happy 12th birthday, livi!

Sweet girl, your mama doesn’t have the words to describe how much I love you. And how PROUD I am of the young woman you are. You are so giving and loving and have the biggest heart. You make sacrifices to serve others, and your greatest joy comes when you’re helping those less fortunate than you.

You’ve been known to loan your b-day money to your mom and dad when they can’t pay their bills, and you are so low-maintenance it’s not even funny. Your heart beats for Cambodia–and for those in need right here in your own city.

Your sense of justice (which goes a little too far when it comes to all-things-equal between you and your sisters) will be a beautiful thing when it comes to making sure the poor and oppressed are getting treated fairly.

You’re smart and beautiful and a wonderful grocery-shopping/errand-running companion. I love homeschooling you and getting to spend lots and lots of quality time with you.

God has big plans for you, and you’re not about to wait until you’re all grown up before you start living them out.

Last year, you turned 11 and ate a whole tarantula. How you gonna top that as a 12-year-old??

We love you, Olivia Joy!! Love, Mom, Dad, Ava, Nina, and Cherry. xoxoxoxo

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