Not as tired this morning. Got up at 6:40 and stayed up. Yesterday at this time I was in and out of consciousness on the couch, drooling on my pillow while my children did who knows what.

Just to clear things up AGAIN. 14K white gold earrings + ear piercing + antiseptic = $26 x2 children + tax = $55. I didn’t pay $500 to get my girls’ ears pierced. I’d let Terri pierce them (or Tonia’s dad!) before I’d shell out that kind of money.

More seminar details…I got there at 8:30, met the rest of the women involved in the day, spent time in prayer. Ladies arrived at 9:00. 40-50 of them maybe. I only knew a handful. Three of my good friends were on vacation regretfully (for me, not them). Some gals even came from the all-church camp-out while their hubbies watched their kids.

15 minutes of worship–prayer and singing. Introduction. Each of the 5 of us panelists had 8 minutes to talk. First gal–single. Then me. Third gal–single again after divorce. Fourth–professional counselor. Fifth–director of women’s ministries at church.

My talk was fun (for me at least). I crammed 45 minutes into 8. The Spirit gave me words. Lots of laughs and heads nodding. That’s always encouraging. I talked about some roadblocks to great sex with hubby–selfishness, body image, babies/kids, lost that lovin’ feeling–and how we can plow through them.

Break time. Chatted with a friend. Another friend said she wished I could’ve done the seminar myself. NOT because I am fabulous, but because the single/single again/sexual abuse topics didn’t apply to her. I agree. It was tough to keep everyone’s interest all of the time with this format. But it was good to hear about sex from other viewpoints.

Back to the panel. Women wrote down questions, handed them in. We answered them. That was fun. 11:00–some people had to leave. The rest formed little break-out groups. Had 10 in my group. All “normal” married women. We chatted honestly, they asked me questions, shared prayer requests. We prayed. It was good.

In September, Gabe and I are going to be on a panel of other couples for the class, “The First Seven Years of Marriage.” In October, I’m giving a “sex talk” to the women (possibly men too) in the “Fully Engaged” class–required if you want to be married in the church. Might also do a “sex for wives” mini-seminar since a couple more women requested that as well.

God is good to let me have a part in what He’s doing in people’s lives. When I start to get down or worried or frustrated, I need to remember all He has allowed me to do. And even without all of this, I get to be a mommy, a wife, and God’s little girl. Good stuff.

Nina still has diarrhea. We’re still on for date night. Livi and Ava are fighting. I promised them I’d come to their tea party “as soon as I write this really quick blog.” It really was going to be quick… Ava is going to force Livi to eat watermelon at the tea party (Livi hates watermelon, Ava loves it). Okay, they’re really fighting now. Ava’s crying. Livi–“Mommy, Ava doesn’t love me. If she says she does, she’s lying. Ava, what’s the matter?” Ava–“Don’t even talk to me!!” (between sobs) “No one even loooooooooooves me!”

That’s my cue. Have a great day!

15 thoughts on “update

  1. Anonymous

    Glad to hear your seminar went well… your talks in September and October sound interesting too! Enjoy your date night with a “real” babysitter, that’s something my husband and I definitely need to look into!

  2. Nixter77

    Wish I could of come to the conference….. Sounds like it was great and I bet everyone loved you – I do 😉

    Your girls do seriously make me laugh. Can’t wait to meet them for reals! Maybe we could have a ‘Skype’ tea party, I am English therefore I do tea parties well 😉

  3. tonialynn59

    terriwright is right, boys just thump each other and it is over.  Girls, it’s drama, drama, drama!!  And sometimes I think it never goes away!

    Thanks for sharing about the seminar!  It is so good that you are allowing God to use you like that! 

  4. terriwright

    You know…..I thunk me a thought……I’m going to need some kind of sign so I know when your tongue is in your cheek……I can’t stand all this excitement all the time….I’m old.

  5. terriwright


    Boys just thump each other. Much neater, faster…..

    Let me know when you need a speaker for “Sex after 36 years of marriage”. Trust me…it’d be a hoot!!!!

    So…..call me when people need more holes.

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