ya can’t force funny

At least that’s what Terri says, and I think she might be right. That statement (Terri might be right) is actually pretty funny in and of itself. Maybe there’s hope for a comeback yet. I’m giving myself until Monday to be funny again. After that, it’s over.

I had so much fun with Jenny and Jodie today. Jodie was so surprised when I met her at the door! She only screamed a little, and Jenny (who went to Rio Grande) said it didn’t really count as a Cedarville scream. Turns out Jodie only lives 5 minutes farther (further?) away from me than Jenny does. For some reason, I thought her hick-stick town (no offense, Jodes!) was a lot further (farther?) away.

So, our little neighbor boy (the one from Russia) turned three today and got his hair cut for the first time. He had mounds of curls, and they were super long. Put that with his huge eyes and long lashes, and lots of people mistook him for a girl. No more. Wow–he’s stunningly, boyishly cute.

So, I’m talking to Olga (his mom) and telling her about Beki getting 10 inches of Lily’s hair cut off for Locks of Love (I had just read Beki’s blog before I went outside.). Two (2!) minutes later, my cell phone rings. “Hello! This is your long-lost friend…” It’s Beki! What in the name?! What a darling surprise in the middle of my day! I was fall-over tired, and she perked me right up. Thanks, Bek!

Jodie and Jenny reminded me of Gail and Beki today. Two sisters who love each other to bits but go back and forth and don’t see everything eye to eye. It made me laugh. I love my sisters to death, but there’s just not that same dynamic you get when there are two girls in your family and no other siblings. I love it.

My mom and dad came to Ava’s soccer game tonight. Mom happened to look at the schedule and realized it was the only time they could see her play. So we skipped Fully Engaged (I don’t teach Cubbies anymore, Terri. And tonight was the last night anyway.). Then we took a walk through the woods to the park and then through the woods some more. We saw several deer. It was a beautiful evening.

I’m loving all these new babies. Keep posting the pics, girls! They’re great! And my little sis had her first prenatal appt yesterday and heard her baby’s heartbeat. Praise the Lord! She finally believes she’s pregnant. 🙂

Tomorrow’s the last day of Bible study for the quarter, and then Friday, I’m staying home! I’ve been gone every day this week, and it’s really wearing me out. I thought April was my busy month, but now May’s filling up faster than I can say “Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Praise the Lord!”  Four speaking engagements in 10 days, two birthday parties, a couple get-togethers, some soccer games. When will I find time to be funny? See how rough I have it?

So, does anybody know the real scoop on these checks the government is sending us? I was under the impression that they were just an advance on next year’s return. No? And I thought we were getting $600. But it’s lots more than that? I know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so what’s the catch?

I think I might resume my running (jogging) regimen in the morning. It’s getting way too easy to just lounge in bed an extra hour or so .

Gabe posted a few new pics on Flickr if you want to check them out. Have a thankful Thursday!

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  1. MlleBaroque

    Oh and…

    A: You won’t get a stimulus payment in 2008, if any of the following apply to you:

    You don’t file a 2007 tax return.
    Your net income tax liability is zero and your qualifying income is less than $3,000. To determine your qualifying income, add together your wages, net self-employment income, nontaxable combat pay, Social Security benefits, certain Railroad Retirement benefits and certain veterans’ payments.
    You can be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return (whether or not you actually are claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return). For example, this would include a child or student who can be claimed on a parent’s return. [Updated 4/15/08]
    You do not have a valid Social Security Number.
    You are a nonresident alien.
    You file Form 1040NR or Form 1040NR-EZ, Form 1040PR or Form 1040SS for 2007.


    According to the IRS, you will not owe taxes on your rebate when you file your 2008 income tax return. However, you should keep a copy of the IRS letter you receive later this year listing the amount of your payment. In the event you do not qualify for the full amount this year but you do next year, you will need to have the letter as a record of the amount you previously received.”

    “In addition, your tax rebate will not reduce your refund or increase the amount you owe when you file your 2008 tax return.”

  2. MlleBaroque

    Yep, it’s a rebate, not an advance so nothing to worry about.  Just make sure to spend it on something fun, cuz the government isn’t giving it to you so you can save it. So it’ll be the only money you don’t have to feel guilty about spending…just remind yourself that you’re helping boost the economy!  Pretty much everyone (who doesn’t make a ton of money) is getting a check…just not yet if you had to file an extension.

  3. terriwright

    I am ALWAYS Wright!!!!!!!

    So….if you’re not funny by Monday, what? You commit harikari?Dumdum.

    You NEED to stay home a little. How can you appreciate going somewhere if you’re never home to leave (Let that sink in…….a little longer……….NOW!  )?

    Free money….from the government. The ultimate oxymoron. Life is good.

  4. FlyingCAB

    The tax rebate is just that – a rebate, not an advance.  I am not sure about the above statement, you only don’t get a rebate if you haven’t paid owed taxes.  If you had to pay taxes but did so by the deadline or filed an extention, you will still get the rebate (according to my accountant aunt).  People who used the direct deposit option for their original 2007 tax refund (assuming you got one) will get the rebate first. They are distributing the direct desposit ones based on the last two digits of your soc (more details here: http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/incometaxandtheirs/a/rebates2008.htm. And using your 2007 filing info, can figure out approx how much your rebate will be by using this irs.gov calulator: http://www.irs.gov/app/espc/  (married couples should get back 1,200 regardless of whether one or both had jobs in 2007 – but they may get less depending on their total income for that year) 

    Hope that helps! 

  5. gsowell

    @FlaBuckeye – 

    I don’t think that’s right, according to the irs website. Even if you owed taxes, you get one. You don’t get one if you don’t have any income, or if you’re a dependent on someone else’s taxes, but owing taxes (which we did…big time), doesn’t disqualify you.

  6. FlaBuckeye

    Stephanie pretty  much summed up the check thing. The only thing she didn’t mention that not a lot of people know, if you OWED taxes you won’t be getting a check.

  7. Anonymous

    Love, love, love Ava’s goalie pic!  That is SO great!  Go get ’em tiger!  I can’t help but think of James Web!  (Ask Gabe or T…) He wasn’t a goalie, but he was always out to get ’em all right!   Grrrrr….

    And Livi’s painting… hello! That is awesome!  Talented and beautiful.  Wow.  Gotta leash?  Or are you just going to arm yourself with a small arsenol when she’s like 14?  Just askin’.  😉  Always good to be prepared.  You know… prayed up and all that.

    Hope your bug is OVER.  Yuk. 

    Love and peace… 🙂

  8. faithchick

    matt says, “it’s an advance on a special credit (that will be part of your tax return next year). we’re all gaining money-getting it now instead of next year.  So, on your taxes next year, you’ll have the credit show up & you’ll subtract off what you got.  Next year, if it comes out that the govt. paied you too much, you won’t owe.  If it comes out that you didn’t get enough, they’ll pay you more” 

    And then I asked, “so, do we lose money, gain money or break even?” 

    To which he replied, “gain.”


    Also, he needs to know righthisverysecond what kind of camera you have (i asked you this before, but who knows what post the answer is on!)

    good night!

  9. stephaniedawnbasham

    The government checks are starting to arrive around now (the end of April), and go in order of the last two digits of your social security number. So, the lower those two numbers, the earlier you’ll get your money. But that’s only after you’ve filed your taxes. And the amounts are $600 per adult (it might be per working adult – I’m not sure) and $300 per child (over two years old I think). And it’s not an advance on next year’s tax return – it’s an attempt to boost the economy. They’re handing the money out to people with the hopes that we’ll go right back out and spend it, thereby helping the economy and all it’s problems. And that’s all I know. 🙂

    Love you!

  10. kkakwright

    you and gabe will probably get more than $600 and from what i understand it is only an advance on your return next year.  this is only as i understand it. i could be way off. in fact, it is more probable that i am way off. 
    my hand hurts, could i have carpel tunnel?

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