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Kelly, Zoo Girl, that’s YOU!! I know I have your address somewhere, but if you want to e-mail it to me again, that’d be swell. Thanks, Kell!

And now…Thoughtful Thursday. Don’t let the Deep Title scare you away. It’s not that big of a deal.

I’ve been thinking about something a lot lately. Well, not just lately. This is one of my normal thought patterns–a recurring theme running perpetual laps around my noggin.

What are you passionate about? And what are you doing about it right now?

I realize this is a loaded question. And even vague in some ways. Let me try to clarify. All of us have something we’re passionate about–something that lights a fire under us, makes us giddy, gets our creative juices pumping. Some of us have a lot of these somethings.

I think God created us to be passionate. And creative. And expressive. I think it looks different for everyone, but I think we can bring our Creator MUCH glory by doing what we love, doing it well, and giving Him the credit.

I really want to talk about this more later (pleeeease stop me from saying this one more time–it’s getting out of hand!) in greater detail when I’m not leaving for a 2-day retreat in 12 hours, and I haven’t packed or figured out quite exactly what I’m saying or gotten my family all situated for my absence.

Hello, run-on.

One of my passions? Helping others pursue theirs. I love, love, love encouraging women (guys, too, but not as much) to find something they love to do and go at it. Yes, money is an obstacle. Yes, time is a problem. Yes, a family is a lot of work. But you’re up for the challenge–I just know it!

So, a question to get us started on This Thoughtful Thursday. It’s actually a three-parter:

1. What do you do for a living? (stay-at-home parent totally counts–or you can also tell me what you used to do for a job)

2. Is the job you have your “dream job” or does it just meet your family’s needs right now?

3. If you could do/be/pursue ANYTHING you wanted, what would it be?

Speaking to an awesome group of women tonight at 7:45, then again Friday and Saturday mornings. Would LOVE your prayers that I’d be filled with the Holy Spirit, speak God’s truth, and minister perfectly to individual hearts.

Bless you, guys! Have a fabulous day!

34 thoughts on “thoughtful thursday

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  2. Conny

    1. I am a part-time church/Christian school secretary & ex-German teacher
    2. I like my work but have found I don’t have the people skills to deal with the situations (mainly the sad, hard, trying, ugly, unjust, un-Christian-like ones) that come up at church πŸ™
    3. I did my dream job for 6 years – SAHM – and then I worked full time for 3 years & part-time for 2. God will LITERALLY deliver me & I’ll be back to being a SAHM in December when I have our 3rd baby! I can’t wait!!!!!! I’d also love to write more – perhaps get into editing – and believe it or not, I love to proof-read what other people (ie like my pastor) write!!

  3. Valerie

    1. student/SAHW
    2. Right now this situation is best for me and our family.
    3. Personally my dream job is to be a great wife and mommy; professionally my dream is to get my BS in Health information to be an RHIA and possibly an part time instructor at the school I attend now.

  4. Kimberly

    Praying for you as you speak!
    1. Audiologist
    2. Love love love my job
    3. Always wanted to be a wife and mom, but that is not the Lord’s plan. Not sure what else I’d want to do.

  5. Meg @ Spicy Magnolia

    1. Stay at home mommy to a seven month old little boy
    2. I was never sure I wanted to be a mommy; this role is quite scary to me. I’m not positive it’s my dream job. I long for it to be; in fact, I feel quite guilty without a firm declaration that it is. This little boy has my heart completely, it’s just a really new role, I guess.
    3. I want to continue to be a SAHM for sure but would love to couple it with writing of some sort.

    Hope you have a wonderful night!

  6. Wendy

    1. Stay at home mom….used to be an elementary teacher before our daughter was born.

    2. My dream always was to be a SAHM. Teaching was second choice, and I enjoyed it while it lasted. But now that I’m staying at home, I’ve realized it’s not quite as fulfilling as I thought it would be and the honeymoon period is over. I’m extremely thankful I get to stay home with our daughter–I love her like crazy and couldn’t imagine someone else caring for her while I worked, but I know God made me for more. Praying the ‘more’ would come while still allowing me to stay at home.

    3. I want to stay at home with more children (two miscarriages in the last five months has made that difficult–praying God would bless us with more in His timing), but my ultimate dream is to write for the glory of God. I know it’s coming eventually, and He’s now got me in the writing world a bit, but I’m still seeking direction and wisdom about using this gift He’s given me.

  7. Stephanie your sister

    1. Nanny
    2. Not my dream job, especially right now. Practically raising someone else’s kids is a sad substitute for what I really want to be doing. But at least now there’s an end in sight. That makes it easier (and sometimes harder).
    3. SAHM! Only five more months until I can have my dream job. I never fully understood until about a year ago that this was the reason I struggled so much in college and afterward when looking for a job. Nothing – and I mean nothing – interested me. I was really good at a lot of stuff in college, and the thought of doing any of it as a career made me want to barf. Now that this dream job is a soon-to-be reality, I’m more sure than ever that it’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

  8. Gaylene

    1. Test Administrator – part-time job- going to school full-time in pursuit of my doctorate
    2. only job I could get- need more hours to meet our needs, but God knows what we need and I firmly believe He led me to this job.
    3. Teaching at a college, preferably a Christian college.

  9. katie neer

    1. nanny and piano lesson teacher

    2. more my dream job than civil engineering was

    3. i would be a SAHM (but would have to have the kids first…) or i would be an architect and design dream homes

  10. Amanda

    1. SAH W & M. (I add ‘wife’, keeps my head legit!) Home school our five yr old (with two yr old in tow) with a great home school group. I like that, because I really need ‘Titus’ gals around me. They help me laugh at myself, and make me want to go home and love on my family some more!
    2. Living the dream! All I ever wanted to do was be a godly wife and mom, for as long as I can remember. It’s easy to feel insignificant doing something seemingly so ‘hidden’ that’s coupled with a long term commitment (raising kids, that is). So… it’s pretty encouraging to read all the SAHM/homeschoolers here on this comment list!
    3. My pre-married-no-children back up plan was to be a doctor. I wanted to be a pediatric oncologist/surgeon. I become a massage therapist. I did go back after we were married to finish my biology classes at OSU before we had our first baby. But when she came, we knew I was staying home! Not sure if that’s still my dream job or not!? I guess I’ve had to let all that go. Too much daydreaming leaves me not happy with where I’m at. God’s got it. Whatever it is, if there will still be an β€œit” to pursue, it’ll be there when He’s ready for me to have it.

    As for ministry (that is in so many hearts, because God is wonderful, and does awesome things in our lives!) I just want to see the opportunities that He empowers me to get involved in right around me. I have to surrender the future of that as well, or again, I’m just bummed it doesn’t look like my daydreams, or even what someone else’s current reality is. I want to rejoice in what He has for each of us! And what I want is what He has for me now. I want to be cool with that, and not anxious thinking that I’m messing up or missing out somehow. It seems like I’m miss out on joy, when I’m convinced I’m messing up. We (God and I) are working on it. It’s encouraging to know others go through the same kind of thoughts and emotions. My deepest desire is to just be content with where God has me right now, and keep walking with Him in that, one day at a time. Well, that’s the goal anyhow!! πŸ™‚

  11. Joslyn

    1. SAHM to three children (ages 7, 4, and 11 months)
    2. meets our family’s needs right now, we could never afford daycare!
    3. My heart’s desire is to be a writer. I have a degree in creative writing and I never find time to actually do anything about it. I’ve recently had a health scare that has put everything in my life in perspective. I now have clear goals for the future just keeping my faith and trusting in God to provide the opportunities.

  12. Serena

    1. I work full-time at my mega-church as Director of Project Management for Communications.
    2. I’m incredibly blessed to be here!
    3. My heart’s desire is to be a full-time author and speaker. God has done some pretty amazing things in my life, so I love sharing/encouraging others through it.

  13. Ashley

    1. I’m a SAHM and (soon), a teacher (homeschooling my kiddos), and soon a lesson planner (contractor for homeschooling website).

    2. The job I have currently is the job that God has for me right now, while He builds me up for the job He has for me in the future! He is allowing me to experience new things (teaching womens’ Bible study @ church this fall, getting paid to lesson plan, honing my “frugal skills” etc) in my current position, and I can’t wait to see how He is going to use them in the future!

    3. My ultimate goal is to be able to use my skills and gifts to encourage families to grow together and grow in Christ. My heart is specifically towards women & childrens’ ministries, but family ministries as a whole are my passion!

  14. Amy

    1. I am a SAHM. I used to be I used to do in-school counseling with high risk/mental health students.
    2. I love being a stay at home mom, but I would love to incorporate my degree somehow. I loved working with kids in the schools, but right now it is not possible. Someday maybe!
    3. I would love to find a way to balance being a SAHM and counseling high risk kids and their families. The parents of these kids need a lot of support and often just sending their kids to counseling does not meet all of the family’s needs.

  15. Carrie

    I JUST quit my job as the camp’s secretary/financial secretary to stay home with my son (20 mos) & prepare for one on the way in December. I am passionate about parenting, specifically stay-at-home parenting. I know it’s not possible for everyone, but staying at home is such a wonderful gift that we can give our kids – I’ve only been home full-time for 2 weeks (and I took my son to work with me before that), and I have noticed a HUGE difference in my son’s behavior & responses & learning already, just from me BEING here. I have always dreamed of staying home, so for me, this is my dream job, absolutely. Although I do feel like I should be ultra-productive on days when I’m home all day, I feel the need to bake something or clean/organize something wierd so that it’s obvious that I didn’t sit around all day. πŸ™‚

  16. Mindy May

    I just quit my job last week to achieve my “dream job”. I now get to stay home more often with my son. I start school on Monday to become a teacher. This is what I have wanted to do for 10 years and only now am I able to achieve it.

  17. Crissy

    Praying for your weekend!!!

    1. Right now I am a SAHM, but I am also a student finishing my degree.

    2. Although I love being a SAHM, not my dream job, but what my family needs. (Although, I do enjoy it!) And being a student for the rest of my life is not to appealing either! πŸ˜‰

    3. Through being a SAHM God has spurred on a passion to encourage other moms through writing, speaking, counseling, ect.

    Right now I am pursuing my degree in psych and working on a few book ideas, which is what I am doing to pursue this passion. God has blessed me with a few speaking engagements in the past and I am sure He will continue to bless my efforts in pursuing this passion He has given me!

    Great questions!

  18. Risha

    I am a stay-at-home mom who does medical transcription at home that used to teach high school biology. While I occasionally miss being in the classroom, I’m definitely living my dream job…well, minus the work-at-home part. It’s not easy as people might think (as I’m sure you know), and I dream of one day being just mommy to my kiddos and wife to my hubby. I never thought this would be my dream, but it is now. Once we no longer need my job to make ends meet, I plan on giving it up.

  19. Kelli

    1. Staying at home being a mommy
    2. It is one of my dream jobs (the number one)
    3. Occupational Therapy was my dream career choice that I was about to hit the ground running with before I birthed a beautiful baby girl. She stole my heart INSTANTLY and I knew I wanted to be at home raising her. I know that God is not finished with me and OT. But I don’t know where or what capacity it is in my future. I struggle with that sometimes. I know I would have done an amazing job and he placed a passion to serve people in that way in my heart. Just have to figure out what to do with it….

  20. Krysten

    1) I work at an after-school childcare program and substitute teach.
    2) This is close to being my dream job because I get to work with children. The downside is I only work 15-20 hours a week. My goal is to teach at a public preschool.
    3) When my husband and I are debt free we plan on me being a SAHM. While staying home I’d like to run a small private preschool in my home.

  21. Katie

    1) I’m an alumni coordinator for a college within a big ten university (and a part-time grad student)
    2) Not DREAM job but it fits my skill set, pays well, and is utilizing my degree- I enjoy many aspects of it (most days!)
    3) I would love to do something with people and cooking (and singing – used to do lots of musical theatre, but no time for it now!). SO maybe I could own a restaurant/piano bar – do some of the cooking, greet my patrons and sing at the piano bar a few nights a week. How’s that for DREAMING?! πŸ™‚


  22. Lindsey

    I am so happy to say that I am doing my dream job right now. In order to pay my bills, I am an account manager. That sounds all professional, but I’m an account manager that works with sororities in my state to help them with their custom t-shirt purchases. I get to do life with them…offer advice…share the love of the Lord and see shirts too. I took that job for two reasons: 1..I love it and 2…it has really flexible hours. Flexible hours means I’m able to do something else that I love…mentor middle school and high school aged Christian girls.

    Dream Dream Beyond my dreams. I just began this job the first of the month and I find myself often overwhelmed to tears at the goodness of the Lord. The opportunity to mentor and do life with young women has been my dream since I was in high school, and I never thought it would happen.

    I would love to continue mentoring…and teach others how to do it as well through church-based classes and curriculum. Everyone needs a strong Christian mentor, and I want to help others see the need.

  23. jess

    okay…she’s done snuggling πŸ™‚
    and still make cakes, and have barn parties, and then when the kids are in school, possibly get a job as a paraprofessional so i can still work in the spec ed, but not have to deal w/ the paperwork OR to have a cake shop adjacent to a bow tuning shop (for matt. to work on other peoples’ bows.) with a family room in the middle so the kids can hang out.
    fun, huh?

  24. jess

    1. SAHM, used to be a spec. ed. teacher (you know this :)), cake decorator
    2. Dream job, but not quite
    3. Here’s what I would LOVE to do. I’m passionate about my sahm job, but the things is–with that job, it’s possible to do so many more. So, here’s the dream (matt & I have been scratching the surface of making it happen lately): Buy lots of land with a farm house, raise animals and sell pure, local, fresh meat. (that’s his dream part), and have chickens that lay eggs every morning (that’s my dream part), and make homemade bread and grow a garden and play with the kids and still make cakes. (homestead is the best word, I guess!) and make a living off selling meat to all the fine people in the area that want real meat that hasn’t come from animal factories where they add a bunch of stuff and treat the animals horribly.

    that’s it…kiddo 1 wants to snuggle. πŸ™‚

  25. Sarah S

    1. Writer/editor/PowerPoint person in a corporate marketing department
    2. Definitely NOT my dream job – it pays for the extras. I like the writing/editing/PPT part, not so much the stuffy corporate America part.
    3. I really want to be a SAHM. But you’ve got to have kids for that so… here’s praying the Lord brings that part sooner rather than later.

  26. Gabe Taviano

    1) Design websites, blogs, and graphics. Mainly for churches and non-profit organizations.
    2) It’s definitely a dream job compared to what I was doing in the corporate world, but I think God has other things in store (below).
    3) My dream is to help the “least of these” with what God has given me. At the moment, I am starting a “technology / discipleship” ministry to do that. I have dreams of having a building in the inner city here in Columbus, and training all ages to use technology. And while doing that, I believe I could reflect Jesus more into the lives of people.

  27. Rachel

    1. SAHM/church janitor/writer/blogger
    2. Both! It’s certainly one of my dreams come true!
    3. If I could do anything later in life I would be either a librarian or a pastry chef πŸ™‚ Doing graphic design on the side…lol!

  28. janelle taviano

    Work Outside the home – mow,weed, haul wood
    Part time Chaplain for business’
    Dream job – what I do that doesn’t pay –
    proclaim the Word of GOD/Speak,
    counsel, teach…new one – Spiritually motivate in a Christian School to follow the Holy Spirit !
    – love it ? u bet

    Pursue Anything – Evangelize + Proclaim God’s Word
    on a consistant basis..where ever
    God would call.

  29. Jen Griffin

    1.) Stay at home mommy

    2.) I love it…Dream job

    3.) If I didn’t kids…or maybe even with them along I’d love to sing, lead worship with Shan, etc. Sing until my lungs give out!

  30. Elizabeth

    First, I hope the speaking engagement goes well. I know it will!

    1) SAHM-I love taking care of my house and the people in it. Been doing it for a long time!
    2)What I am doing is what I’ve always wanted to do, truly.
    3)I want to be a parent educator someday. I feel like I do that now with friends and acquaintances, but someday I want to do it professionally.

  31. Emily Kay

    1. SAHM (and Super-Wife! The term “SAHM” doesn’t seem to encompass the importance that is keeping my husband happy.)
    2. Dream job! (Love it and wouldn’t have it ANY other way!)
    3. Two-part answer:
    a) IF I were single and childless I would get my law degree in Constitutional Law and eventually hope to become a Supreme Court justice. (That was my back-burner plan if I didn’t get married and have kids. :D)
    b) I want to design (and sew) my own childrens’ clothing line. I’m toying with the idea of starting small on Etsy in a few months.

  32. Jamie Nygaard

    1. SAHM, and photographer
    2. Dream job.
    3. To travel around the world and get more experience with other photographers. (and I’m sure there are other things as well!)

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