she has a name

Meet my new favorite t-shirt. Of all time.

The Top 5 Reasons (in no particular order):

1. I know the fashion police would say otherwise, but I think this is the perfect color for a t-shirt. I don’t know what it’s called. Dark gray? Soft black? But it hides both sweat and stomach rolls, and I am ALL about that.

2. It has WORDS on it. In all-lowercase blue letters. Sigh.

3. It’s long, stretchy, and soft. Three-way PERFECTION.

4. $15 is a STEAL for something this cool (especially in light of #5).

5. And the most important reason: the proceeds go to fight human trafficking.

The story behind “she has a name”: There was a john (male paying for sex), a pimp, and a prostitute. The john asked the pimp what the girl’s name was. The pimp said, “She doesn’t have a name. She’s whoever you want her to be.”

Break my heart.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of the most important things God has called me to do is to communicate to his precious children (particularly women and children who are poor and/or oppressed) that they are beautiful and valuable and loved beyond measure.

I can’t remember how I found out about the t-shirt, but a few days ago I stumbled across the site (facebook maybe?) and knew I had to have it. One of the organizations they’re partnering with, As Our Own, is one my friend Amanda in TX has talked about, so I was surprised to click on the order form and find out that local pick-up was at a church 10 minutes from my house!

The proceeds from the shirts are not only supporting As Our Own (in India) but GraceHaven, which is fighting human trafficking right here in central Ohio. I know several of the folks personally who run this amazing ministry, and I’m so thankful for them.

You know this happens right in our backyards, right? No matter what city/state you live in.

I’d love for us to have matching t-shirts. Make sure you let me know if you get one.

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  4. colleen

    I know that this has nothing to do with the focus of this particular blog post, but you look sooo pretty…love your hair, love your eyes…you just look so darn cute!

  5. Derek

    Marla, Thanks for buying some t-shirts and for blogging about the “She Has A Name” campaign. We’re so honored that you took the time to do this.

  6. Sharon

    Marla, I love, Love, LOVE that you use your blog to make us aware of such important things and how we can help. Thank you!!! My Mom gave me some birthday money in February and said to spend it on myself. I don’t really *need* anything and have been wondering what to buy with it as I want to be respectful and be able to tell my mom that I did follow her instructions and bought such and such for me. Well, think I will purchase this shirt, which will be a gift for me, but it also will help others! What a perfect gift!

  7. cheryl

    I have been wanting to order a t-shirt for a while now and keep putting it off , just because of the business of life…no excuse, it s a wonderful Organization and a great cause. I will do it today.

  8. ellen

    Love the shirt — will definately look into it and the ministries connected. There is certainly a pull on my life to look into this area for ministry – would love to see Sanctuary get involved in some manner.

  9. Lindsee

    Marla, I love the shirt. Donna Stuart, who is a worship leader here in Texas, has a song called “Part of the Solution” and the very first line says, “She has a name…” then it goes on to say that she’s someone’s daughter and that she was made in the image of our father. I respect Donna so much and what she’s doing so I immediately thought this had to do with that. It doesn’t, but I still love it! This has been so heavy on my heart the past few months. Still praying about how to get involved, but for now, I will go get that shirt.

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