please forgive me

I need to apologize for my last post. Several people now have expressed their disappointment in me and what I wrote. And I need to step carefully here… I don’t want this to be an apology that says, “Okay, I’m sorry, but…I was right.”

Sooo… I’m sorry. I should not have said what I did about Democrats. It wasn’t fair. I can’t assume there would have been rioting if the Republicans would have won. They didn’t. Do I still believe that rioting would have happened? I have to be honest–I do. (some of you are going to think this nullifies my apology, but I’m just being honest) But there are lots of thoughts in my head that don’t need to come out because they aren’t edifying to others. This was one of them.

I do want this blog to be edifying, to build people up, not tear them down. I’m sure I’ll still step on toes (especially if I insist on talking politics), but I can do it without being mean-spirited. And when I do offend people, I’ll pray that it’s because I’m being Christ-like, which Christ himself said would be offensive to many. And not because I’m being too Marla-like.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. And tomorrow’s post will be picture-filled and wordless to give me time to collect my thoughts and ruminate on them a bit before I throw them out into the universe.

And I don’t think Satan wants me to apologize, because I’ve had 10 interruptions since I started typing this… Make that 11.

Thanks for reading! Love and hugs!

13 thoughts on “please forgive me

  1. sweethomealagirl

    I understand why you had to apologize; we can’t cause anyone to stumble with our words or actions. Still, I do think it is your blog, your thoughts, you right, too. Especially when it’s posted quite diplomatically. I appreciate your thoughts 🙂

  2. ladymiss3739

    I got my “prize” book in the mail today.    Thanks a bunch!  I’m super excited to read it. 

    In response to your apology, I have just typed and deleted various statements.  I think I’ll just say as far as I’m concerned, you didn’t have to explain yourself. 

    Have a good night, Marla! 

  3. kellycohan

    I just read both these posts. I admit to more skepticism and negativity than I would like when it comes to political topics, so I know where you were coming from yesterday. I guess it’s like what Paul said about some things being permissable but not beneficial… maybe that goes for heated political talk as well as plenty of other things!

    It can be very difficult to speak the truth in love on such a divisive topic. I admire both your boldness and humility and encourage you to keep both up!

  4. faithchick

    I tried responding to this (and the other post) earlier, but my brain is like refried beans & I couldn’t articulate a thing.  but, ctorlone did it for me.  sleep well.

  5. Anonymous

    Marla, once again, you have proved yourself to be a woman of high moral character! Even though I was the one who expressed some disappointment in your earlier post, I feel it necessary to COMMEND you for your apology. I would never have said something if I did not hold you in very high regard. The posts that you write CONSISTENTLY encourage me to be a better mother and wife and Christian, and this post is no exception. It truly makes me consider the humble attitude of Christ that you have taken on. Well done, faithful servant. I will be considering where I need to make some corrections as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your excellent example. I can only hope to be able to do the same. You are very loved!

  6. ctorlone

    Marla, I appreciate what you have said…and yet, the thing is, it’s your BLOG…your blog is your thoughts, your ideas…I understand you wanting to be careful and I believe that you are, but I appreciate that you are honest and open and not always politically correct…There are those that may be upset about what you wrote, if they are, the fact is, the democrats won this race anyway…what’s there to get all upset about?  People said horrible things about President Bush…but again, the fact of the matter is that he won that past election and he was president..’nuf said.  For some this was just another election, others it was way more…and that IS a little scary that people put such ‘hope’ in this “man”.  Anyway…know you are loved!!!  no matter what!

  7. rocknnell

    Obeying God to the point of asking forgiveness…admired… something that stuck to me a long time ago ~ ” you never have to explain yourself to your friends”  they know your heart. 

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