what goes up and down besides a roller coaster?

Hey, friends. It’s Friday. Woohoo! Happy Friday!

So, I keep meaning to write a little follow-up post to this one to let you know how things have been going around these parts. But just when it all gets really AWESOME then something really CRAPPY happens. And just when I start to write about the CRAPPY, something AWESOME.

And while our lives have never been what I’d call flat and/or steady, this has been a whale of a HIGH! low HIGH! low HIGH! low HIGH! low kind of week. Man alive.

Please keep Gabe in your prayers (until further notice). This transition to a full-time job (while coaching soccer and doing side jobs and weaning off meds and being exhausted and dealing with ongoing anxiety) has been a doozy. There’s not an awful lot I can do to ease his burden right now, so I’m just doing lots of praying and fighting off the stupid enemy.

HUGE PRAISE. We made it to his first payday!! Gabe finished up some side projects and a handful of AMAZING people blessed us with sweet notes and gifts and blew our socks off. Really. Just wow.

And the girls and I have been working hard this week to try to be even the smallest bit of blessing back. We’ve been making cards and magnets and giving them away for free and keeping the post office in business (and we’ve been able to pay for all the stamps because of the generosity of some friends I won’t name and one of them was anonymous so I can’t thank her anyway).

We’ve been doing lots and lots of shopping for the refugee tutoring program our church is starting (and I’m heading up–heaven help us all with my lack of organizational/administrative skills).

Good, good stuff.

And also hard stuff. Last night, I put out a desperate plea for prayer on Facebook in tears, then headed to the basement to walk on the treadmill from 10:45 to 11:15 pm.

Thank you so much for praying.

So, there it is. Hope in the middle of the hard. Light coming up at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Daily doses of strength and new mercies to make it through. Lots of rejoicing over God’s miraculous provision. Wonderful friends to lift us up in prayer.

Feeling so thankful. Have a great weekend, friends! (and it’s not too late to join our Read-Along!)

4 thoughts on “what goes up and down besides a roller coaster?

  1. Sharon

    Praying! And so bummed I didn’t know about the prayer request last night. I’m not on fb, and, um, also was probably already in bed by then, or at least off the computer for the night.

  2. brooke

    coming off anxiety meds is hard, even in calm circumstances. my doc had me put it off until life was more stable (sounds like a non-option for y’all). even still mine was no where near as bad as Gabe’s and it was still a dosey. all of that to say, I know a little snippet of how he must be feeling. praying big time for y’all!!

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