the company gabe keeps

Thousands wait

Cindy McCain speaking

Sarah Palin rocks the crowd

Sarah Palin

McCain Two Thumbs Up

McCain quoting Obama

John McCain meeting crowd

McCains meeting crowd

Katie Couric

23 thoughts on “the company gabe keeps

  1. jennikim

    i know you have told us all before, but what type of camera do you guys have? phil is doing tons of research before deciding what to purchase and he wants to know.

  2. kellycohan

    Did he TAKE those pictures? Can he teach a class to us Xangals on how to take such gorgeous shots?? Hmm… I’m guessing Step 1 is: Buy super-nice, expensive digital SLR camera

  3. gsowell

    Oooooh. And these pictures are great! They are just as good as what the magazines and newspapers run by “professional” photographers. Kudos to Gabe! Is he going to post details of his day?

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