what. a. year.

This post will be the Mama-of-sick-children’s shortened version of the pensive, reflective post I’d like to write on the Eve of the New Year. (too bad I didn’t resort to a shortened version of that sentence) I’m actually glad for the excuse, because I have no idea where I’d even start recapping this year, let alone waxing eloquent on what everything meant to me (what is it with the long sentences today?).

There. That’s better.

We started the year off with a bang. A date with my honey to the Orange Bowl in Miami to watch the VT Hokies beat the UC Bearcats on New Year’s Day. The Miami Metro Zoo on the 2nd. Our 11th anniversary on the 3rd. Nina’s 3rd b-day on the 5th.

Then we had a bit of a drought. No more zoos until the Tulsa Zoo (love you, Elizabeth!) on April 14. Then 28 more zoos in 3.5 months. A Big Party. An appearance on the Early Show.

Then 5 months filled with uncertainty and joy and doubts and discouragement and comfort and stress and hope and frustration and blessings.

Frankly, I’m ready to take a deep breath and start fresh tomorrow. In 2010. I’m not naive enough to think that everything will be easy and beautiful when I awaken in the morn.

For one thing, I’m having deja vu from January 2008 when we spent the first 10 days of the New Year in abject misery due to a virus that nearly slayed us all.

For two, I don’t have the best track record with making fabulous resolutions and sticking with them for the next 365 days.

I thought about making a short, one-sentence resolution like Gretchen, but I can’t even come up with that. I considered answering these 7 questions from Mr. Hyatt, but too hard. Love this post from Big Mama, but she already took all my words.

Maybe I’ll just reflect a little at a time over the next few weeks. And figure out bit by bit what God wants my 2010 to look like. I know one thing. I desperately want to place all my hope in Him, not anything/anyone else. I want to be thrilled by the things that thrill God. I want the things that matter most to me to be the things that matter most to Him. I want my feet to stay on the exact path He has mapped out for my life and not wander off on some dead-end trail of my own lame choosing.

I want more and more intimacy with my Savior.

Continuing in the vein of “please let me pray for you,” what is one thing I can pray for you for this coming year? Seriously, I’d love to spend New Year’s Eve praying for you. If I had my druthers, I’d be partying with friends, eating and drinking yummy things and playing euchre or Balderdash. But since we’re modern-day lepers right now, there’ll be no contact with the outside world. Maybe God knew I needed a quiet New Year’s Eve this year. Maybe He knew some of you needed someone to pray for you as you head into 2010.

So, tell me one or the otherΒ  (or both):

1. What fun plans do you have for tonight?

2. How can I pray for you as we begin a brand new year?

Thanks for making 2009 such an amazing year for me and my family! Love you all!

20 thoughts on “what. a. year.

  1. Tiffani

    Hi Marla. Gretchen and Whimzie are both dear dear friends of mine and I hopped over here to say hello! I think I may be here awhile though…I love your thoughts and I look forward to getting to know you more!


  2. O mom

    Just wanted to say thank you for everything and for the chance to get to know you this last year. I pray blessings on you and your family for this coming year.

  3. Kimberly

    Tonight I’m with my sister’s dogs while she’s still in the hospital with my new niece. Please pray for mom and baby, there are some minor complications.

  4. Joslyn

    My kids are sick too, actually we’re on day three of “the sick”. It started with the 15-month-old and now the older two are both sick. I’m feeling a little out of sorts myself now and am prepared with my bucket and stash of Gatorade. Oy.

    I’m going pray that this all passes quickly and we’re all back up to par very soon. I hate being sick and hate it more so when my children are sick.

  5. Sarah M

    It’s 25 min until the New Year and I’m sitting here on the couch browsing the internet while my hubby and parents are all snoozing around me….I’ll wake them up at midnight πŸ™‚ Sounds oh so exciting huh! I really do appreciate you praying on our behalf. Just prayed for your family too. I would love it if you could pray for motivation for me. I am determined to eat better and exercise everyday. I think self control is going to be one of my focuses for 2010. Love you friend! Happy New Year!!

  6. Cheryl Pickett

    Just having a neighbor over for a game or two, maybe go see fireworks at midnight depending on how much we want to stand out in the MI cold.

    As you pray for what is next for you and your forthcoming books, feel free to pray that God shows me & other authors/writers the same.

    BTW, a highlight of my year was meeting you/ 52zoo event/Columbus zoo! Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

  7. Melissa

    Well we were supposed to ring in the new year with our small group but tbr increased growth of my moms cancer requires us to stay with her. Prayers needed for it and my selfishness right now.

  8. Kelli

    Pray for patience and to believe in God’s plan for my family.

    We are going to an EARLY dinner with some friends and then I am going to clean and purge! Fresh new start!

  9. Valerie

    We’re going to be staying in for a romantic evening….we were going to go to a party but decided some one on one time sounded much better to us πŸ™‚

    For 2010 I want to be more peaceful and trusting in the plan He has for us in regards to our family building issues. I need to stay focused this year as far as school goes…. I’m counting down my final quarters now!! As for prayers….I’m sure you know already what we desire more than anything…. we want to have our miracle baby.

  10. Emily Kay

    Like last year, we invited a few friends over for the evening. Unlike last year, this year everyone is coming. πŸ™‚ So hubby and I are busy cleaning the house in anticipation for our 10 friends. Fun fun! πŸ™‚

  11. Jen

    My New Year has already happened here in Cambodia…and I had a blessed time with great friends!! I would love prayer for the ministry that God has called me to in starting the school for exploited and at risk children here…a task that can only be accomplished through Him for sure!

  12. Denise

    We are just having a quiet romantic night in!

    Be praying for us as 2010 will bring some changes (we hope). Pray that God give us the wisdom concerning a sibling for Parker, health for Parker, and some other things that are an unspoken prayer request

  13. Ali

    Spending time with the fam on tonight’s docket.

    And prayer? Hmm, I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities. I guess I need to find peace in my role as mom, stay-at-home-mom, more specifically. And maybe not. Maybe God has something else in mind for me. Prayer for direction and peace. Thank you, dear friend.

  14. Gretchen

    Thanks for the shout out, Marla. And for the offer of prayer. If I could nutshell it for you (yes, my new verb), I’d ask you to pray that I would hold all but faith loosely. I get so tied up in stuff that really doesn’t matter. And my knickers get in a knot about the silliest things. I love your theme of 2010. May it be mine, as well. And may I show Jesus to my husband, who isn’t so sure about the whole Jesus idea, but loves me dearly and loves me well. God bless you, new friend.

  15. Holly B.

    Thanks so much for your prayers, Marla! Praying for you and your sick family right now, faraway friend. May God bring quick healing! Again, I’d appreciate prayer for God to bless us with a little one in this new year. Thanks, awfully!

  16. Lee Detrick

    We are not celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight; doubt if we will even stay up till midnight.
    Please pray that my extreme pain will just go away. I pray daily for that, and will continue to do so. I know God cares, and there must be a lesson I need to learn, if so, I hope I learn it quickly…..

  17. Colleen

    Fun plans? Give me about 3 more years when my 2 year old is 5 and perhaps we’ll have FUN plans…otherwise, tonight, it’s putting the kiddos in bed and either finishing cleaning the basement or tackling the office…that’s the way to say goodbye to 2009…
    Beginning a new year, I need prayer for balance and organization/prioritizing…in pretty much all areas: quiet time, cleaning, playing, computer, photography…
    love you…when you all are well again, let’s try for a visit??

  18. Gaylene

    Staying home for New Year’s Eve, like usual. Will make a special snack for the hubby when he gets off work tonight, though.

    Theme for 2010 is willing. I want to be willing to go, do, be what the Lord wants me to.

    I’ll pray for your health and that of your family. Not easy when everyone gets sick. I appreciate prayers for the financial and job situation we are going through.

    May our Lord bless you in 2010.

  19. Gail

    We’re hosting my annual “I hate to be alone on New Year’s Eve and no one ever invites me anywhere so I’m having my own party” party. I’m pretty excited to spend the evening with so many fun friends!

    I think my theme for 2010 is peace. I want to introduce those who don’t know Him to the Prince of Peace. I want to teach my kiddos to be peacemakers. I want peace in our home, in our church, in our hearts. Pray for that.

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