monkey town read-along (week 7)

Oh for cryin’. It’s TUESDAY?? I had no idea. That’s what I get for blogging so much last week. Lost all track of time.

So, yeah. I’ve got nothin’ this week. I could possibly look over the chapters today and come up with some brilliant questions.

Or you could just enlighten me with your knowledge and insights. Yeah, let’s go that route.

Hit me with your best shot. And I’ll do better next week. It’s our last discussion!

Homework: Finish the book.

10 thoughts on “monkey town read-along (week 7)

  1. Liz

    Okay, lots of new stuff in here for me, and lots of questions!

    Judgment Day houses, like Halloween haunted houses – I’ve never heard of these (not a shock, I know!) So, did any of you grow up with these or plays or skits like these? Participate in them now? Is this a usual thing? How was your experience of them?

    Do you think we are “made for heaven” as some suggest, and only biding time on earth until we get to our true home?

    What do you think about Chapter 16, about gay Christians and lifestyle sins? Did this chapter confirm what you thought or challenge it or not affect you at all?

    I come from a religious culture where women are not allowed to preach or lead but not from one in which we did sword drills. What has your experience been, and what do you believe about women as leaders and the Bible as armor?

    1. Marla Taviano

      Those are SUCH good questions!!!

      1. I’ve never been to a judgment day house. UGH.
      2. I used to think that. Now I’m all about, “your kingdom come, your will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven.”
      3. I’ll have to look back through the chapter.
      4. My views on women leading have changed MUCH. And I believe in the Bible as armor against the ENEMY, not against fellow human beings.

    2. Brooke

      1) I have participated in “Judgment House” at church – basically a softer (if these things can be soft) take on them. the teenage kids die and a couple go to hell and a couple go to heaven. we always tried to emphasize the heaven part. this was all before i knew and loved an unbeliever. the year he help build and take down the set w/o being affected, i begin to question what i was doing there.

      2) I love the “this is not our home” idea, but mostly because I think this world sucks as is. (certainly not rooted deep in theology)

      3) see #1 about knowing a loving an unbeliever. I’ve used my marriage as arguement for better treatment of gay people. I was married by a paster who knew my husband wasn’t a Christian, knew our marriage wasn’t rooted in Biblical principles. I dare say neither him, nor anyone from his church would do the same for a gay couple. Does that mean he should? Not at all what I’m saying. Just that I don’t have my “answer prepared” as that church suggested for when my gay friend invites me to her wedding – given that I’m in no position to cast stones, and she certainly didn’t cast any at me when I got married.

      4) I come from a tradition where women are allowed to work nursery, sing in the choir, and bake pies. since none of those appeal to me, I tend to lean toward an egalitarian viewpoint of marriage and a less conservative interpretation of Paul’s letters HOWEVER I do struggle with whether that’s the Holy Spirit’s guidance, or me just reading into it what I prefer.

      1. Marla Taviano

        I like these answers. I definitely love the “this is not our home” idea too, just not when people use it as an excuse to wreck the planet or not help poor people.

    3. Rachelle

      1. I have heard of Judgement Houses but never participated. I’m not sure where I learned about them because it’s not something I ever hear of in my area?

      2. While this earth is not our home, we have MUCH work to do on earth! This life is where we get to demonstrate God’s faithfulness to humankind.

      3. I liked how Rachel discussed man’s view of sinfulness vs. God’s view. I puzzle at how we get so hung up on some sins while totally embracing other sins (as a body of Christ).

      4. I’m from a church culture that neither blatantly refuses or embraces women leaders. With many leadership roles in my church being women. I’ve been taught by women as an adult and it has been an awesome experience. Ugh, I recently had a person say to me, “I’m a Bible expert”, in reference to them using the Bible to sell me a pyramid product and my arguing the point. I’ll tell you what I told him, “Be careful”. I think we have to be careful how we “use” the Bible, armor against the enemy, yes!

  2. Brooke

    I’m not doing well keeping up with my readings. I’m in the middle of too many books right now, and I’m not getting anything read.

    I did quickly read the “evangalist” chapter and the “oxymoron” chapter this morning. am i even in the right section?

      1. Brooke

        awesome. i’ve read approximately 4 pages of today’s material. while i do have words upon words about it, i think i’ll let someone else lead off today’s convo.

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