time for a change (gulp)

I’m a creature of habit. Except when I get bored. I like risk and adventure. Except when I’m scared. I’m a people-loving extrovert. Except when I’m a introverted hermit.

I am an indecisive, self-contradictory, mood-flinging roller coaster.

Just ask my husband, the man who has been married to me for 13+ years and has learned to predict my reactions/responses with great accuracy but will probably never, ever understand why on earth I think/act/feel the way I do.

Why I can’t sit at the table/my desk/in a car like a normal person with my feet on the floor.

Why I can speak to a group of hundreds of people, yet hyperventilate at a little Meet-n-Greet and beg him to let me go home.

Why I can love something one minute and hate it the next.

Why I can be completely selfless one minute and entirely selfish the next.

Why I feel this urgent, pressing need to purge our home of every single thing we don’t need. And then some.

Why buying a new shirt for a photo shoot causes a real, not-made-up panic attack.

Sigh. I don’t get me either.

Anyway. Gabe wants to make some changes on my blog. He wants to lose the stick figures, put up a picture or two of me, make my books more visible, and add some stuff that gives people more of an idea of what makes me tick (ha! not as simple as it sounds).

So, I need your help. What kinds of things do you like in a blog? What would you like to see on this one? And, if you’d be so kind, tell me which picture you think would look best (either as part of the header or on the sidebar). Here’s one pic, and you can see the other four here.

(p.s. my sweet bag is from One Mango Tree. It was 50% off, and I LOVE IT.)

And if change makes you freak out, just tell me to keep it the same please, thanks.

Stay tuned for a homeschooling update (I finally made an agonizing decision about curriculum), a Cambodia Fund update, more books you’ve got to read, and some more stuff I’m selling to raise money for our trip.

Last thing. I’m having a 31 Gifts party at my house Thursday at 7pm for my friend and pastor’s wife, Shalla. You are MORE than welcome to come if you live close. And ANYONE can order online, and it will count toward my party. If you’re looking for some cute personalized Christmas gifts, this would be perfect. 15% off entire catalog!

Thanks, friends!

21 thoughts on “time for a change (gulp)

  1. Beth

    Fantastic pictures! They really reflect your fun personality and adventurous spirit. Love the shirt and the bag, I’m a sucker for turquoise and brown.

    My faves are the first one on this post, and the second to last one in the field, but they are all beautiful.

  2. Jaclyn K.

    they are are cute but i love the one of you standing and the trees bethind you(full body shot). I love the read alongs and your passion for christ!!!! I look forward to waking up with you:)

  3. Jennie Sizemore

    Hey, Marla. The pictures are so great! I think the one of you with the flowers (where your head is toward the top right corner) reflects “Marla” the best. But I only know you from hearing you speak at NW Bible a couple of times and reading your blog, so…and I’m sorry you had a panic attack picking out that shirt, but it is so cute! 🙂 Have fun changing up the blog…it’s cute and fun now, but I think Gabe is right about promoting the books, etc. Sometimes it’s just hard to put ourselves out there, right?!

  4. Rachelle

    I agree with Bethany, love the picture of you on this post!

    I think some links would be okay but wouldn’t go overboard. When there are too many I tend to ignore them all.

    Change is good!

  5. Claudia

    All the pics are great but the one in the field of flowers where yoour head is to the left is my favorite!

    As for your blog…one of the things I like about your page is it’s uncluttered look and simplicity. I think adding some pics is a good idea and maybe some links/tabs to some of the subjects you are passionate about and one to your books. Just some thoughts…whatever you do I will still follow your blog!!!

  6. Jennifer

    First, you just described me to a T! Change scares me too, but I’m excited to see some new things on your blog. I love all the pictures, but my two faves are the full length one (love the toenail polish!), and the one with the cute bag.

  7. Sharon Meekins

    Dearest Marla,

    I love your blog! And, all the pictures of you are amazing! Sending much love to you… 🙂

  8. Cheryl Pickett

    I’m like you, I like change when I’m bored, except I forget that generally I don’t take to change very well 🙂

    As for the pic, the one on the post here is great. I’d say least fave is the one with the globe. The others with either flowers/trees just seem to reflect your spirit. Even though I know you heart globes, that one doesn’t have the life in it that the others do.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Sharon W

    Hard choice since all the pictures are great, but I think the pic of you in front of the trees would a good header at the top of the page. I can’t wait to see the new site! And just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog (which means, I enjoy you!). You have such a gift of writing and being open about what’s going on in your world. You know how sometimes you read something someone wrote and it’s like you are actually having a conversation with them? That’s the best way I can think to describe what it feels like when I read your posts.

  10. Jeanine

    I think Gabe has some great ideas! I really like the picture of you with the globe, but would also love to see a picture of your whole beautiful family. You look great just as you are but have you ever considered bangs that kind of sweep to the side? (just a suggestion:) I think they would really look good on you. I look forward to hearing more about homeschooling and simplifying, two words that don’t necessarily go together, but then again, I think they do.

  11. ellen

    such a beautiful picture of you in blue — you don’t have to be ‘foo foo’ to pick colors that bring out the beauty God put in you!

    change can be fun and exciting and it usually means growth and that is what God wants for us !

  12. Wendy

    I like the one you posted, too. Pictures are a great way to be personable.

    I like 31 products. Have a purse I wear all the time from them.
    ~ Wendy

  13. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Hi, lovely.

    First, all of those shots are gorgeous. I know that’s not helpful, but you should know that.

    Second, we are the same person. (right down to hosting 31 parties recently!)

    Third, I’ve always thought you needed more pictures of yourself on the landing page, as well as some visuals to go along with your book list. I think a nav bar would serve you well, too, with tabs as someone else mentioned.

    Fourth – LOVE OMT. They are doing such awesome work.

    Fifth – can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

  14. Amy

    I love change….when other people are doing the changing, that is. 🙂

    I think Beth’s suggestions about the blog are great! And I am terrified and yet thrilled at the suggestion of memorizing James!

    Can’t wait to hear about your homeschooling decisions….been making a few of those myself lately.

  15. Bethany

    My favorite pic is the one you have on this post. SOOOO pretty!

    You should have different tabs/pages like Blog, Cambodia, a recommended books list, For Sale (links to websites of places like Daughters of Cambodia and One mango tree), maybe your speaking schedule…

    I love change!

    And I’ve been thinking about memorizing James. We studied that when I was a counselor at SH and I have so much of it memorized. Maybe you could share some tips of how to do that!

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