twelve stinkin' awesome years

12:07 a.m. January 3, 2010

Wife has just returned from hugging the toilet bowl. She settles into bed for a 10-minute respite before her bed-mate, a feverish 3-year-old girl, needs the blue plastic bowl once again.

She glances at the alarm clock on the dresser. It’s after midnight.

“Gabe?” she calls weakly to her husband trying to sleep next door in the 3-year-old’s bed.


“Happy Anniversary.”

“You too. I love you.”

“Love you.”

The past 12 years have produced some of the most beautiful (and some of the most awful) moments of my life. And I wouldn’t change a single minute.

I love my husband. I’m the luckiest girl alive.

p.s. Those pics were taken a year ago. Let’s just pretend we’re feeling that robust right now.

24 thoughts on “twelve stinkin' awesome years

  1. Kaye

    Happy Anniversary! Hope all of your family is feeling much better and ready to kick around in the snow all over again:)
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  2. erin

    can i say i love those pictures. you are totally in my prayers. do you need some hot and sour soup from jerry’s house of hunan in marysville? it’s our fav. when we are sick. let me know!!

    ps. ali is right, i looked again at the last picture. H-o-t- hot!

  3. Tarah

    This morning, I was reading your pukey posts…..kind of going “Ewww, that’s really horrible”. As I was sitting there trying not to picture anything, I heard the unmistakeable sound of someone gagging/gurgling/vomiting. For a second, I thought it had to be my empathetic imagination. Then I ran frantically to see where it was coming from. Sure enough, my dog had puked on the hallway rug.

    I just thought how strange that she’d pick that moment…..just as I was reading your miserable post. I must say I was relieved it was just the dog! I sure hope you are all doing better now!

  4. Kaidy&Kroix's Mom

    Aww Congrats Marla!! Your post’s make me realize I’m not crazy, when begins to make me feel like I am. HAPPY,HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I miss you guys across the street. I hope your anniversary present is that everyone is well!! Thanks for your uplifting blogs ! I love them;))

  5. Tiffani

    Those pics are adorable and how in the heck did you do that?? Photoshop??!!

    Happy Anniversary! I love love love it when our anniversary comes around…something so special about that day that is unlike any other…

    ps–read over at Gretch’s that you signed up for Daniel! Can I TELL you how excited I am that you’ll be there with me??!!

  6. Colleen

    ohhhhhhhhhh you poor thing…I’m not hugging the toilet, but sitting on it…either way…it’s just not fun! hang in there my friend and happy anniversary!!! LOVE YOU TO BITS!!!

  7. Gail

    I love the pics as much now as a year ago. Happy anniversary to you two! Now get well so you can celebrate the today, tomorrow, every day of your union.

  8. Chris Yoder

    Bless your hearts! Between Gabe’s “In sickness” picture of your hands and then this, I think I’m gonna cry! I love you guys so much and I’m praying that before long you’ll be feeling just like those pictures above!:) Happy 12th anniversary!:)

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