bratty wife revisited

Last year at this time I was wrapping up a day of being awful to my husband (not unsimilar to last week at about this time). Old habits die hard, eh?

This year Nina and I opted out of the loud noises and massive, unruly crowds, and Gabe took two cute dates to Red, White and Boom (which is where Gabe took this pic that made it into Pioneer Woman’s Photos of America line-up).

The Terrific Trio isn’t home yet, but I can tell you from Nina’s and my perspective that this arrangement worked out much better.

Here’s last year’s fiasco:

Tale of a Bratty Wife, Part 1

Tale of a Bratty Wife, Part 2

Tale of a Bratty Wife, Video Finale

Maybe 2011 will be Year of the Angel. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Happy Freedom Weekend!

p.s. We have 100% of our Cambodia support!! Praise the Lord!!

6 thoughts on “bratty wife revisited

  1. Kristen

    SO SO SO excited that all of your support came through! Can’t wait to hear what God does in your lives and other’s through this trip!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kaye

    Happy 4th of July to you and your family:)
    Will I hear from you or the sweet purchaser of the tile? I will engrave and ship as soon as I know what they want!
    Take GOOD care and please know I am praying you feel much better REAL soon.
    Hooray for the trip being totally funded:)
    Matthew 21:22

  3. jess

    i tototally forgot about the bratty wife series. wow. i can’t belive that was a whole year ago. have you had any contact with the guys since then?

    and…YEAH FOR 100% SUPPORT!! That’s AWESOME!! 🙂 This might be a dumb question that you’ve already addressed—but I don’t remember–will the girls be going with you, too?

  4. jaime

    while I planned to hit the hay early tonight, I have enjoyed the last 30 minutes in brattyville. (which IMO wasn’t bratty at all!)

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