writer's bumps (yes, plural)

Ever had a writer’s bump? A callus on your (probably) middle finger where your pen rests when you write? I’ve had one for years and years. Except mine is on my ring finger (of my left hand, because, well, I’m left-handed) because I hold my pen like a weirdo.

Depending on how much time I’m spending writing by hand vs. typing on my laptop, it gets better, then worse, then the skin rubs off, and yeah. It’s really pretty. And sore.

You might have noticed I haven’t been blogging much. Which means that my writer’s bump has been out of control.

And I even added a second one (at the base of my thumb) for the first time ever (as far as I can remember).

This means I’ve been writing a lot lot lot. This is a good thing but also tiring. And I’ve been vacillating between being oh-so-thankful that God has provided opportunities for me to hustle (work hard on good things, not hustle in a bad way) for my family and being really overwhelmed by it all.

I’m just praying for God’s Spirit to fill me, that I won’t take on more than I can handle, and that I’ll rest in him. (And that my children will stop bickering.)

Speaking of, my husband just shocked the pants off of me by announcing, “The four of us are going disc-golfing. Two hours for you to be alone and do whatever you want.”


I have a mental list. Write this blog post. Finish a blog post I started about some books I read recently. Cut up/freeze bananas for smoothies. Load of laundry. Get 3 packages ready to mail. Make 2 prayer bracelets. Work on an e-book. Make a phone call. Return some e-mails.

I’d better get cracking.

Question for You: Do you have a writer’s bump? Or perhaps a knitter’s bump? A lawn-mower’s bump? A baby bump? 🙂

18 thoughts on “writer's bumps (yes, plural)

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  2. Keri

    Writer’s bump on the ring finger of my right hand. I remember it getting so red and sore when I was in school!! I love that you are writing……that means lots of amazingness for all of us in the Marla fan club!

  3. Beth in the City

    I had a writer’s bump through school, and my daughter has one two. We are both fabulous lefties! 🙂

  4. Rachelle

    I don’t have a writer’s bump but as a lefty I often get ink on the side of my hand because I drag my hand on the paper as I write! Also I was looking for a new journal today. I like to have a top spiral because its hard to write next to binding. The problems of being left -handed!! (-: do you wear watches and bracelets on the left or right wrist! Happy you’re writing!

  5. Kimberly

    The only thing I have like this is in march when I start wearing sandals again. My pinkie toes have to toughen up!

  6. O Mom

    I have driver’s bumps. I drive alot! We live a half hour from my girls school and 2 or more days a week I drive another daughter another hour for swim. My pointers and middle fingers have these weird bumps where I am resting, or I guess gripping, my hands on the steering wheel. I wish I had writers bumps though. Do you normally write when you are writing vs. typing? interesting!
    I’ve missed (you) your blog.

    1. Marla Taviano

      I’ve been journaling a ton, so that’s by hand. And I have a writing project I do by hand first, then type it up. And I edit my e-books by hand, then type up changes. I don’t know that I’ll ever go to all typing. My brain flows differently when I have a pen in my hand. I need both ways.

  7. Sharon

    I used to have a writer’s bump. Back in the day when I journaled all the time and there was no computer for me to type my journals on.

    Time alone is such a rare thing these days, how wonderful that you got some. And the list of things to do during it? Sound just like a list I’d do if I had the house to myself. Though, I think perhaps when we have time to ourselves, we should relax and read versus doing, doing, doing? Easier said than done, I know.

  8. brooke

    God’s got me on a roller coaster right now. Looking back on the past year, its was just setting me up with enough momentum to get over life’s latest BUMP. Crazy how awesome He is like that. Even crazier how I’m still anxious about it all.

    in school i had a writer’s bump, but now its mostly gone. i only hand write 1) messages for my boss 2) letters to my compassion kid & my cousin in jail.

  9. Kathy

    I have a baby bump! Bump #4 actually! Pray for me?! 😉 I love reading your updates on fb and your blog. You’re so real and encouraging. Just wanted you to know that! Enjoy your alone time! I know I sure would! 🙂

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