whatcha doin’ right now?

So, Gabe’s camera flash burnt out or melted or something, and he got a new snazzy flash today that goes on top of his camera. Since Livi and Ava are at school, Nina’s napping, and we don’t have any giraffes, orangutans or any other pets in the house, he’s been snapping pictures of me. Lovely. Just what I need when I AM TRYING TO WRITE, THANK YOU. (he keeps missing my hints, so I’ll resort to capital letters)

Then just a minute ago he took one, and I thought, “Well, hey, this is a nice little snapshot to show anyone who cares what I’m doing rightthisverymoment.” So, this is what it looks like when I do what I do. Well, one of the things I do anyway.

So, tell me, what are YOU doing right now? (you don’t have to post a picture, but if you could paint a word picture for me, that would be lovely)

Marla at her desk

23 thoughts on “whatcha doin’ right now?

  1. lites4Him

    Sitting in my recliner w/ my laptop- just finished catching up on the 80 emails of the last 2 days- mostly junk 🙁 Waiting on my sweet, tired, computer-upgrading husband to come home from his second time at work for the day. Relishing in the quiet of my precious children sleeping. Listening to Sarah Palin on the RNC and wondering what God has in store for the future of this country- choosing to trust He’s got it all under control. Loving reading your blog and those of other people who are becoming dear to me even though I’ve never met them! 🙂 Getting ready to call it a day after visiting with my best college friend and her 3 kids.

    PS- I also love all the pictures surrounding your desk!

  2. M3mine

    As always, I’m a day late, reading Xangas—my laptop is on the kitchen island, at one end, and I’m eating breakfast and drinking my coffee.  My son’s (in shirt and tie—age 24) eating his breakfast standing at the island, reading the paper and getting ready to leave for his day with the police force where he’s doing his internship.  He looks quite nice today, all dressed up.

  3. kkakwright

    on my couch, wishing the laptop didn’t make my legs so hot cause i’m already stinky from running.  i’m listening to the RNC on TV. 
    i enjoyed this.  this was fun.  you are fun.  will you message me the dates you CANNOT do the zoo thing.
    oooohhh…just saw a commercial about some new doc in town says he can get rid of your cellulite.  i’m now sitting on my couch, stinky, wishing my cellulite away. 🙂 

  4. Nixter77

    I am sitting at my computer at work – I have just eaten my sandwich and then a Snickers bar (it was for baby) and am currently watching my belly move as little baby squiggly is moving around – the little tike!

  5. ergirl053

    Sitting, feet stretched out, two pillows behind my back, lap-top on the lap, on my nice comfy bed. Catching up on all the things I’ve missed in 2 days of internet-absenteeism.

  6. beccaware

    … waiting for my husband to get home from UDF with strawberry malts for the both of us. Just got home from ikea with my best friend Jody. Wonderful night but our little guy was exhausted!

  7. jbnygaard

    Cross-legged sitting on a hard wood chair. I have an empty bowl of peaches sitting infront of me, and “maggie” (Erik’s webkinz) by my belly because Erik told me the baby needed “maggie”.

    The boys are watching Wipe-out, Erik just spilled his bowl of popcorn. And I’m thinking to my self that I need to get these boys to bed.

  8. bensmomshelly

    I’m sitting sideways on the couch with my legs criss-crossed, a boppy pillow around my middle (because I just finished nursing the baby and handed him off to daddy).  All the guys are in the little boys’ bedroom, reading a bedtime story to Ben.  I got on the computer to look up a recipe for zucchini bread/chocolate zucchini bread so I can go make muffins with the *enormous* zucchini somebody at church gave me.  I’m procrastinating on putting away dinner leftovers and packing Ben’s lunch for tomorrow.  The TV is on in the background (needlessly) and the coffeetable/ottoman thingy is littered with all of the many forms I had to fill out to return to school tomorrow.  Oh, and righthisverysecond, Ben came and gave me a sweet goodnight hug and kiss. 

  9. rocknnell

    just got back from Walmart  ( got the camera 8.) and Rudolphs…and Tug…putting stuff on the laptop for Africa…reading how to “fire proof your ministry”….and getting ready to copy the talks, and maybe write one and maybe watch ” House Hunters International”….lol…get Skeet off his leash…and a peanut butter sand. for supper. 2 talks to go….. YOUR PICTURE is “true to life” isn’t it neat when people LOVE US at that place ?  and we do………both desks !

  10. smarkas

    I’m sitting on the couch with my feet stretched in front of me on the coffee table, my trusty black MacBook humming away on my lap, reading blogs. I’m delaying making dinner (even though it’s just heating up leftovers tonight) because I’m still tired from a long day at the office and I ate too many chocolate chip cookies when I first got home (spoiled my appetite!). I am looking forward to reading more of Diapers tonight before bed; I started it last night and read the first two chapters. And, after proofing and editing all day, I’m somewhat surprised that I actually wanted to write a word picture… I guess it helps that this doesn’t have anything to do with business relationship solutions.

  11. the_present_is_eternity

    at this very moment I am wearing my gym clothes, sitting at my mother in law’s laptop, and getting ready to write a discussion paper for my Psych and Law class–very similar posture and setting as the picture you have 🙂 It was so awesome seeing you yesterday, meeting Gabe and your girls again! I am so glad that we got to see one another! I am glad you all made it home safely, and I hope that your free chicken worked out too 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Reading your blog, watching my 11 month old daughter playing happily on her own and feeling glad that she must be getting better. I’ve got a photo on my blog of this time yesterday (which is today – Tuesday – in America I think?) of me and my daugher who (being sick) had fallen asleep in my arms – awww.

  13. the2bryants

    Right now, I’m at the computer (like everyone else 🙂 ) working on balancing the checkbook.  I decided to check up on Xanga while I’m “working.”  I’m also listening to the sweet sounds of my boys playing together upstairs.  They are getting some quality Daddy time in right now!  🙂  So glad that you had another fantastic zoo trip!  The pictures are FANTASTIC!  🙂

  14. jessyomama

    Letting Josh clean up after our yummy dinner – Taco Soup – and listening to my kiddos play in the backyard. Getting ready to play outside in the sprinkler and then take a walk with the family.

  15. gsowell

    I’m currently at the computer (duh). But I just got up from sitting criss-cross applesauce on the basement couch, with a frustrated Caroline tucked under my arm reading an Arthur book. She’s frustrated because if there are ANY words in the book she stumbles over, she decides she can’t read. Oh Lord, help me with this perfectionist child! Josie was busily and quietly emptying the toybox by carrying every bag of toys over behind the couch. Susannah was in time out in the flowered chair by the door for tormenting her frustrated sister. The coffee table is littered with 3 take-home folders, several papers kids brought home from school, and library bags. How’s that for a word picture? You need more?

  16. Anonymous

    Reading your blog…!

    And taking a break from prepping for a women’s group talk at a church north of Denver next Monday.

    And to keep procrastinating, I think I’ll go set the table for dinner tonight. My parents are coming over before leaving tomorrow on another marathon RV trip. This time to the east coast. For something like two months again. Gosh, I miss them when they’re gone.

    Love you!


  17. faithchick

    i’m perched on the edge of my dining room/computer chair at our computer armoire just checking things real quick-like before i go put into practice some of the things I’m learning in that book I’m reading. No settling into the chair because settling in would mean staying right here for too long.

     Baby Boy just woke up and is kicking the day lights out of his crib for fun.  The little lady is still asleep (thank you, Jesus.  she needed a long nap). 

    I’m also trying to think of a good reason not to go to Curves tonight & that’s not working. 🙂

    And at the same time, I’m wondering why this stupid fish is still living (he lives on top of our computer armoire.)

  18. mrsnorthern8605

    Right now, I am sitting here on my couch at home while Parker is sleeping in his bed, I am watching Fox News’s coverage on the RNC, as well as this newest issues, a plane that has a flat tire that is about to make an emergency landing at LAX. I am wearing my Godsmac tshirt (not that makes a difference.) Oh and I am also talking to a friend about the Sarah Palin/Bristol/Trig/Pregnancy thing.

    I probably should be cleaning my house instead of doing this!

    Are you free sometime this weekend to get together?

  19. jennikim

    how much fun!

    right now i am sitting on the couch with Phil’s laptop, “just checking email and stuff really quick” before heading to the store to buy taco salad stuff and cheesecake for Phil’s bday dinner tonight.

    guess that means i should clean my son’s snotty face off and get the baby in her car seat. caiden is swinging around a yo-yo, hitting himself, and saying “ow, that hurt me” or “ow, that tickled”. ellyssa is currently sleeping quietly in her bed.

    that is life in our house right now!

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