enough of the nicey-nice

Okay, I’m all about embracing our new President, a new era and all that. I will pray for him and his family, and I’ll be respectful even when he messes up. Because he will. Because he’s human.

BUT I just need to make a point (or two). You already know how I voted in the election (van sticker). And I’m not in the mood to start drawing party lines, but you’ve got to admit something–the lovely and peaceful inauguration ceremony yesterday was a tribute to REPUBLICANS everywhere. Seriously. Now, I have some great, godly friends who are Democrats, and I’m sure they would have accepted a John McCain presidency with grace. But you can’t tell me that if McCain/Palin had been standing up there yesterday, there wouldn’t have been some (or a lot of) rioting. No way would it have been calm and peaceful and happy. No way. People would’ve been burning stuff and yelling profanities and knocking stuff over.

Case in point: the loser who vandalized the statue of George H. W. Bush in Houston yesterday. Come on, people. Are you serious? Get over it.

And I know for a fact that there would have been many Democrats praying for a President McCain and Vice-President Palin. But I daresay there wouldn’t have been millions. And I’m pretty sure there would have been more and more and more of the same whining and complaining we’ve heard for the last eight years.

I, for one, am glad to have a President that celebrities and liberals adore. Because the complaining is officially over. Because no one will dare say one negative word about him. You do, and you’re facing the wrath of the most influential people in the universe.

I’m a little worried for our President actually. He’s expected to save the world. And keep his little daughters grounded all the while. Oh, the pressure.


1. We have a Caption Contest Winner! Except we don’t know who you are! Whoever signed in as Twitter Follower and thought that the camouflaged giraffe was saying, “I can see Russia from my house!” you get a prize! Please identify yourself. Gabe and I were both rolling when we read it. (Okay, so even that comment was a little political. No more politics!)

2. Gabe drove the girls to the bus stop this morning, and when they got out of the van, Livi accidentally slammed Ava’s hand in the door. Three of her fingers are pretty beat up. She came back home with Gabe for tylenol and ice, then he drove her to school. When I was younger, I shut my brother’s head in the car door. On purpose. I’m so sorry, Josh.

3. I’m looking for some sweet folks to join my informal/impromptu Promo Team for Expecting. If you’re sitting around the house all bored and stuff and wish you could help someone promote their new book, I have the perfect assignment for you! Let me know–or wait to hear more details.

Happy Wednesday, all! Hope your day is filled with beauty and excitement!

24 thoughts on “enough of the nicey-nice

  1. Jamie Holts

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. wrigglee

    Marla… I’ll help you – -I need to order a copy from you too… Our youth pastors wife just announced that she’s pregnant! And… I was pleasantly excited to hear that she had read “Blushing Bride…” before she got married (she said that it was one of her favorite “pre-wedding” books!!
    Let me know what I can do!!

  3. sweethomealagirl

    @Katie – 

    You are right; perhaps I should have qualified that by saying the liberals like the ones that she was referring to in this post. There’s no way that I believe that there would have been NO angry protests if McCain had been elected. There was entirely too much of that in the last 4/8 years against Bush. The far left liberals (and the mainstream media) made it very clear that Obama was the only one, and I can imagine that they would have protested just as angrily the inauguration of a McCain/Palin administration. Liberals like them seem to hate anything that even smells of conservative. Would that we could all accept our differences and discuss them without hateful argument. Whoever our leaders are, they deserve our respect, whether we agree with their policies or not.

  4. thedeena63

    I personally was disappointed in the send off for our former president.  I thought that was a poor representation of us as a nation, and shame on those who couldn’t hold their “boos” and “na-na-na’s” inside their own heads.

    He was just a man, elected to one of the toughest offices in America during one of our darkest moments and who made mistakes.

    President Obama has my full support as an American and as a Christian (as I am instructed in Scripture to hold him in prayer faithfully).  But he is not a rock star nor a celebrity, and it troubles me the apppearance of worship in the crowds.

    I was proud of our country that we have come so far that an African American President can take the oath of office on the same steps that were constructed by slave labor, but I fear we are taking this way too far.

    I want to see President Obama succeed as that will mean we succeed as a nation, but ONLY as his plans follow God’s guidance.  If he continues with his OWN agenda, I fear for our nation.  May he and his cabinet and congress learn to seek God’s face in all that they do, regardless of popular opinion.

    Then we will truly be blessed, as he said in his remarks yesterday, “God bless America.”

  5. luvmynoah

    I agree with you totally Marla.  I loved watching all of the traditions and the ceremony’s that go along with the inauguration.  I don’t however like when people place someone so high they feel he is the same as God.  Mr. Obama cannot save America or the world.  He cannot fly.  He cannot stop world hunger.  I think many are sitting back today thinking that the country is a new place!  It’s not!  I was astonished by the prayer at the end.  It was nice to everyone but those of us who are white.  I couldn’t believe it was spoken.  Like on of my friends said…if that was about anyone else there would’ve been a riot! 

    Come Lord Jesus….that is my main thought in all of this. We are going to see our lives change…and not for the better.  Many rights will be stripped away.  My rights to homeschool, safety for the unborn, the covenant of marriage….so much!

  6. Anonymous

    I need to say that the negativity of this post really disappointed me. I think that it is a stretch to be able to say how things would have gone differently if McCain had been elected President. I don’t think you can know that, and putting that out there is quite inflammatory and judgmental. At a time when we really need to be working together in this country, comments like this only serve to divide us further. I expected better from this blog — I love it for the inspiration that I receive, as well as the encouragement that I believe helps me to strive to be a better person. I did not get that from this post. 

    I fully expect that Obama will get the same teasing that Bush did, when he messes up (and he will). I hope that he accepts it with the same good nature that President Bush did. He really rolled with the punches and kept doing what he thought was best for our country.

    I do want to add that I could not have been more impressed with the behavior of President Bush. He was a perfect gentleman, and he and Laura could not have been more gracious. They are a wonderful example to all of us about how we should behave in similar situations. (I know that I need those kinds of mentors in my life, whether I know them in real life or not.)

    I hope that we can turn back to being more positive. You are a fantastic mother and author, and I hope to read more encouraging posts in the future.

    “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.”

    Phillippians 4:8

  7. kkakwright

    People expect him to do too much.  He can’t possibly live up to the expectations that have been placed on him.  They expect him to do more than any man can do.  I’m excited about a change in direction too.  Although, I would have been equally excited had the other party one.  Either candidiate would have changed the direction.  Anyways….

  8. Anonymous

    @sweethomealagirl – Isn’t that a bit of a vast generalization, “It’s really sad the way liberals treat others.”?  In that case, it’s really sad the way conservatives judge others.  You see what I mean?  Too general. 

    I also think that perhaps the lack of protest and mass numbers of people yesterday was due to one key factor. They were there celebrating a change in the direction of the leadership, rather than just a change in the actual person sitting in the chair.  I think there could have been reason for peaceful protests should the day have brought another 4 years of Bush policy in the White House.  Couldn’t we just look at the millions of people present as a testament to the nature of the group?  No arrests and riots mean happy people there to celebrate their chosen leader.  See what I mean… glass half full/half empty concept, I guess. 


  9. jbnygaard

    You always put into words what I am thinking….but just can’t say or put down into words myself! VERY well said Marla! VERY WELL Said!

    I would LOVE to help you promote your book…is the job too much for a 34 week preggo woman? Hey and I had a GREAT idea when I was sitting at my OB appointment today! It would be AWESOME to give my OB or OB/GYN’s your book and if they really liked it maybe they could buy a bunch and put it in their collection of “Congrats on your pregnancy package” that you get when you go to one of your first preggo appointments. Or maybe they can have it sitting in their office and offer it to buy. Just a thought….Anyone know of any OB/GYN’s or have a husband or wife if that practice that would be willing to do that?

  10. OkinawaAna

    You know, I think the job is the same no matter which man is in office.  And a lot of the promises Obama made while campaigning are certainly going to change once he’s in office, sees the whole picture, and fully feels the responsibility of the nation.  I truly believe he’s a sincere man who will try to do the right thing, even though it might very well get him booed in four years by the same people who are cheering him on now.  (Which, if it happens, will say more about how far our nation has come in terms of racial equality than our inauguration did yesterday.  If they booed a white man, they should be able to boo a man of color just as freely, right?  Not that they should boo anyone, but you get my point.)

    All that said, I would not want his job.  Not in a million years!  What pressure!

  11. bethelaine

    i don’t post my opinion about political stuff too often, but i had the exact same thought yesterday regarding the graciousness and respect of republicans.  it was utterly amazing that of the millions of people in D.C. yesterday, there was not a single arrest.  not even one!  i completely agree that the same would not have been true had mccain been elected.

  12. ladymiss3739

    I share many of your thoughts on the political comments.  I won’t say more or it will end up as a rant. 

    I am at home, and I am looking for meaning in my life.    Share what you have in mind for promo stuff and I’ll give you an honest answer as to whether I can help or not! 

  13. ergirl053

    Thanks for sharing that! And I hope Ava’s fingers get better lickety-split!
    I was just thinking yesterday that it would be simply amazing if the masses worshiped Jesus the way they are worshiping President Obama. I am glad power transferred peacefully and that he has all kinds of ideas, and I’ll continue to pray for his presidency and family. But I’ll also continue to remind myself that he is only a man. A mere human- a sinner just like me. And that the only thing saving this world is The One already seated on the throne.

    What can I do to help you promote the book??

  14. mtaviano

    @jessyomama – Well, I slammed the door so he’d have to open it back up again. I think we were racing into the house or something. I didn’t mean for his head to be there. But I didn’t actually check to see if it was before I slammed the door. 🙂

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