oops! i did it again!

Gabe and I had a little laugh tonight. Or maybe I was the only one laughing. I can’t remember.

So, I’m reading a friend’s latest blog post. (I’m going to try my best not to give away her identity, but to appreciate the story fully, I’ll have to disclose a few details.) This particular friend has a blog on Xanga, where Gabe and I used to live blog. I still check Xanga pretty much every day/every other day to see what my Xangals are up to. So, tonight I signed in and saw that several of my friends had new posts.

I clicked on a certain lovely friend’s Mother’s Day post and read a delightful account of the cards and gifts her sweet children had made for her, including a picture her preschool son had drawn of his mama dancing. I was all ready to make a general (and innocent) comment on the post when I noticed a comment another friend had written–“I love that you dance naked. According to the picture, that is.”

I looked back at the picture the Little Guy had drawn of his mama. Maybe he’d dressed her in flesh-colored clothing, or maybe she really was naked. Hmmm…

I couldn’t help but wonder since I know this certain secret about this certain friend. You know what. I’m just going to tell that story too. Hold on a second. I know I blogged about it before. I’ll just search for it using the words “flashed” and “window.”

Yep, there it is. January 31, 2009.

I’m reminded of a story my dear friend K told me right after she’d read Is That All He Thinks About? She was in the kitchen making dinner, and her hubby (a pastor) was in the backyard. She went up to their big picture window, caught his eye, and in her very pregnant state, pulled up her shirt and flashed him a little full-frontal nudity. She expected googly eyes, a grin, a wink. Instead, she got a horrified look and hubby furiously shaking his head “no!” She pulled her shirt down, tears pooling in her eyes, and thought, “Am I so huge and disgusting that he can’t bear the sight of me?” She was crushed. Two seconds later, her hands still holding on to her shirt, a young couple from their church popped in front of the window and waved.

Oh, I love that story every single time I read it!

Okay, so back to my friend’s Mother’s Day post. And now you know her name starts with K. Oops. So, a witty comment pops into my head, and away I type:

I happen to know that you DO dance naked sometimes. Or at least flash your neighbors through your picture window. Love you. Love your kiddos. And you ARE beautiful.

I press submit without a second thought, and my comment pops up on my screen under her post. Then what to my horrified eyes doth appear? MY HUSBAND’S AVATAR! Oh, yes. I had inadvertently logged in as my husband (because minutes before I had checked our bank statement which is under his name, so I was used to typing it).

I re-read my comment as if my husband had written it, and wow. The naked and the flashing and the I love you and the beautiful. Of all the comments that I leave all over Blog Land, that’s the last one I want my husband’s name and face attached to. I logged out as him and logged in as me, cracking up all the while. I left a comment as me clarifying that the other comment was actually me too, but then I couldn’t leave it, because how awful! So I deleted it and then re-wrote it as me.

Anyway. I have to laugh because I was just poking fun at another friend this week who wrote on another friend’s facebook wall, “You’re awesome and I LOVE YOU!” and then realized her husband was still signed in.

And I just realized something funny. My Flasher Friend? And the two Facebook Friends? All have the same name. Is that wild or what?

Speaking of wild and sexy and flashing, I’m guest posting today and tomorrow over at the Adding Zest to Your Nest Blog. You should probably pop on over. It’s a great resource for married gals who want to honor God with their marriages and have some fun in the process.

Happy May 11th, Everyone!

14 thoughts on “oops! i did it again!

  1. Christy

    Glad I’m not the only one who has trouble with the logging-in thing. Brian and I have both posted on each other’s FB accounts – and made ourselves look silly. So thankful for the *Delete* button.

  2. jennikim

    too funny! i read that entry and got a good laugh yesterday, hearing the second part of the story makes it even funnier!

    read your guest post already this morning! fun to see your face and words over there! 🙂

  3. Elizabeth

    I love that story! I have a friend who never bothered to get her own account, so all of her blog comments look like they’re from her husband. She has to be very, very careful, and she always signs her name!

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