As in “wiped out, weary, tired”. Not “wiped someone’s bottom.” (in case anyone needed clarification)

I just got off the phone with Bilbo (my agent, not the Hobbit. Bill is his real name, and he’s tall. And wears shoes.) Anyway, there’s still the whole matter of “in-law books don’t sell well,” but Bill is 100% behind me if I want to try again with the book. WOOHOO! If it sounds like a book you want (need) to read, get praying that God will open a door.

I hadn’t talked to Bill in months, and our chat was so encouraging. (they always are) I’m excited about all the future possibilities. I’ll share some of them soon–I promise.

I spoke at the Upper Arlington Lutheran Church MOPS group today. It was great. The women were happy and friendly and laughed a lot. I didn’t know anyone–except the doctor who delivered Ava! How fun to see her again! (She would have delivered Livi too but was on vacation and Livi came three weeks early.)

Okay, so I always take waaaaay more books than I need. I hate the thought of running out, so I take extra. Then I think, “How dumb to take so many and have to lug them home.” Sooooo…today I was six books short and had to mail them this afternoon. To women who live less than 10 miles away. 🙂 Learned my lesson. Here’s my new plan. Take a certain number of books in with me. Leave some in the car. If I don’t run out, no one will ever know I brought more. If I do run out, “Oh, I happen to have a few extra in my car…”

Rushed home, got lunch, walked Ava (and Nina) down to bus stop, cleaned up lunch, cleaned up disastrous house (Gabe has a client here), put Nina down for nap, chatted with Bilbo for an hour. Whew. Like I said, I’m wiped.

But it’s a very, very good kind of wiped. The kind where you feel content and happy. And hungry. I was in such a rush over lunch I barely ate. Now I’m probably going to go snack like crazy. Oh well.

OH! Date night last night! We went to BD’s. We’re so original. Then the Apple Store. (I touched the Mac Book Air.) Then Lifeway (Christian book store). Then Barnes & Noble. Gabe held me at gunpoint and forced me to get something from Starbucks. (seriously. i didn’t want to spend the $ and he threatened me) We had good chats and I skimmed/read lots of cool stuff. Sigh.

And Kimmy and the girls had all sorts of fun. She introduced them to HBO. Or was it HGTV? Can’t remember. She’s such a great friend. Thanks, Kimmy!

I’m undecided about what to do for Lent. Hmmm…

If there’s other news, I can’t remember it. And I’m getting another sinus headache. Ick. Love you guys!

14 thoughts on “wiped

  1. jbnygaard

    The Mac Book Air is now in stores?!?!?!? Did you make sure Gabe didn’t get too close so his saliva wasn’t dripping onto it? 😉

    Okay…I know what BD stands for..but what does ROTFLOL stand for? My guess is “Really on the floor laughing out loud”. Am I right?

  2. terriwright

    I bet you got charged for touching the Mac. Bilbo and wiped WERE the ways I first thought of them….before your corrections……

    Oooooh….Barnes and Noble ….I carry books around forever lusting for them, then have to choose one. So hard…….

  3. gsowell

    My comment went away. That’s weird.

    I said, basically, that I think Bilbo is great for you, I’m jealous you touched the skinny computer, and I think more Starbucks could cure your headache.

  4. faithchick

    ^bd’s = someone’s mongolion grill or something?
    i think i’m going to give up chocolate.  i think i like coke better, so i don’t want to be that sacrificial.  I just had a huge spoonful of chocolate icing to commemorate the occasion. 

    did you see on kim’s site that i had a dream about you & her last night?  it was weird and long…and i’m still not sure why you were loading matt’s mountain bike into our black camero, but whatever.

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