wow, you shouldn’t have.

So, I woke up this morning to the lovely sound of my two older girls bickering. Life works better if I’m up and at ’em and reading my Bible and drinking caffeine before the little bed-heads awaken. Oh well. So, I’m hollering at them to stop fighting or no trick-or-treat, and I start feeling sorry for myself. Poor me. This is supposed to be my day, and it’s just going to be stinky.

I get over myself, drag my can out of bed, pack Livi’s lunch, and so on. Get on the computer and start getting all kinds of e-mails and xanga comments and people writing on my facebook wall. I know some of you think facebook is a waste of time, but let me encourage you to join for one reason. When it’s your birthday, facebook announces it to the world, and people you knew back in 1994 will send you Happy Birthday messages! It caught me completely off guard, but then I began to enjoy it immensely. If you have a birthday coming up, you might want to look into this.

If you have a second, hop over to Jamie Girl‘s site and wish her a happy birthday! She didn’t advertise hers like I did mine, silly girl, so I’ll do it for her. Happy 31st Birthday, friend!

Jamie and her boys came over Monday around 1:00 and stayed until 8:00. We got Starbucks, took Eden and Erik to a park, left the park because the bathroom was closed for the winter, went to McDonald’s to use the potty, got some fries, back to the park, back home to see Livi and Ava get off the bus. The kids played and watched movies. Jamie and I had a great chat. We got pizza, ate ice cream, then they headed home. Fun times!

Really, seriously, thank you for making my birthday so special. My friend Missy called me from out-of-town. My mom and grandma called me. Joanne sent me a handmade zippy (little bag with a zipper) and e-mailed me a video clip of her singing Happy Birthday. I got Hallmark e-cards. My cousin Kelly wrote a lovely (and funny) blog about me. My husband secretly bought me a Napoleon Dynamite card last night while we were at Target. Jamie got me a Target gift card. Mama sent me money. Gabe helped Ava make me a card.

I just feel so blessed. And loved. And grateful. And fuzzy.

And thanks for all the congrats on the book. I can’t say I feel that big sigh of relief I long for. My McGraw-Hill project is bigger than life and due in a week (and then I have 2 more after that). And I have that seminar on Saturday. (some ideas are coming to me!) I feel like a whiner talking about all that, but I do ask you to pray if you would. Your prayers rock my world.

Happy Last Day of October!

9 thoughts on “wow, you shouldn’t have.

  1. ladymiss3739

    Happy birthday a day late!  How old are you anyway?  25?   

    Maybe Kim is staking out your house so she can go into book writing on her own…you know like doing a biography on you or something.  It’s a possibility. 

  2. Anonymous

    I missed the birthday wish day… so happy belated birthday!  AND congrates on the book!  Yey!  AND best wishes on the next three deadlines!  I believe ‘inspiring’ is appropriate word for you to hear right now!  🙂  God Bless!!

  3. GracefulKiki

    Glad you liked the post.  🙂  I’ve actually been called loquacious before.  My principal called me out at a staff meeting. 🙂  Glad you wished I was Livi’s teacher (man, I feel like I know your kids :)).  I love my job…97.7 percent of the time, at least! 

    And tell your husb thanks for the nice comment, too!  Your family is just inspiring to me!

  4. GracefulKiki

    So hi Marla. Not sure if I’ve ever commented on your blog before.  I’m a friend of Bethany’s…and I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now.  Loooove it.  So much so, I blogged about you tonight on MY blog.  🙂  Thought you might want to know so you can read it. 🙂  Have a lovely night!

  5. jbnygaard

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    My morning started very similar. Me laying in bed, wishing that I could just sleep in on my birthday….but NO….I had two little boys that didn’t sleep a wink last night and wanted to be up by SIX AM!!!!! Not to mention that I had peanut butter and jelly and mac-n-cheese for lunch and will be having pizza for supper. (we are having supper at church tonight.) Does someone think I am 4 years old??? 🙂 Am I being selfish?

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