what have i done?

Breaking a vow you made to your husband is never a good thing. Two years ago I promised him I would never, EVER, ever have a garage sale ever again. Not worth it. A tax deduction for donating them to a thrift store = the way to go.

Well, I have about five minutes before my older 2 daughters are going to start in again. “When are you going to go take your shower? When can we start setting up for the garage sale? Did you make my lemonade?”

I’m telling myself that this is for a very good cause. An education for my kiddos. We’re getting rid of everything superfluous in the house and using the $ to help others and have some fun next week. (my cousin Jill–she’s 13–is staying with us from Saturday to Saturday)

If you’re in the area today, come buy our stuff! Or at least a chocolate chip cookie and cup of lemonade.

(They just came up to me, “What are you doing, Mommy?”)

Really quick–I met my neighbor!! It was wonderful! The girls and I took over a plate of cookies (a plate she has to return, so get another built-in chance to talk to her) and a card. She had her baby (four-month-old boy) strapped to her. Her name is Florence, and she’s an absolute delight. LOVE her! Her hubby will be home next week. She’s doing okay. Her brother is watching the kids while she works her night shift at the hospital. I’m going to take her a copy of Diapers in a couple days. (She went on and on about her not being a good neighbor either. We just laughed about it.) I felt so good when I came home. Jumped around a little and praised Jesus. (and thanked Him for redeeming my failures)

I’ve got lots to say, but wow, time for a garage sale. Maybe I’ll have a chance to sneak back in here in a couple hours. Pray for me??

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Give-away details coming soon! (I think we’re at 97.)

p.s. I was proofreading this really quickly, and Livi comes down the stairs. “Are you just reading that…?” I GET THE HINT! HERE I COME!

20 thoughts on “what have i done?

  1. CamilleElizabeth

    Hello, there! Thanks Marla and everyone for all the prayers! I told my dad today that he has a lot of people praying for him! He is still “in the woods” but somewhat stable for now. He is still in SICU and on a lot of medicine. Thank you all very much. Take care.

  2. ladymiss3739

    Hope the sale goes superbly!  We had one once…we spent more $ making signs and running a cheapo ad than we made.  And I thought I had great stuff.  Another real money maker.  Sell hot dogs and just leave your girls out there.  Our neighbor did that with her 5 year old who didn’t know how to make change, and she was too cute for people to want their change back.  They made bundles.   

  3. bekisue

    Thanks for the update on the neighbor. It sounds like a friendship in the making. That’s just what you need one more friend. Then after that one more. Just one more after that, and …… I hope your sale is a huge success.

    Your kiddos are so excited about the sale. That’s so neat that you do stuff like this with them.

  4. smarkas

    So cool about your neighbor. I hope that is the start of a great relationship. Good luck with the garage sale! I tried one this spring and, well, I hope yours is MUCH more successful.

  5. jbnygaard

    I had thought about coming…but things came up. Pond party with my MOPS group this morning and a good friend is getting baptized tonight. I needed to stay home. AND…Erik is STILL adjusting to the time change. He’s a grump. I figured even though my heart desires to be with you guys….I need to stay home. Maybe in a couple weeks???

  6. terriwright

    I’m SO pleased your outreach to FLorence went well. We just get boxed up sometimes. I have no neighbor….

    I would rather give birth on the yellow stripe in the road than have a garage sale. Good luck.

  7. FlyingCAB

    um – does Gabe know you are having the garage sale? Well, I mean, he works from home, so he’s there right?  At first I thought you were saying that you were having it today and maybe he wouldn’t notice =)

    Good luck!

  8. luvmynoah

    Have fun!  Next weekend we are having one at my MIL’s house.  Good job with your neighbor!!  I wish I had a nice neighbor lady!!  Well, I do on one side.  Cherish that you have sweet neighbor’s. I’m sure they are thankful for you!

  9. tripol

    Good Luck with the garage sale! I am thinking about doing one too, so much work though, ugh! Congrats on meeting the neighbor, I too am a terrible neighbor. I tend to just look the other way! I pray you can start a good relationship with them and learn a lot along the way!

  10. jessyomama

    YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME! We could’ve combined selling efforts! I’m not looking forward to having my much-needed garage sale… give me some pointers after you’re finished. 🙂

  11. YoGrandmaYo

    Hope your garage sale is a HUGE success!:)  I can learn some lessons from you about being a good neighbor.:)  As you can see, we haven’t left for Stephi’s yet.:)  We’ve been up since 5:00, but we’re taking our time, because Stephi doesn’t want us to get there before she does.:)  Jill called me and said she’s really excited about staying with you!:)  Have fun!:)  Love you!:)

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