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If you didn’t read yesterday’s post about Shaun Groves’ new CD, have at it. And here are the links again to listen to it and purchase it. I interrupted Shaun before he could even answer my second (of three questions), so we’ll dive right in.

Me: If the five of you could take a family mission trip, where would you go and what would you do there?

Shaun: Probably El Salvador. It’s safe for children. No shots required. Hotels with clean water are readily available. And there is tremendous disparity. Very wealthy areas next to deeply impoverished areas. So the difference between have and have not is always in front of you, the injustice rubs your heart. The disparity is so vivid that even a child can pick up on it and be bothered by it.

El Salvador is also the first country I went to with Compassion international way back in 2005. Our first sponsored child lives there. She’s sponsored by our oldest daughter, now ten. The two girls have become great friends through their letters so I think they’d have a great time together. We plan on taking the family to El Salvador when Yanci, our sponsored child there, turns fifteen. Her father asked me to come for the family celebration because, he said, I’m her father too. Amazing to be so a part of someone else’s life because of sponsorship – and for them to be so a part of ours.

I loved his answer, but here’s where it gets crazy. Shaun e-mailed me his answers while he was on the road (someone else was driving), and some drama was unfolding in his family’s life while he typed. It directly related to my third question, so he kind of just filled me in. But the next day, I saw on his blog and twitter that he said he couldn’t share what was going on, so I asked him if he wanted me to leave out that particular question.

He said yes please, because things were getting more complicated by the hour.

Are you confused yet?? It’ll all make sense here in a bit. He offered to answer a new question, so I gave him one.

Me: We’ve gotten into a good discussion about mission trips on my blog lately. The question I’m wrestling with most is, “Are short-term mission trips worth the airfare?” I’m sure you’ve had (nice and not-so-nice) people question all the traveling you (and others) do overseas. What do you say to people who ask why you don’t just give that money directly to the poor?

He answered the question and good, but earlier tonight, I saw that he had updated his blog and shared the info he’d said to keep hush hush. And hoo boy, it’s exciting. Here’s my original Question #3 (since he’s shared all this info publicly now on his blog):

Me: I loved your post Five Plus Yes. Without compromising your family’s privacy, what can you tell us about your adoption progress?

Shaun: Funny you should ask. At the moment I’m in a car driving across Ohio. Well, my road manager Ben is driving while I type to you. About an hour ago my wife called to say that there is a child in need of immediate placement. We were planning on adopting siblings from Ethiopia and that process should take us another six months to a year. But now this phone call. A child from another country needs us. Would we consider it? We have until the morning to decide. To decide if we’re interested. Of course we are! But adoption is a strange animal – things change rapidly. As quickly as this opportunity presented itself it could be taken away and given to another family. So we hold it loosely for now, praying that this child receive the best God has to offer. And that simply may not be us. So maybe we’ll enlarge our family by one in the next few days. Or maybe by a sibling set in six months to a year. Only God knows.

Check out his latest post for some more exciting details. God don’t mess around, that’s for sure! And then I reeeeally encourage you to buy the CD for ten bucks as a way to support his family’s adoption.

Thanks, friends!

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  2. Cathy

    I know I’m a little late to the show, but seriosly? Are you going to leave us hanging on the really good response to the new third question? Can you at least e-mail me the answer? 🙂

  3. Rachelle

    I loved this whole interview! My favorite quote from Shaun, “praying that this child receive the best God has to offer”.

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  5. Elizabeth

    God works in such awesome, mysterious ways, and I’ve never had a better reason to buy an album. I’m praying for the Groves family and their new son, and for compassion and patience to be abundant in their home!

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