torrid tuesday

Wow, it’s hot out there.

Getting our clothes and toiletries and pillows and snacks packed to head to the land down under. Every time I cross the Ohio River, I feel a twinge of regret and fear of leaving civilization as I know it north of the border. Of course I’m kidding. I lived on the northern shore of the O-Riv for a year awhile back. The people in KY are MUCH more civilized than most of the southern Ohio hill-dwellers. And being civilized isn’t everything. Many people we met that year had hearts of gold. And you get used to the missing teeth right quick.

Took Nina for her 18-month check-up this a.m. Seems that Nina’s perfect. Me too. Doctor said so. (for remembering to bring her shot record) The good doc found a way to make her shots into combos. Bless her. Two stabs instead of four. I’m praying that her reaction to the vaccinations are minimal as we’re gearing up for a long car ride, crazy-zany trip to the zoo, and par-tay time at D & G’s before the big trip home.

Stocked up on reading material at the library before heading home. Some very good books on raising your little ones to fall in love with Jesus. Some kid-friendly biographies of heroes of the faith to read to Livi and Ava. I was jumping up and down and clapping earlier when I saw all my “new” books spread out on the living room floor. I do love to read. Especially when I’m supposed to be writing.

Okay, now I’m just staring off into space. Back Thursday!

11 thoughts on “torrid tuesday

  1. terriwright

    My biggest vice is books. So exciting!!

    Ahem. As a ‘down-under’ resident, may I please be put on record as stating that many of us have several of our original teeth, and some even married non-family members!!

  2. Nixter77

    You got me excited then when you said ‘the land down under’ ;( I thought you meant you were coming over here.

    Have fun hanging with the girls 😉

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