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Figured I’d better blog tonight, since tomorrow is the first day of school and could get a little crazy. And since it’s late, and I meant to get in bed early and have lunches packed and whatnot. (At least I’m not baking cookies.)

Just finished watching Hillary present the fine folks at the Democratic Convention with their consolation prize. “You don’t get ME, the glass-ceiling-shattering, all-around-fabulous, super-duper-qualified presidential candidate BUT you can have Barack Obama. Heck, he’s better than McCain, right? ‘Cause Bush and McCain practically shared a placenta.” If I’m Obama, I’m not feeling particularly warm and fuzzy about her “endorsement” of me.

And that’s about all the politics I’ve got for the week.

So, um, the zoo trip totally caught up with me today, peeps. Yowzers. Wasn’t quite expecting that. I had to eat three fun-size mint 3 Musketeers bars while I was making supper just to keep from falling over. I’m toast. One thing after another has piled up today–on my desk, my counters, my laundry baskets, my plate, my brain, my life. Egads.

And my head. Ow. I feel like I’ve been picked up by an African elephant bull and slammed to the ground.

I’m sad about Livi and Ava going to school. I was making lunch for our picnic this morning and thought of tomorrow’s lunch. Just me, Gabe and Nina sitting around our big table. Sniff, sniff. I’m trying to think happy thoughts, like how much I wanted to strangle Livi and Ava today and how tomorrow will be peaceful on that front. The harmonious love fest they had going on for awhile is a distant memory. They attacked each other (physically and verbally) today at every turn. Ugh. I was about ready to go ape, and I’m not even kidding.

Yet I think I want to homeschool them someday.

You know, God really does reward those who do not spend money they do not have just because they are viciously craving Pei Wei chicken lettuce wraps. I wanted to sell my birthright tonight and send Gabe for  take-out, but I remembered that I had a perfectly good (cheap) dinner in the fridge ready to prepare. I sucked it up, wiped away the tears, started supper, and voila! Ava came inside with a bag of fresh produce from our neighbor’s garden. Cucumber, tomatoes, squash, peppers, eggplant. The rest of the fam had some pasta with mushrooms and roasted parmesan Ragu. I had me some scrummy sauteed homegrown veggies. (and designated an envelope in my desk drawer for my Pei Wei fund)

My SIL, Jess, wrote a very cool post tonight about something special she did with her little boys today. And it just lit my fire, because it’s exactly the point (one of them) that I want to make in my zoo book. Seizing opportunities, spending time with your kiddos, doing stuff that makes them smile. Making memories. Sigh. I’d love to hear what kinds of special things you love doing with your little ones (or nieces/nephews).

We watched Nim’s Island last night with the girls. Cute, clean, family flick. Didn’t hurt that it was about a writer and animals and stuff. Right up my alley.

Oh! Got a delightful little e-mail from the Indy Zoo today. Free tickets, free parking, free rides. Last night the girls and I held hands and prayed over the e-mail I sent them. We told God we’d love it if He’d provide some stuff for us but that we would be thankful even if He didn’t. Did some praisin’ in the living room today.

And I should probably get a move on since it’s after midnight, making my title a misnomer of sorts.

Have a great day, friends! I’m feeling especially sentimental about all of you tonight. Love and hugs!

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  1. Anonymous

    @mtaviano –  Agreed and officially changing subject! 

    Ah, how I miss first days of school (in some respects)!  Although, now I work for a University and the first day of school brings with it 40,000 undergraduates and countless other faculty and graduate students!  After a “calm” summer, we full-time staffers feel a bit invaded! 

    But for your girls… freshly sharpened pencils, unused pink pet erasers, packed lunches, “first day of school outfit,” new friends…. I love it!

    I love that you’re getting the VIP treatment at the zoos!  Isn’t the power of a well-written letter amazing?! 

    Have a great day!

  2. mtaviano

    @Katie – Thanks for your thoughtful and intelligent response. Interchange is a good, good thing. But yes, exhausting. Tomorrow will be all “First Day of School” and “Can’t Wait to See Dolphins Monday.” Have a great night!

  3. Anonymous

    @terriwright – I’d vote for Larry the Cucumber too – lol.  And I completely agree that they drag this process out WAY too long.  Enough is enough.  It pains me so much that all of this money is wasted on negative ad campaigns (grr… HATE wasted paper).  And I agree that the person should be the most important thing in voting.  As much as it’s not PC to say though, I think the party is very important too.  Because as much as you can like the person, we all know it’s not a one woman/man show. They all have teams of advisors and speech writers, etc. pulling the strings.  And in the end, all of those campaign ads are paid for… lots by special interest groups (on both sides of the party lines) and by people and companies with agendas.  The chosen one will vote and make decisions largely down party lines and in favor of those that helped get them elected.  Did I mention my first job out of college was in political campaigning?  I saw all of the ugly sides of politics!

    @mtaviano – I very much agree that Hillary spent a lot of time speaking about herself in the speech.  However, I think it was very purposeful – she had to come out of the gate supporting Barack, then had to back-track and rally her supporters (via reminding them of her campaign messages and that those messages aren’t lost) and then she tied it back to Barack.  Part of the purpose of her speech was to reunite the party and ensure that her supporters will now support Barack.  So she had to play to those supporters a bit – strategy, ya know?

    I’m sorry that I didn’t make myself clear on the race/gender issue.  I tried to get too many points in one comment! 🙂  My first point was just how remarkable it is that in this election we’ve broken two previous barriers – a woman and a black man are both running for President and have/had a shot at it.  But I didn’t mean to tie that race/gender point to the Democratic party.  I think it’s great that they are Democratic candidates and that I did/will get a chance to vote for him/her.  But that’s because of who they are and what the represent, not because of their race/gender. My point was that the landmark is remarkable, not just that they happen to be Democrats. So, no, if a black man or woman was running on the Rep. ticket – I would not vote for him or her. 

    And I understand many people have issues with abortion.  My older sister is adopted and my mother has strong beliefs about abortion.  I personally believe in a woman’s right to choose (in certain situations) but that’s a whole other topic for another time.  We all were educated and socialized in certain ways to come to our current beliefs.  And although many of us have different beliefs, I think that as long as you have strong reasons behind them – more power to you.  That’s what makes the world go round – differences of opinion.

    I also agree that Republicans get a bad reputation, as do Democrats a lot of the time.  I know that not all Republicans are so because of tax breaks for the wealthy nor are they all card carrying NRA members.  However, when you look at voting records down party lines and programs like No child left behind – where high achieving (normally wealthy) schools get funds and low achieving (low income district) schools have funding cut… or progressive programs for the mentally handicapped (like a program here in Michigan) are cut by Republicans – it turns from reputation to fact.  However, I understand that’s not all Republicans. I’m saying when you look at voting records – Democrats are usually the politicians who are voting in favor or programs that assist the poor, healthcare-less, mentally handicapped, homeless veterans, etc.  That’s why I vote Democrat – because overall, they have the belief system that I do.  To look out for those that can’t necessarily look out for themselves. 

    I respect that you have your opinions and I hope you respect that I have mine.  Again, we were all raised and educated differently, and therefore have different core beliefs.  I love that about America. 

    And I understand why you usually avoid political commentary on your blog – it is exhausting yet exhilarating! 🙂  Thanks for the interchange – I love hearing other people’s opinions and why they believe the way they do.  I guess that’s why I engaged in this discussion to begin with! 

  4. Anonymous

    Hey, so glad about the trip turning out awesome!  YEAH!  Loved the pics!  Your girls are so stinkin’ cute!  And about Indi’s reply, how cool is that?!  And politics.  Wow.  (You SO gotta say that like Reese in Sweet Home Alabama, “You have a baby… in a bar”)  Honestly never thought I’d see much of that on that here!  (And that’s SO a compliment!!!)  Figured that’d be the hubby-man’s blog agenda!!!  😉

    I’m with flyingCAB on the whole “being silent on the topic… for now”.  I can say two things with all confidence… I know who I’m voting for… and I know Who sits on the thrown over everything no matter who wins.  Like Corrie ten Boom said… no one in heaven is surprised when things happen.  God is still in control.

    So, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.  (SO gotta say that like Forest Gump!)  Have a blast in Indi!  (Yippee!!)

  5. terriwright

    @Katie – I am a registered Democrat, but at election time, I vote for people. Both candidates have many positive aspects, but there are negatives associated with both….as always. I think my issue is that the rhetoric has been going on TOO LONG. Let’s just vote, already.

    I STILL say: show me a negative about Larry the Cucumber. One that would prevent him from serving.

    OK. I broke my new rule. But thie is the LAST TIME!!!!!

  6. mtaviano

    @Katie – Thanks for your comment, Katie. I don’t talk much about politics on my blog, mostly because it makes me tired.

    My only point about Hillary was that she spent her entire “endorsement” speech for Obama talking about HERSELF and all she did during her campaign for President. Instead of talking him up, she was basically campaigning for herself in 2012. If you heard all the chatter after her speech, people were concerned about that. “She didn’t say anything nice about Obama,” etc.

    I’m all for women and minorities having equal opportunities to succeed in our country. Goodness, how great is that? But it seems to me like a lot of Democrats ARE one-issue voters–that issue being “she’s a woman” or “he’s black.” If I vote for John McCain, it WON’T be because he’s white or male.

    Republicans get a bad rap. Democrats are not the only people who care about the poor and the earth. That’s a stereotype.

    And abortion isn’t an ISSUE to me. It’s a heart-and-soul, life-or-death, very big deal. My belief in Jesus Christ as the only way to God and heaven and my belief in the truth of the Bible color everything I do, say, hope, feel, and live.

    That’s all.

  7. Anonymous

    So after reading this, I’m clearly on the other side of the political fence than most of you.  But I do have to wonder – those of you with little girls, can’t you appreciate what Hillary has done for women in this country?  And what strides we are making as a country to have a black man slated to become the 1st African American President?  I think as intelligent, thoughtful individuals and Americans we can identify these major historical landmarks.  And although I don’t have children, I sincerely hope that parents are pointing out these important landmarks to their children – no matter which party they associate with.

    Personally, I’m a Democrat because I care about people without healthcare and jobs and those in this country that need a uniting voice.  I’m not a one-issue voter.  My grandmother is a hard-core Republican because she’s a staunch Catholic.  She believes that abortions are wrong so Democrats are wrong, etc.  I just can’t be that black and white about things. 

    I guess I just hope people keep an open mind about this election and truly look at the facts.  We need to look beyond a one issue stance and think about the last 8 years in this country.  Military families are loosing brothers and sisters and sons and daughters.  Our national deficit is multiplying by the day yet we have millions of hungry, hurting people in the United States.

    Hoping off the soapbox and hoping we can all think about how this election will REALLY affect the world and our own circle of contact. 


  8. FlyingCAB

    @terriwright – well. I would agree but I’ve take a vow of politics-related silence 😉 

    I’m not actually sure how long I’ll be able to refrain from blogging about it, but I’ll just be sure to warn readers in my subject line!!  😉

  9. FlyingCAB

    @terriwright – OHHHH!  I like that rule =)  I wondered how that would play out because I read your post about wondering who to vote for too and then read this one….hehehe.  I can get sucked too easily into the debate….

  10. terriwright

    @kkakwright – Amen to both of you

    @FlyingCAB – new rule….no stinkin’ politics on Xanga. I am full up.

    You know, you could go to bed at a decent hour and feel less as if you’d been trapped under a building…..just a thought.

    Girls in school are good….gives you special Nina time, which she seldom gets. AND a little peace.

  11. M3mine

    Every first day of school is precious.  I remember taking pictures of the 3M’s (Megan, Molly and Matt) each first day beside the clock in the family room.  To look at them now, and to see how they grew is fun.  Now Molly teaches 7th grade.  BTW…I wanted to take a pic. of Matt yesterday for old time’s sake, when he started his internship —his last “first day” of school, but he refused.  🙁    Do enjoy the day—the years pass “oh, so quickly.”

  12. gsowell

    I’m praying for this first day of school. For your patience. For your love. For your diligence. For you. My friend. (I’m a little sentimental, too!)

  13. FlyingCAB

    I am not watching the convention.  The Today Show might as well run a “we love Barak” (I’m too lazy to figure out how to spell his name) banner at the bottom of the screen.  Their coverage of the convention is so all-encompassing and biased it’s sad. 

    I hope today goes well for you and Nina and Gabe….and of course for Ava and Livi!  I can’t wait to hear about the first day at Hogwarts! 

  14. luvmynoah

    How cool that the Indy zoo came through for you!! 

    I’m feeling your pain with making dinner…wishing to go out.  I’ve been trying to cook more and more and I do NOT enjoy it at all.  I wish I did!  I feel like someone always ends up “off” about the meal and I get upset.  Eating out for us is relaxing I guess.  Glad you started a fund!

    I have a picture and funny thing to read at the Toledo zoo…it’s in the Hippo area…I’ll have to email it to you. 

  15. allieanne

    We just watched Nim’s Island last night! the Book is SOOOO much better! We listened to the book on CD a couple weeks ago while traveling. Read the book to the girls and see what they think!

  16. jessyomama

    Nim’s Island is so cute! I watched it at my parents’ house last weekend while everyone else was outside playing and swimming. I was hooked.

    I have a recipe for chicken lettuce wraps… do ya want it? 😉

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