this is the day…

that the Lord has made. He is on His throne come what may in our presidential election. I feel a sense of peace about it.

I do wish that some of my friends/acquaintances would understand the absurdity of trying to be pro-life and pro-Obama all at one time. 

For some way-better thoughts than mine on the topic, check out this blog.

For a beautiful expression of many of the thoughts that have been piling up in my brain lately, check out this blog.

For a cute picture of an adorable pregnant woman, check out this blog.

Personally, I’ve got some things tugging at my heart, some decisions to make that aren’t much fun, some wisdom needed for direction for my (and our family’s) future. But I’ll ask for prayer for that later.

Right now, let’s pray for God’s will to be done tomorrow on Election Day. And lets pray that He’ll get heaps and mounds of glory–some way, somehow–through it all. And let’s pray that we, His people, will surrender our lives completely to Him from this day forward.

6 thoughts on “this is the day…

  1. OkinawaAna

    So, how does it feel to be voting in a state that could go either way?  We pretty much knew which way Oklahoma was going before the candidates were even announced (ha!), which leaves me wondering how much more exciting this whole process must be for those of you who go to the polls and actually affect the outcome.  Go, Ohio!  🙂

  2. M3mine

    Your blog today really helped me a lot.  I actually used the link to Randy Alcorn’s site to send to my college roommate from BGSU (over 30 years ago) so I could explain to her why I was not voting for Obama.  Then, I used another link you had today to help a young friend from church who is struggling with time management in her life.  I explained to her that I struggle with it and let her read the link so she could see that lots of us struggle with the same problems.  Thanks for the help on both issues.

  3. mtaviano

    @DerrickandKenny – Thanks for reading, Jim. You’re a good friend. I’m not sure how many male readers I have. I know of a handful. Someone named Carel Black from Gallipolis ordered my books. Except not. When I looked at her name again, it said Carel BlaNk. 🙂

  4. DerrickandKenny

    I too have friends who are voting for Obama but against abortion.  In one of their words “I am tired of being scared by the republican party to vote for them only because of the abortion issue”.  Actually, that should is more of a paraphrase than an actual quote. 

    Also, I do not think I am related to Carel.

    By the way, I would be interested to know how many other male readers you have.  Even though your blog is not geared to me, I find myself reading it daily.

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