“when ya gonna blog again?”

EDIT: (9:26 a.m.) If anyone’s interested in seeing what my latest book is NOT going to look like and read a summary of what it’s NOT going to be about, check this out.  The title is right; the subtitle’s not. It’s a long story, but we were hoping to get it changed before it leaked out. Oops!

…my husband asks me from his post eight feet away. I don’t know why I find that so funny. Maybe because it’s not the first time he’s said it. We really do communicate in real life. He doesn’t get all his information about me from my blog. I guess I should be thankful that he likes to read what I write. Actually, I think what he likes is reading all of your fun comments. So, leave him something juicy (and appropriate) if you would. It will give him something to do at the office tomorrow.

I mentioned before that there might be some big changes in our lives here in the near future. And it’s lookin’ like it may be nearer than we originally thought. No, we’re not moving, pregnant, adopting, remodeling, or getting a pet. I imagine I’ll be sharing by the end of the month.

I had a great time at Revolve with my sweet sis, Bethany. My respect for my family members just grows and grows as I spend time with them in their “environment.” Being a youth pastor’s wife ain’t easy, and Bethany handles it with more grace and love than I think I could. Her job is a bit of a thankless one at times, and I’m proud of her for serving the Lord with a smile on her beautiful face.

I had fun jamming with Hawk Nelson and Ayiesha Woods and Natalie Grant and KJ-52 and the Revolve praise band. My arms got really tired, and I have no rhythm, but that didn’t stop me. The speakers were good, and I’m excited to take my girlies with me in a few years.

I made a fun discovery this week. I can send 5 Blushing books in a Capri Sun box for $3.50. So, for one more week, I’ll extend the Blushing offer. 5 books for $12 (shipping included). That’s the regular price of one book. What a marvelous deal. Just message me your address if you’re interested.

Gabe’s re-designing my website, and it should be up and running by next week. I’ll probably start talking about my books and stuff over there and just chat about the other thrilling aspects of my life here on the ol’ xanga.

Still haven’t reached a decision about awana (and some other stuff). I’ve been asked to help out with a parenting class on Wed. nights (same time as awana) and put together a workbook for parents. Lots to think about. Lots to pray about.

Man, a whole big post with nothing funny. That’s a shame.

25 thoughts on ““when ya gonna blog again?”

  1. jbnygaard

    Okay…if I didn’t know Gabe, I would think that you were married to a crazy man. Or….are you?????????????? No…..that would be his brother, or was that his sister that I met??? With all of those bashing jokes that they kept playing on each other, it’s so hard for me to remember! 🙂

    Love the cover of your book!!! Hey….do you have a paypal account?

  2. rachmckinney

    so when does the book actually come out? i am so anxious to read it!
    i am even more anxious about your change you keep tlaking about (and i don’t take the time to read thru everyone’s comments, honestly, so if you for some reason already said somethint to give it away, i missed it and you’ll have to write about it in a blog 🙂 )
    praying for you and ava still. how’s it going?

  3. terriwright

    I have seen shirts for sale with ‘moo ha ha ha ‘ on them. Great stuff. whatonearthcatalog.com

    New and exciting stuff going on in your life? Of course! You’re married and have children. You are on a ‘new and exciting stuff’ rollercoaster!  But – – – I will be interested to find out.

  4. Abs7

    My husband is the same way with the dishwasher! I can’t tell you how many times I have showed him how to load it to fit as much as possible and he just doesn’t get it! I’m pretty sure it’s a ploy because he hates loading.

    I hate suspense! Are you sure you can’t share before the end of the month??? 

  5. ch1pch0p

    Don’t even get me started on the dishwasher thing.

    I know the changes. hehehehe to all of you! especially Jess!

    I could leave something juicy for Gabe, but it wouldn’t be appropriate, so I’ll refrain. lol

  6. mtaviano

    ^I put 2 books on the end?!?! Are you kidding me?!? I thought I just put the postcards there. I’m losing it.

    lol to DeWayne and the dishwasher. You’re on to him!!

  7. gsowell

    ^That’s hilarious! When I opened my box, I thought, “Huh. She said she could only fit 14. But if she put ALL of them this direction in the box instead of just the two on the end, it would easily hold more.” I feel like a genius because I am SOOOOO not spatial. I make DeWayne pack our boxes and cars and stuff because he can get so much more in them. Except the dishwasher. He can’t load it well to save his life. Now why do you think that is? Hmmmmm……

  8. mtaviano

    ^You’ve got to be kidding me, Gail. I just tried it because I totally didn’t believe you. I could’ve SWORN I tried it that way, and they wouldn’t fit! ?!?!?!

    Anybody want 17 Blushing books for $34.50?

  9. gsowell

    I, too, found Gabe’s comment funny. DeWayne likes to read my blogs, but he runs out of time most days. And if he read them, he’d realize that I don’t have much else to say since my blog content usually gets rehashed over dinner!

    I’m praying for you, friend, as you sort out the balance issues and what changes God has for your family.

    And I made a discovery, too. That box that you put 14 books in could easily hold 17. You just need to turn them all the other direction.

  10. ClutzyButtercup

    OK…maybe the big news is that Gabe is going to be wisking you off to Hawaii for a much needed vacation…it could also serve as a business expense as it could provide you with some writing inspiration!  : )

  11. tonialynn59

    Glad you had such a fun time with your sister this weekend.  I agree, a youth pastors wife is a thankless job.  I know one lady from her church that loves her dearly!!  I’ll squeeze in a “hi Gabe” at this point!  I can’t wait to hear your news.  Killin me girl!  Also I’m going to put my check in the mail to you today for books. 

  12. scottnjes

    So, I just realized that YOU are the sister that Bethany had so much fun with this weekend! I’ll blame it on pregnancy that I thought she was talking about her little sister the whole time. Glad you two had fun!

    Have you been to the fall fest at the zoo? Is it good?

  13. Nixter77

    I was wondering when you were going to blog too 😉 Glad you did!

    I will be praying for you as you make these big decisions and changes – it was fun to talk yesterday. I love you!

  14. CamilleElizabeth

    I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately by people who say that their families know what is going on in their lives by reading the blog posts!! How funny is that? How many times have you (or I) said, “Do you have a question about my life? Well, have you read/visited my blog lately? It has the latest news/updates!”


    BTW – I am sure we are all dying to know these new changes that are coming up in your life… Please let us know!!!!

  15. gtaviano

    Oh great….I have a feeling I’ll be checking these comments from work all day tomorrow! Be nice or I’ll Xanga lock your grill! Or maybe I’ll hack into Marla’s Xanga and change her password……moo hahaha. And she says it’s fun to have a husband who’s into tech?!?!?!?!

  16. faithchick

    uh, nope.  you’re wrong.  your entire first paragraph made me lol for real (i only say “lol” if I really do.)

    your second paragraph, on the other hand, killed me.  i do not heart suspense.

    your note in the mail today made me laugh–jessichick.  way cute & endearing.


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