um, yeah…so…wow

Gabe wants to put it in writing this time. NO MORE GARAGE SALES! I do think he was pleased that I pretty much busted my tail to save him from doing a bunch of work. He took our gigundo sign down to the end of our street this morning, walked down to check on it with Livi a couple hours later, drove down to fix it with some stakes, a hammer and some tape, and took it down at 2:00 on his way home from a meeting. Thanks, Gabey!

Other than that, the only other hard thing he did was keep his mouth shut when our 18-month-old neighbor boy dumped handfuls of dirt all over the girls’ cookies and lemonade.  (among other fiascoes)

I got up at 6:00, scratched the bizarre bites (chiggers? spiders?) that I have in some very inconvenient places on my body, walked 2 laps around our block talking to God (while scratching my bites), devotions, fed my children, blogged, showered, geared up for the big sale.

The good news? I got to meet lots of people and had lots of chances to practice love and neighborliness. And got rid of lots of junk. The bad news? I’m completely wiped out. The good news? I’m $37.25 richer than I was this morning. And the girls made a little over $6.00 (almost enough to buy the chocolate chips, eggs, butter, lemonade, sugar…).

The highlights:

–talking to my across-the-street neighbor who wishes she had time for a garage sale to get rid of her granddaughter’s baby clothes. “Bring it on over!” (she made $5.25–better than nothing!)

–talking to my one-street-over neighbor (who is a very nice man but has a vicious little dog) about our 3 kids and tricking them into getting rid of their junk

–talking to a woman who bought 15 items of baby clothing (5 for $1) for her church’s pro-life ministry. I told her I would’ve given them all to her, but they weren’t mine.

–chatting with an 86-year-old woman (she stayed a long, long time) who has gone to the same church for 82 years and says she’s never missed a Sunday! She looked at a pair of Gabe’s big shoes, got tears in her eyes, and told me about her son who just died. He wore a size 14. He was injured in the line of duty (Marines) when he was 20, was permanently disabled, and died at 59. She bought lots of little clothes and trinkets for her 24 grandchildren.

–talking with a sweet couple who told me they also have three girls (all a bit younger than each of mine). They didn’t look like they had much money, but they were so generous, and you could tell the dad loved little girls. He bought 3 cookies from Nina, then gave one of them back to her and told her she could eat it. This was after she was crying, because her big sisters wouldn’t let her pour lemonade. The dad let her carry his purchases to me. She beamed.

–lots of quality time with my neighbor Olga.

–lots of quality time with a small neighbor who seems bent on destruction of all that we own.

–another opportunity to help Florence. I carried her groceries in for her, since she was trying to carry a sleeping baby, get an active toddler out of his carseat and bring everything in all by herself. She bought more cookies, because her little boy ate all the ones we took over yesterday.

Wow. I’m tired. We took all the sliding doors off our closets when we moved in 2 years ago. I put 4 of them across 8 plastic tubs, and voila! Tables! It was a lot of fun hauling them all out of the garage, hauling the boxes out of the basement, setting everything up, tearing it all down, and putting everything back.

And now I remember why I don’t do this garage sale stuff… The Kidney Foundation is coming Monday to pick up the rest of my stuff. Freedom from clutter. It’s a marvelous thing.

My family “needs” me, so I’ll skedaddle. (even though I’m bursting at the seams with things to say…)

Oh! Thanks for praying for Cami’s dad. She posted an update on her blog.

Happy Weekend, friends! Stay tuned for give-away details!

15 thoughts on “um, yeah…so…wow

  1. DerrickandKenny

    I was planning on stopping by Friday to buy a cookie and some lemonade.  I got busy over lunch and wasn’t able to make it.  After the dirt dumping affair I might be glad that I missed it.

  2. jbnygaard

    I’m with Terri on her idea. Sounds like a good one!

    Eden just begged me today to have a garage sale. Remember we had our at my mom’s in Lima while we were on vacation in Hilton Head??? My sister ran the whole thing. He wasn’t here, and missed out.

    I’m telling you…it was the way to go. I gave everything to my sister….she head it up….I didn’t get anything back…..I got an envelope for $250!

  3. bekisue

    You did so much more than sell your stuff! You are truly amazing to me. You are always seeking opportunities and relationships and I love learning with you!

  4. setapart1979

    Garage sales are so great!  Bargains treasures for others while decluttering one’s life… what a great combo!  I love how you added a whole new element: reaching out & encountering all varieties of people! 

  5. MarlaSaunders

    I absolute hate putting on a garage sale, but love having done it, if that makes sense. My hubby, too, has asked for no more. But wow, Marla, what a chance to minister to your neighborhood you had during the course of the day! Forget the money, that was the real treasure of the day. Well done.

  6. luvmynoah

    See….you need a garage sale each year just for the great stories and fun blogs you get to share!  Come on Gabe…it’s all for marla’s bloggy!!  But, now that you have all your extra stuff gone you may not have anything to sell!!!

    I love the story about the older lady…I about cried.  What a sweet moment in your day.

  7. who_is_toby

    we had a garage sale when we left england… it’s weird and cool and yeah. it’s also cool when you get to talk and help people and yeah, basically live out what you believe. nice one!!

  8. OkinawaAna

    I’m glad you got to meet and chat with so many people in your neighborhood!  Always a good thing.  I wish you could have transported yourself, your girls, and all of your clutter-for-sale to our town this weekend.  We had a “garage sale weekend” (THIS weekend) that brings in people from all over town, neighboring towns, etc.  There are at least twenty different garage sales within just a couple of miles of our house, going on right this second.  The streets are literally clogged with cars and pedestrians, all carting off one another’s junk — ha!

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