too much

I sit down to write, and I can’t do it. There’s just too much. The good news? This is a good thing. For the most part, this is not an in-over-my-head-and-overwhelmed-to-the-point-of-despair too much. It’s a this-is-really-cool too much.

Vague much?

No, nothing earth-shattering has happened. I’m just reading a lot and learning a lot and dreaming a lot. I have no answers to my big questions. I have no wonderful announcements or fabulous breakthroughs to share.

But I feel as though perhaps I am just about to reach a spot on the mountain where I can take a break from climbing and enjoy the view.

Where on the mountain do you find yourself today? (Or if that question is too philosophical for a Tuesday, what are your dinner plans for tonight? We’re having a friend over for pizza.)

Wishing a Happy, Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend, Joanne!! I love you, girl!!

5 thoughts on “too much

  1. Missy June

    I feel like I’m just emerging from a valley, in a steep uphill climb where I can occassionally break to catch my breath. I find peace, endurance but no great clearing to enjoy any vistas. I’m in the trenches, but but moving forward. I’m content here today.

  2. Brooke

    i feel like i’m trudging through the mud at the base of the mountain.

    as for dinner? i’m playing trophy wife and meeting with a client of jay’s. all she’s said is that she’s going to prepare something Indian.

  3. Addie

    I finally got the go-ahead to start climbing again, instead of hanging out on the plateau… it feels really good.

    dinner… no idea… probably leftovers

  4. Keli Gwyn

    Marla, I hope you reach a mountaintop soon where you’re throwing your arms open wide and singing praises to the Lord for some exciting new developments in your world.

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