we interrupt family week…

for no good reason. I just sort of neglected to get my interview questions to my peeps in a timely fashion. My fault. I hope to introduce you to some more of my fam soon.

Wasn’t Kyla great? (You were great, Ky!)

I’ve got to admit I’m feeling down. My bad attitude seems to have dissolved (good!) into sadness (bad!). I just feel emotionally achy.

Not sure what’s going on. Either God’s pruning me, the enemy’s sifting me, or it’s just PMS (I know this is part of it, but only about 20%).

Whatever it is, it hurts.

But in the middle of the hurt, I feel God holding me. I see His hand moving. I know He absolutely has not forsaken me.

My mom always said, “God answers every prayer one of three ways–yes, no, or wait.”

I’m getting an awful lot of “wait” these days.

Speaking at a MOPS group in Indy Thursday. Leaving at 5:45 a.m., driving a really long time, speaking for a bit, driving a really long time. Please pray that I have something to give these gals. I feel empty. (which usually turns out to be perfect–then God can fill me all the way up with Himself instead of me)

How are you feeling today? Anything I can pray for with you?

17 thoughts on “we interrupt family week…

  1. Gaylene

    Yes, God is holding you. Memory verse for this month for me is Job 12:10 “In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind”. You are in His hands.

  2. mary kate

    hey you. praying for encouragement for your soul. long car rides can be a great time for talks with God, phone calls with buds, or rocking out to ridiculous music (i’m thinking i’m going to do laundry to loud 80s music tonight!). i’m hoping you rest well and feel refreshed after a little time away. love you MUCH. no really. LOTS.

  3. Denise N.

    Hey friend, I think there is a “downer bug” going around…I have had one too recently. I am praying for you, love you!

    As far as me – well I emailed, but Parker burnt his hands and I feel just horrible about it. I blame myself and it’s just been a rough night last night and day today!

  4. Emily

    Missed stalking you at choir practice last night.

    Thank you for being so open and real with your readers! It’s so reassuring to know you’re not the only one having a crappy time in life. This banishes some of the lies Satan has been telling me lately.

    Hang in there. I think the change of seasons is always hard on people emotionally. It gets dark at 7pm now! plus its cold. Brrr. A lot of us are feeling this way right now and I think it could ultimately be a good thing. When I feel crappy I end up coming to a place where God wants me to be. Even if it means hating being in that place, it’s where I need to be.

  5. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    I completely, completely get this. And it doesn’t help my spirit that we have been absolutely blanketed in dark, cloudy, drizzly days for DAYS ON END. I honestly cannot remember the last day of sunshine.

    Monday night, when I discovered the problem with the fundraising, I collapsed into bed and imagined myself just burying my face in my Father’s strong chest. As you shared here, I could very much feel Him holding and comforting me. The Name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run in and they are saved.

    I’m praying you find comfort and peace and encouragement and truth in the unshakable and loving arms of our Abba.

  6. Kaye

    Please know I will be praying for your speaking engagement to go well. Perhaps we all need to ‘wait’ with HIM through these trials. Please pray for this dark cloud to be lifted. For whatever reason(s) the 4th anniversary of our losing our home hit very hard, coupled with computer issues (still?!) keeping me from blogging, working on website, etc. have zonked me:(
    Praying for better days ahead for all of us. This is part of something I read this AM and thought maybe it would be uplifting to you as well:
    “Don’t ever doubt that trials will accomplish something positive…with every trial, we build the tenacity of spirit that holds on under pressure while waiting patiently on God to remove the trial at the appointed time and then reward us.” -John MacArthur
    Miss all of you and with much love,
    Matthew 21:22

  7. Cheryl Pickett

    Another thank you to Nadine for sharing “look over here”. Like the others, I’ve heard the common 3 answers too but not that one. Makes sense. Praying that might be the answer you discover today.

  8. Valerie

    Can you pray for peace and understanding? I feel pretty lost at the moment.

    Will pray for you on Thursday, if I didn’t have an exam to take I’d ask if you wanted company for that long drive…..

    Love you, thanks for being a friend!

  9. Kelli

    I understand the feeling. I have been feeling the weight of just a lot of not so good things going on with people around me and a little sadness on my end. Things just seem to be heavy these days. Praying for the fog to be lifted to God’s plan!

  10. Betsy

    Enjoyed Nadine’s comment this morning. I teach my 1st- 3rd grade Sunday School class the same great advice of your mother. It’s true. But I’m equally glad to here about “Look over_here_.”

  11. Nadine

    Hey, Marla. Going to bed and praying for you on the way. Just a little encouragement…your mom is very wise and has great advice. I have heard many a sermon with the “Yes, No, or Wait” idea and always tried to keep that in mind too, until I recently heard my pastor add another potential God-response to that list: “Look over _here_.” Sometimes God has already answered our prayers, but in a way that we did not anticipate or recognize at first because we were looking in the wrong place. 🙂 Silly. I do that all the time!!! Thanks for all the encouragment that you provide to US on a daily basis. I too have had a little bit of a rough week and God has brought this to my attention over and over again – Zeph. 3:17 “The LORD your God is in your midst, a victorious warrior, He will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in his love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.” NIV says He will rejoice over you with singing. 🙂 ((Hugs)) PS – only a few more weeks ’til we find out if we’re having a girl or boy!!!

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