why i can’t vote for the cool guy

I just read one of the most powerful blog posts ever. If you’re pro-life and voting for Obama, I encourage you to go here and read it. If you’re afraid to, I think that says a lot. It’s hard to ignore the Scripture verses that say if we close our eyes when innocent blood is shed, it’s going to be on our hands. I know some of you reading right now have already determined to close your eyes. A couple of you have told me yourselves.

The italicized words below are all Randy Alcorn’s. I copied and pasted just a few of the paragraphs from his post here. I added the ellipses (…) where I left parts out.

Now, when someone says, “But still, abortion isn’t the only issue,” I agree. I care very much about the poor and racial equality. That’s why if John McCain was committed to legalizing the killing of the poor and the killing of ethnic minorities,
I would not vote for him either…

So I say OF COURSE THERE ARE OTHER ISSUES. I don’t minimize them. All I can say is the differences between the candidates on those issues don’t stack up, even cumulatively, to the legalized killing of human beings. It’s a matter of relative importance, not just a number of issues. A man who is a good husband in most respects, but who beats his wife, is not a good husband. That issue outweighs all the others.

I am not excited about John McCain in every area. But when I compare him to Barack Obama in the overriding issue of our day, the right of preborn children to live, there is a stark and radical difference…

But is this the time, when failing to vote for McCain could ultimately remove hundreds of laws limiting abortion at the statewide level—informed consent and parental consent and late term abortion measures? As a physician commenting on my last blog said, prolife physicians and nurses and hospitals could find themselves with a federal mandate to perform abortions, and lose their licenses if they refuse. The Freedom of Choice Act, which Obama promised Planned Parenthood he will sign if elected president (my previous blog has this on video), could ultimately do all this and more. It may also make life very difficult for Pregnancy Resource Centers…

My conversations with fellow Christians who are prolife but are voting for Obama have common themes these days. They always emphasize “Obama is prochoice, not proabortion.” To which I respond, “actually he is pro-legalized-abortion.” This is emphatically true, based on his own words and 100% consistent voting record. It shouldn’t be considered a matter for debate. What politician in the country is more strongly committed to legalized abortion than Obama is? Every radical proabortion group knows this, and everyone of them have been working tirelessly to get him elected…

On Tuesday November 4, don’t think you are merely expressing a preference between two men, choosing who you like, who you’d enjoy hanging out with. You’re not voting for a friend, a dinner companion, a dance partner, someone to sit next to at a ball game or to be seen with at a party. Don’t allow yourself to vote as if this were American Idol. In the arena of an unborn child’s right to live, these candidates stand for things far bigger than themselves. And when it comes to the right to life of coming generations of unborn children, they stand for two polar opposites…

12 thoughts on “why i can’t vote for the cool guy

  1. Anonymous

    This is a really good post! I can’t believe the number of blogs I have come across that say they are Christians and prolife… but love and support Obama! I can’t understand why they are so fooled by him…

  2. ladymiss3739

    Thanks for posting this, Marla!  If I had a larger following on my blog (and if they were different people than who visit your page)! I would definitely copy it on mine. 

    I don’t feel as if either candidate is anything special, honestly.  But, I agree 100% that there are certain “deal breaker” issues when it comes to deciding on who to vote for.  And this is one of those issues. 

    It still amazes me how many Christians still don’t see it as a no-vote issue.  It’s sad to see how numb we become to things after we’ve lived with them for a while.  My vote is with McCain. 

  3. Marketer319

    I just read that same blog yesterday….and now i’m trying to remember from where I linked to it….and I can’t.  Bah.  But it gave me chills to read.  I want to post it in it’s entirety on a billboard somewhere huge and hopefully make those who are still trying to decide, a little more informed about who and what they would be voting for.  But God is in control of this, too!

  4. kellycohan

    My heart is pounding. I’m thinking of my friends and family who will be voting for Obama in two weeks, and I am scared to death that they don’t know what they’re voting for.

    Or that they don’t care. Oh, even scarier.

  5. schmett73

    Thank you, Marla!  I’ve always been staunchly Pro-Life, and if I had to pick a candidate based on one issue alone, it would be this one, because in my opinion, it overrides all others.  I won’t be voting for the “cool guy” either.

  6. OkinawaAna

    Good for you for posting this!  I actually read, for the first time this week, what partial birth abortion is.  I am revolted and disgusted that anyone could be capable of doing this and that we, as a nation, are applauding unapologetic murder all in the name of a woman’s choice.  Read up on what you’re supporting when you vote pro-choice, ladies.

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