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Hi! My name is Livi, and I am 11 years old. I am going to be home schooled this year in 6th grade, because I want to be able to go at my own pace not too slow not too fast. I will have my own blog when I am home schooled, and so will my sisters Ava and Nina.

In my spare time I enjoy playing soccer, reading, writing, drawing, talking, basketball, and my Mom would say asking questions. My favorite subjects in school are learning about the world, math, spelling and reading, you could just say that I enjoy school. I am going to be going to camp this summer, a camp called Mission Meadows, where our friend Britt works. The camp is in western New York, and my family and I are going to family camp there 2 weeks before I go to youth camp for grades 3-8. I am really excited to go to camp.

My Mom and I have been brainstorming ideas for me to earn money for camp. I am trying to save up enough money for me to pay for camp, but if that doesn’t work my Mom and Dad will help me out. So far the ideas we have come up with are selling some of my Cambodia products, tutoring, babysitting, mothers helper, and if you have any other ideas please leave them in the comments. For the Cambodia products I sell I use what money I already payed for it for camp, and my profit to Hard Places Community (the boys center).

If you want to buy something, just leave a comment and my mom will e-mail you about shipping costs.

 #1: Fair Trade Scarves from Cambodia: $6 each. SOLD OUT.

#2: More Fair Trade Scarves from Cambodia: $6 each. SOLD OUT.

#3 Coin Purses. (Small yellow keychain: $3, Geometric-patterned: $3, flower-patterned: $4) SOLD OUT.

#4 Washer Necklaces/Bookmarks: $1 each. Custom orders: $2 each. Give-Me-Any-Six: $5. SOLD OUT.

#5: My mom’s Expecting books: $6 each. (These are usually $14.99, but these 5 have a small black mark either at the top or the bottom of the book so they were discounted. Mom also has some regular ones for $10 and said she will give me the profits.) SOLD OUT (we do have 4 regular books available for $10 each)

Thank you for reading my blog post! I am excited to go to camp and also raise money for the boys center.

If you have any questions for me, please ask them in the comments. Mom said I could stay up late to answer them. Thanks!

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  1. Danielle

    I just had three girls at my house pulling weeds this morning to raise money for camp. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty I would guess that there’s people in your area who need yard work done. I had them start early before it got too hot. It’s worth thinking about adding to your list of abilities if you’re willing.

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  3. Teresa Henry

    I would love one of the books for a teenage girl I am working with!
    And if there are any coin purses left I will take which ever one you want to choose for my daughter as a present.
    We live in the state of WA so it will have to be shipped and I will gladly pay for shipping. Send me a total and I will send you the money. When my money arrives you can send the items!
    Two of my kids homeschool. I am excited for you! Camp will be amazing. My oldest daughter went to camp many times and she had so much fun and her relationship with God became so much more personal. I will be praying for abundance of provision for you!!

  4. Emily M.

    I would love to buy one of the Expecting books, Livi! Camp sounds fabulous and I’d love to help you to go. I live in town so I can pick up the book and maybe talk to you and your mom about babysitting possibilities.

          1. Emily M.

            I’m getting ready to leave – will you be home around 1pm today? Can you let me know by text 614-314-8435? If not, we can set up another time this weekend!

  5. Krysten

    Wow! What a fantastic idea, young lady! I would absolutely love some washer necklaces and I will take any/all that you still might have left. I just know you will really enjoy going to camp this year, because of all the hard work you’re doing to get there!

  6. Stephanie

    Just wanted to let you know what a great girl you are, and I hope you get the money to pay for camp! 🙂

  7. Aly

    I worked at Mission Meadows the past 3 summers – it is a great place! I’m interested in buying the last scarf if it is still available. Good luck raising money!

  8. Chris

    With your moms permission check out a website called terracycle you get money for garbage like capri sun pouches,yogurt containers old cellphones even dried up school supplies. The company pays the shipping. I’m sure if you decide on some items to collect lots of facebook people will help.

  9. Krista

    I have anxiously been awaiting the day I can hire a Taviano girl (aka “the big girls”, as Micah calls you and Ava, since you are bigger than her…pretty much everyone is bigger than her!)
    I would love to use you as a mothers helper!!! Soon!!!

  10. Molly Perdue

    You don’t know me but I live around the corner from your grandparents (the Yoder’s). Your mom used to come to our youth group sometimes with Tammy Riggle. My daughter would like to have any scarf that you have left and one of the small coin purses, it doesn’t matter which one. Also, I will give your grandma a check for $15 to help with your camp expenses. I would love to meet you sometime ( and see your mom again) when you visit your grandparents. I love the way you are working to reach your goal 🙂

      1. Molly Perdue

        I was going to mention that she could just leave them at your Grandma’s house. Hannah wanted the id wallet. Thanks!

  11. Deborah

    Hello, Miss Olivia Taviano! 🙂

    I think you have some *great* ideas for working for the summer. I will pray that God will provide for you and will help you think of great ideas that work.

    Perhaps you could help people with weeding gardens or outdoor work? Those were some of the things I did as a kid to earn money. I also learned calligraphy and did certificates for Piedmont Airlines once…that was fun. 😀

    It was good to hear from you on here and I am also looking forward to your fall blog. I don’t blog often, but I enjoy having the option! 🙂

    Happy Earnings to you and Happy Summertime! Tell your Mom to stop in and let youall get some books to read in my Library sometime when you head over towards West Milton! 🙂


      1. Deborah

        You are most welcome…and that is fabulous news!! 🙂 I shall look forward to it with great anticipation and chat with you further then, Lord willing! <3

  12. Teresa Thornes

    I wish I lived closer….I could use a mother’s helper. IF you are at your grandma’s house (Taviano) and want to come play with my 4 year old I would be interested. Lucy loves to play with “big girls”. Grandma has my phone number, so if you are there just give me a call.

    If you decide to do the Thirty-one idea suggested, let me know! I will be praying for God to open windows and supply all you need and then some. Keep us posted.

      1. Teresa Thornes

        I can’t stop thinking about you and camp…I am going to really be praying to seek how I am supposed to help you. I truly want to follow God’s plan for this. He has put this heavy on my heart for a reason. Can you ask your mom to send me your address?

        I will keep in contact with you!

  13. Rachel Degeo

    Hi Livi! I am so excited for you to get to have fun at camp this summer! I am a teacher and will be done with school on June 15th. If you are still in town at the end of June I would love to hire you as a mother’s helper. We could meet at a park here in Columbus if you would be willing to follow my 3-year-old around on the playground for a while. If you, or your Mom, can let me know what dates you may still be in town we can work out some details. Hope it can help you!

  14. Lesley

    Would you be willing to be a pen pal (thru email) with my son this summer. I want him to work on writing and keyboarding skills. He is 7 and just finished 1st grade. Would love to help you get to camp.

  15. Courtney

    I will need you to babysit for the rest of the summer, sans the weeks your family is at camp. The kids love to swim, hope you can handle them. PS. can you cook?
    Much thanks 😛

    ps. just kidding about the babysitting thing…but seriously, ask your mom when we’re getting together!!!!
    pss. Camp was the best times of my life!!!

  16. Lonnye

    Hi Livi! I think you have some great ideas about raising money for camp. You’re a great writer!

    I’d like one of the scarves–whatever you have left and think is pretty–and a washer necklace with pink on it and the orange and blue washer necklace.

    Looking forward to reading about camp!
    Lonnye from Alabama

  17. Rhonda

    Livi, I would like the first blue scarf in the top box and/or the plaid scarf in the second box if they are still available. Please pick me 6 of your lovely necklaces too. Let me know about the scarves and I’ll send you a check. I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you enjoy camp. My daughter will be working at a different missions camp this summer.

        1. Rhonda

          My daughter had to earn the money for her 8th grade trip to Washington DC so we had a Parents’ Night Out. It was lots of fun and she made a lot of money.

  18. Sarah Murphy

    Hi Olivia! I loved your post and ambition to earn your way to camp! What a great goal for the next few months! I actually met your mom (and dad) at Scioto Hills when I was a camper and your mom was my counselor two summers in a row. I actually got to go to their wedding too! 😀 I also met my husband at Scioto Hills like your parents! Camp was where I made friends that I still keep in touch with almost twenty years later!!! I hope you are able to reach your goal! I have a suggestion but only if you want or need to do it! I see Thirty One (see http://www.mythirtyonegifts.com/56401) Instead of having a party why not have a book party/online party. I do fundraisers where instead of all the free stuff I actually give you what I would earn! If you would like to do that I can set it up online and you can send out invites to all your friends/parents friends/relatives etc! When I was younger I would make friendship bracelets and sell them too! If you can find buckeyes you can make buckeye necklaces and sell them as well!!! EVERYONE NEEDS a buckeye necklace!!!! Lol! Good luck Olivia!

  19. Liza Tucker


    I would love to help you for your trip! I would like to buy one of your mom’s “Expecting” books. I will have to get back with you for the address to send it to because it is for my sister who lives right there in Columbus. 🙂

    I hope you have a blast at camp! I have such good memories of camp when I was younger. I can’t wait until my kiddos are older to be able to enjoy the opportunity!

    Good luck in gaining funds!

  20. Jessica

    I could probably use a Mother’s helper this summer. It looks like we’re going to be moving soon and I need some help with my toddler while I get the house packed. What dates are you free, and what would you charge?

  21. Gabrielle

    I would love to help you. I would like the black scarf with the purple stripe and the brown & black swirl geometric purse.

      1. Gabrielle

        Guess I took to0 long deciding! 🙂
        How about scarf picture 2, far right (blue), the purse and also picture 1, peach (?).

  22. Nancy

    Hi Livi! Your family always has the best ideas!! When my daughter was around 11, she and her two friends (twins) held a day camp at our house for the little kids in the neighborhood. First they had a lemonade stand to make money to buy the supplies they’d need for the camp (snacks, craft supplies, etc). Then they decided on one week to hold the camp and they handed out invitations to the parents in the neighborhood. I think they charged like $10 per child for all 5 days…or was it 3? (I think each session was about 3 hours…9:00 – noon). They’d have a theme for each day…”bring your favorite stuffed animal”…”dress like your parents”…”water fun” (last day) and they’d have snacks, a craft, games and stories for each theme. My daughter is now 25 and we moved from that neighborhood 13 years ago, but the parents there still talk about it. The kids (and my daughter & her friends) had so much fun and the moms got a few hours to themselves!

  23. Cathy

    Hi Livi…I think it’s great that you are working hard toward your goal. I would like the black fair trade scarf.

  24. jolie

    Hey Livi! I would love to help you get to camp. I will give you some money at church on Sunday 🙂 And I thought of something else you could do: What if you had a bake sale at church (if that’s allowed?) and let people know what it’s for!

  25. Kim Watson

    Hi Olivia,

    What a great thing you are doing! I’d love to purchase a scarf and a geometric purse from you. Can’t wait to follow your blog this coming year.


      1. Kim watson

        The pink purse and the pink scarf on row #2. Let me know which day you’re coming. I’ll make sure I have the money for you.

  26. ellen

    nice job Livi — you are a really good writer — I am going to enjoy reading your posts — I have a suggestion for raising money — help someone else who is raising money – the bible says we reap what we sow — it doesn’t need to be much — you have such a big heart for God I’m sure He will help you get to camp

  27. Britt

    I’m excited for friends to visit! And for seeing what God will do at this awesome place this summer in the lives of youth campers and even those crazy adults!!

  28. Britt

    Way to go Livi!!! I can’t wait to have you at camp (especially when no parents are around because that’s way more fun!)
    My question is, what are you most looking forward to about being at Mission Meadows??

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