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I was going to blog about this on our next Bump Day, but I can’t get it off my mind. Many of you know of Harbor House, the home for teen moms run by Heartline Ministries in Haiti. It’s a beautiful, safe home with room for 8-10 teen moms and their babies. There are 5 living there now (including Leoni who is due in June).

I love, love, love what the folks at Harbor House are doing for these beautiful young girls and their precious children. I love how they’re loving them and providing for them and educating them and teaching them the life skills that will be so vital to their survival (and thrive-al).

I’m making today’s post short on purpose so you can go read Tara’s. She introduces each mama and baby by name, along with the staff. There are pictures of everyone, including pictures of Harbor House inside and out.

The wonderful people at Heartline and Harbor House are asking for our prayers. And they need our financial help too. They’re looking for people to sponsor one day at Harbor House ($101), a week ($712), and so on. I know that’s a lot of money for some of us.

But I have an idea.

What if we Prayer Doulas (and friends of Prayer Doulas, which is all the rest of you!) all chipped in a little and sponsored a week at Harbor House TOGETHER? Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

You can give a dollar, five dollars, 10, 50… whatever you can. If you’re in, please leave a comment below and then e-mail me. I’ll give you my address, you make a check payable to HEARTLINE, send it to me, I’ll collect them, and then I’ll send them in all together in one big chunk from the Prayer Doulas.

Doesn’t it just thrill your soul to think of the eternal impact you’re having on some beautiful young mamas and their kiddos? Sweet children of God who need our help? The poor and oppressed the Bible speaks so often about?

You can’t put a price tag on that.

16 thoughts on “harbor house

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  2. Addie

    Is there any way that we could paypal you the money…. for some reason, I am terrible with mail – my husband has to be in charge of it, or it would never go out

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            Live and let live I say. And if a stranger’s marriage is causing concern about the viability of your own marriage and relationship; then that is the time to put down the newspaper and talk to your partner. Because you have an issue. Good post

  3. Elizabeth

    That is an amazing place. Their purpose is so close to my heart-to teach young moms how to be gentle and involved so that they raise secure, well-attached, well-loved children. THAT is the beat of my heart.

    I don’t know how I can get involved, but I want to. Those sweet babies’ faces bring so much joy!

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