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Part of me feels like I should apologize for all the “selling” I’ve been doing on my blog lately. Buy some photo cards! And Scrabble magnets! And valentines! And books! But the other part of me doesn’t feel a lick sorry, because we reeeeeeeally want to go to Cambodia.

And you can always ignore me if you want, right?

So I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning with my Bible, journal, and a steaming cup of coffee with chai latte creamer (do you know about chai latte creamer?!) when Gabe sat down across from me with some chocolate chip cookies and milk.

“Fifty-four books,” I told him. “I sold 54 books yesterday to raise money for Cambodia. Isn’t that exciting?!”

He put his cookie down, and the look on his face told me he was about to mock me. “Don’t buy your bread from the grocery store!” he said in his best sing-song-y voice. “Buy it from US! And help us go to Cam-booooo-di-a!”

He thinks he is SO funny.

He’s right.

Ignore him though. He’s totally lying about the bread.

And shhhhhh… don’t tell Gabe, but I have another “buying opportunity” for you today. But this is not for Cambodia. Or for us. It’s for Uganda. And for my cousin Jen. (I blogged all about her here, so I won’t repeat myself, but bottom line, we used to not like each other and then? The internet. And now we’re fast friends.)

Jen and her husband Devin are going on a mission trip to Uganda next month, and she’s selling these to raise money:

You can read the whole story on her blog, but basically, she buys these beads from women in Africa and then makes the crosses and sells them so she can GO to Africa. And she also gives 50% of the profits back to the ministry in Africa. Isn’t that AWESOME??

And this cross is even more beautiful in real life than it is in the picture.

I used some of my Christmas money to buy this little beauty for $20 (and sent my pretty blue one to Cambodia for a special woman I desperately hope to meet someday–Panha’s mom).

Here’s the deal: Jen only has time (and supplies) to make TEN of these crosses before she goes to Uganda, so if you want one, ORDER IT RIGHT THIS MINUTE. (and she only has the 3.5-inch ones like mine, not the 7-inch ones) And if you’d like to just make a little donation to their trip, I don’t think she’d turn you down.

And that’s it. Thanks for your sweet encouragement and support. And hey, if you’re interested in buying loaves of bread here on the blog, we can get an online petition going. That’ll show Gabe.

2 thoughts on “we're all in this together

  1. Cheryl Pickett

    LOL, even though Gabe helped an internet buddy win a truck accessory last month at my request, I still need to say this-Husbands are just soooo helpful aren’t they :-).

    Maybe not bread but I’m sure there will be lots of other cool stuff to come :-).

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