I can’t really think of the last time I tried to bless someone and didn’t get blessed back at least double–and usually more than that! (okay, so sometimes my blessing attempts just bomb, but that’s a horse of a different color)


I can’t remember how it all came down exactly, but Ava’s teacher and I are new friends on Facebook, and I had commented on my status that I had been to my mom and dad’s and purged a bunch of junk. Then Mrs. M. said she needed help purging stuff in her classroom. And I raised my hand high in the proverbial air and said, “Me! Me! Pick me! I love to help people purge and organize!”

So, Tuesday was the last day of school, and on Wednesday morning at 9:00, the girlies and I made ourselves at home in Mrs. M’s classroom. We asked for jobs, she gave them to us, and we had so much fun that we overstayed our welcome and even came back after lunch.

So, the plan was: we would help out a wonderful teacher who has loved on my child (and 24 others) all year long and has done nothing but give and serve and give and serve and give and serve.

And guess what happened instead?

She gave us supplies for the kids in Cambodia.

She gave my girlies, who love playing school more than anything else in the world (except maybe swimming and soccer), all manner of papers and fun school-playing items.

She gave us leftover microwave popcorn and hot chocolate and juice boxes (I did throw away the ones that expired in 2006-2008, because I was afraid my kids would get drunk. Although that might’ve been funny.)

She let the girls pick treasures from her treasure chest.

She bought us gifts! American Girl journals for Livi and Ava and a Fancy Nancy Sticker Book for Nina. And a 16-pack of Crayola Pip-Squeak Skinnies (markers) for each of them.

And a Barnes & Noble gift card and Graeter’s (ice cream) gift card for me!

And donated $ to our Cambodia trip.

And lavished us with praise for hours on end. And bragged about us to every single person who came through her door from the principal to the janitor to fellow teachers to random strangers.

And I got to hear more about her incredible story, like how she adopted her beautiful daughter (now 22) as a 9-month-old from an orphanage in India, then gave birth to a beautiful little boy (now graduating from high school) a few years later.

And she let us borrow AS MANY OF HER AMAZING BOOKS AS WE WANTED!! I emptied our living room bookshelf so all 119 (I’m not even kidding) would fit.

Mrs. M. claims that we saved her a week of work and gave her the nerve to pitch things that have been taking up valuable space forever. She SAYS that WE blessed HER and blah, blah, blah.

And maybe we did.

But it sure feels the other way around to me.

20 thoughts on “win-win

  1. Christy

    What a fun story!

    I didn’t realize you were a purger/organizer . . . I sure could use you at my house! When do you want to come for a visit? LOL!

  2. Gabe Taviano

    Thank God for allowing our girls to get to know Mrs. M so well, and see in her that the best leaders are also generous, loving and humble.

    I’m very proud of them for wanting to help her and returning to school the day after they got out. Thanks for treating them to some time at the pool as a treat – they sure deserved it!

  3. Rebecca

    What a blessing!!! I just love it when God shows up in moments where you are serving others. I agree that it totally ends up feeling the other way around! 🙂

  4. Jen your cousin

    The addiction that you and your sisters have to purging and organizing just plain makes me smile. So does the idea of your girlies getting drunk on juice boxes… actually that one made me laugh out loud (at work!)

  5. Mrs. M

    I’m balling! You and your girlies are such blessings in my life. Truly, I was the one who was blessed the most!

  6. Mrs. M

    I’m balling! You and your girlies are such blessings in my life. Truly, I was the one who was blessed the most!

  7. Mary

    How neat! That was so nice of y’all! I love how God does things like that.

    NOW. If you head on down to Texas, I have some projects for you. I don’t know about juice boxes, but I do have some bottled water, old cheddar cheese popcorn (it just expired in February!!), and a LOT of sticky notes. Tempting much?

  8. gitz

    That is so awesome. And I love that your girls are getting the chance to know how good it feels to be helpful, too. Win-win, indeed.

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