camp nina! (day 1)

Big sisters are at Camp Mission Meadows all week (we spent Saturday/Sunday there with friends and came home without Livi and Ava), so this week is CAMP NINA! She has a Big List of Fun Things she wants to do, and we’re trying to squeeze in as many as we can.

And bonus: she’s paying!!

Yesterday was Zoo Day!! And a fun, fun time was had by all!!
DSC_8749 DSC_8725 DSC_8541 DSC_8514 DSC_8462 DSC_8447 DSC_8411 DSC_8399

2 thoughts on “camp nina! (day 1)

  1. Rachelle

    Columbus Zoo! One of our very favorite of all times! So glad you’re spending some special time w Nina, seems as though the youngers sometimes get less one on one with mama & daddy.

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