whirly wednesday

I’m not going to make this whirly/whimsy/warbly stuff a habit, I promise. With my penchant for random, it sure is tempting though. Twirly Tuesday, Flitty Friday, Miscellaneous Monday… I just need it today. I felt a little fake writing the happy, smiley Post-in-a-Box I had planned. So… welcome to the jumble in my head.

For starters, yesterday was a tear-streaked day. Some disappointment and discouragement that hit me pretty hard. A frustrating situation that keeps compounding and is really hurting my heart. But my head tells me God is in control and truly wants what’s best for me. Please pray that I’ll trust Him. Praise the Lord for a husband who trusts Him too–and who offered lots of big hugs yesterday, saying things like, “Go ahead and cry. It’s okay to be emotional. You’re a woman.” My girlies were extra-loving too. Bless their hearts.

I do want to mention something that has been bothering me a fair amount lately. I read Lysa TerKeurst’s blog (Proverbs 31 Ministries) yesterday and she wrote about a comment that had really hurt her. It was along the lines of “you’re too big for your britches.” This gal had e-mailed Lysa and hadn’t heard back from her. So she accused her of writing books and speaking at events but not taking a personal interest in people. Poor Lysa said she hated the fact that she had so many e-mails she couldn’t get to, but this week especially, each of her five kids needed her in a big way. And they came first. I can only relate to Lysa on the tiniest of levels, but I can still relate. In my line of work/fun, I meet a lot of people. And as much as I want to, I can’t keep up. I try to respond most of the time–and I want to!–but sometimes messages/comments/e-mails slip through the cracks. And I so get the family thing. They’ve got to come first. But I hate it when I unintentionally “ignore” someone, and she feels unimportant. Soooo… if you’ve asked me something in the past few days (weeks, months) and were feeling kind of bummed/bitter/annoyed that I didn’t respond, please, please try again. E-mail me (click “contact” on the right) a friendly refresher/reminder, and I promise to get back to you. Thanks so much for understanding!

I spoke to some awesome gals at a MOPS group here in town Monday on l-o-v-e and s-e-x (my fave talk to give). They were such a great audience. I asked them for anonymous prayer requests–how can I pray for your marriage?–and promised to lift them up in prayer this week. Some of the requests were heart-wrenching, and God and I are having a big heart-to-heart over them. It’s drawing me closer to Him in the process. If you have a prayer request related to your marriage, I’d be honored to pray for you too. You can even send it anonymously through the contact form. And a big shout-out to the Heritage MOPS gals. If any of you are reading this, you’d better say hi! And if you’re part of a MOPS (or other) group and you’re relatively close to central Ohio, I’d love to come chat with you and your friends about loving on your hubby.

Lisa H., I haven’t heard from you! You won a free book! I’ll give you until Friday to claim it, then I’ll have to give it to somebody else!

Thanks for your thoughts on in-laws. Kudos to those of you who shared that your relationship is great! Gail had a good idea to work on a magazine article on the topic, and there’s a fiction book idea swirling (twirling, whirling) around in my brain as well. We shall see.

A joyful shout-out to Ms. Baby Bangs and her sweet family! They welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world yesterday! Named after her grandma and as pretty as anything. Mama and baby are doing great! Congratulations, Curtis and Amanda!

That’s all for the Whirl. Tomorrow I’m going to ask you a really rude question. Friday is a tribute to a special birthday boy. Saturday is Issue 2 of S.S. And another Word Sabbath on Sunday with pics of my little lovelies and my darling niece, Isabelle Kate!

Wow, Wow, Wednesday, Everyone!

14 thoughts on “whirly wednesday

  1. Cydney

    I can always use some pray for my marriage. I will leave it at that. I just want God to be center in it and everything else, I fully believe, will come together.

  2. Holly V.

    Again…you have awed me by your transparency. Thanks for being willing to share about hard days. I agree with one of the earlier posts that speaks of feeling like you always have to have the happy smile and the “God is good” feeling.

    Yes. God is Good….even on those horrible days. But God gave us a range of emotions…and I assume that he wants us to use them!

    LOVE you and am glad that for the ministry you are having through your writing, blogging, speaking, friending, wifing (is that a word?), and mothering. God has blessed you (and us through you!) BIG TIME!

    Hope your Wednesday is a good one.

  3. Emily

    Marla! I’m from the Heritage MOPS group and I’ve been following your blog since you gave us the link on Monday. 🙂 Thank you for joining our group on Monday and for sharing all of your (ahem) insight. 🙂 🙂

  4. Justamom

    It’s not just your blog that’s awesome, it’s your honesty to say what’s on your mind and be REAL! It’s also the people who will lift you up in prayer in their comments here, too! You are surrounded in prayer and I so think you are way cool. You friended me on FB yesterday 😉 Thank you 😉 LDS

  5. Kimberly

    Hi Marla!
    Sorry you had a rough one yesterday. When I find myself teary, I try to remember that God created those tears for a reason, so we don’t have to hold all the hurt inside. It frees me to be “emotional”.

    Snaps to Hubby for all his encouragement.

    I appreciate your writing!

  6. Carrie

    Is satan just out to drag us all into the pit today? I cried out to God to look at me down here in motherhood land with a husband who has a way too demanding job, boys that won’t be the perfect robots I want them to be and another SNOW day!! Then I was convicted of how dumb all of my whines are and had to hit the floor to ask Jesus to empower me to LOVE the way I am told to love in 1Corn. 13:4-7– I asked Him to give me His supernatural ability to love that way today so that satan wouldn’t win and drag me down. I feel like I am the only mother in the world who is emotionally unstable and should be on medication!
    Thanks for being transparent and allowing us to be that way too!

  7. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    You know what? It IS okay to cry and have total tear-streaked days. I sometimes get irritated that we women of the Lord are expected to just dry it up, put on our “God is Good!” mask, and deny the turmoil that this life often brings. I believe God intentionally created us (men and women both) to have emotions because HE has emotions. I think He welcomes and honors us crying it out to Him. This trusting Him business is really stinkin’ hard, and He knows that. Sending more prayers for comfort and reassurance your way today.

    Can hardly wait for the rude question . . . 😉

  8. Missy

    Good for you setting some good boundaries (with the e-mailing and letting us know your limitations)! 🙂

    Looking forward to your super-rude question tomorrow!

  9. Joanne @ The Simple Wife

    I sure hope you’re still asleep after being up so late last night. And it was fun to chat live and see what Gabe’s up to. I felt so tech-y cool and wish I could’ve hung in there longer, but when Toben walks in the door, gotta go! 🙂

    Love you friend. And I’m with you on the connecting with people thing. I got BLASTED once–it was awful. Turns out her comment got put in the spam box and I had never received it. And she’d only left it 24 hours earlier! Sometimes it just takes a while to get back to people. Which I did, making my kiddos late for school. I felt awful that she thought such terrible things about me.

    Anyway, love you much and still aspiring to make it to that “real-life friends” list!


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