make more than we need.

4. A Prayer Doula e-mailed me a few days ago with some very interesting observations: I had a couple of ideas dance through my mind as I was reading Expecting last night.  It is great for women here in North America, but it doesn’t touch on a few issues that would be specific to the third world… like praying for an adequate supply of fresh water… praying for the support of the baby’s father or the mother’s parents or whatever… praying for adequate food and rest while these mothers are living in tent cities or where ever they are right now…  What about making a downloadable bookmark to keep these needs on the forefront of our minds as we pray through the other physical needs?  Somebody who is good at digital scrapbooking could pull that off.

Anyone want to take on that challenge?

EDIT: My cousin Jen was having some of those exact same thoughts this week^. Love this post she wrote.

That’s all I’ve got today. Feel free to share any thoughts/sugggestions! Happy Bump Day!

p.s. Thanks so much for praying for Nina and me and our trip to Indiana! Recap on the blog tomorrow!

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  4. Sharon Meekins

    Marla ~ I sent you an email on Facebook and wanted to here as well. Is it too late for me to order a Haiti ornament????


      1. erin

        One of these days, we need to chat about how we can combine our books for a little package deal… I was reading “Expecting” the other day and I feel like the two books together would make a great present/package to Christian mamas…. I’d love to discuss how we could do something with that…

  5. Jen Hanson

    In regards to the “reality-check bookmark” – I had the same thought this week while praying for Leoni. Her baby’s taste buds are forming this week and it was hard to pray the prayer in the book as it referred to all the wonderful types of foods God has made for our enjoyment and comments about the baby being able to enjoy the tastes of foods from different cultures. Leoni and her baby will be lucky just to have food at all. It was difficult. I blogged about it (I hope that’s okay)

    Love you. Thank you for this project!!

  6. Kandi

    I would like a Haiti ornament. My husband has taken a strategy coordinator position at our Church for Haiti and we’re praying as a family about some opportunities there. Would love to hang it on our family bulletin board to remind us to pray more often. Plus to remind me to pray for Venette and Yolette all throughout the day. Any color is fine. I’ll use your paypal link to pay.
    I so enjoy reading your blog and your different ministries and opportunities to join you where God is working. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Megan at SortaCrunchy

    I definitely want a Haiti ornament. I had also been thinking the same thing . . . about how the needs of these mamas are different from ours. I can’t do the scrappy thing, but I think that is a WONDERFUL way to keep their needs in mind.

  8. Jackie

    Would it be greedy to request 2 Haiti ornaments? I sponsor a little boy in Haiti and would love to send one to him and his family.

    I would enjoy one for me as additional reminder to pray faithfully for this country in great need. If only one is possible, I promise to send it to little Jaclin.

    Love your heart!

  9. ali

    So glad y’all finally made it home. And PS, I just realized that I am listed under your “real-life friends” as Blessed Ali. I’m going to do the same for you on my blog, but you’ll be listed as “Christian author and speaker.”


  10. Tana Adams

    Love the prayer doulas list of needs! And yes, congrats to Erin (luv her) I pray her book touches minds and heart everywhere for the Lord.

    I put my the name of the gal I’m praying over in my WIP. Every time I go to write I pray for her first. I think adding a needs list is a brilliant idea.

    Glad you survived your trip!

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